10 Best Geass in Code Geass That Are Completely Epic

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10 Best Geass in Code Geass
Best Geass in Code Geass

The animated series Code Geass is one of the most critically acclaimed anime series of all time. The series follows the life of a young man named Lelouch Lamperouge, who, after being blamed for the death of his Emperor’s father, finds himself embroiled in a power struggle between two rival nations. The series is known for its high-quality animation and immersive plot, which has led to its wide acclaim and numerous awards. Even though the series is over a decade old, it still garners a lot of attention from audiences and critics alike, which is a testament to its high quality. In this article, we will see the 10 Best Geass in Code Geass.

One of the most talked-about aspects of Code Geass is the power of Geass, which is the ability of someone to make someone do whatever they want them to do with just a word. While the use of Geass in the series is often used for dramatic effect, it also serves as a metaphor for the power of suggestion and the influence of words over actions. The power of words over actions has been a recurring theme in the series and has often been used as a metaphor for the corruption of power. The most obvious example of this is when Lelouch makes the Emperor do whatever he wants him to do with just a word.

10 Best Geass in Code Geass

10. Seal of Absolute Sound

User: Mao, Read minds within a certain range.

One of Mao’s unique abilities is his ability to outwit Lelouch’s plan by anticipating his next move. It is a powerful effect that can penetrate even the most powerful deception; Lelouch’s attempt to think multiple thoughts do not seem to keep Mao from coming up with a plan. Mao’s overuse of the effect can, however, cause it to go wild, making Mao permanently active in crowded areas, which is too much for Mao.

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10 Best Geass in Code Geass

9. Failed One

User: Shamna, Sends herself back 6 hours when she dies
Shamna claims to have visions of the future, but that’s not exactly true; she goes back six hours every time she dies, indicating future events. So she knows your strategy before you do, making her a cunning strategist.

10 Best Geass in Code Geass

8. Geass Cancel

User: Jeremiah Gottwald, Negates other nearby Geass.

In season one, we see Jeremiah Gottwald having a rough time. First defeated by Kallen in the battle of Narita, then crushed by oceanic pressure alongside C.C., he returned in season two as a cyborg with a brand new skill set.

Jeremiah Gottwald
Jeremiah Gottwald

Instead of a Geass, his power is a canceler of Geasses. It grants him immunity to those who might use Geasses and enables him to remove the effects of preexisting Geasses on people. This skill is certainly not to be underestimated when considering the danger a Geass can cause.

7. Disguise

Users: Orpheus Zevon/Swaile Qujappat, Physically become another person (Orpheus), confuse enemies with allies (Swaile)

Like most such powers, Orpheus’s Geass makes its target think they are seeing someone else in Code Geass: Oz the Reflection, as he can take on the appearance of anyone he chooses. Activating the ability again will result in it not working for an hour. It only works for five minutes at a time.

10 Best Geass in Code Geass
Swaile Qujappat

His skills are not quite as effective as other Geasses, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Runaway Geass can even be considered an advantage, considering how dangerous they can be.

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6. Soul Transfer

User: Marianne vi Britannia, Transfers her soul into another body.

In Lelouch’s quest, much of what Lelouch wants to do is motivated by his mother’s gruesome fate, presumably assassinated because she was a commoner empress. He is shocked to learn that Marianne survived the assassination attempt by utilizing her Geass.

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