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Spy X Family Episode Count: When And Where To Watch It?

Spy x Family
Spy X Family: Episode Count, When And Where To Watch It? Explained Cr: OtakuKart

The wholesome action-comedy anime ‘Spy x Family’ was finally released on 9 April 2022. The manga ‘Spy x Family’ was announced to get its anime adaptation in 2019. But, it always used to get delayed. We have been waiting for so long. But now, our long wait is over. We finally got the anime we wanted. Being weebs, we have watched a lot of anime. All anime series are good, but there always exists some anime series that leave an imprint in our hearts. It is ‘Spy x Family’ this time. If Twilight is going to make all the female weebs crazy, then the Thorn Princess is going to make the hearts of male weebs skip a beat. But, male and female weebs are going to have a truce, as Anya is going to melt our hearts equally.

And all three of them together as the Forger family will restore peace to their world as well as in our hearts. Doesn’t this story already sound good? Then what are you waiting for? Is it that you don’t know when and where to watch ‘Spy x Family’ online? Then, rest assured. We are here to guide you on when and where to watch this amazing anime, along with how many episodes are yet to come.

Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Spy x Family’.

How Many Spy x Family Episodes Are We Going To Get?

It is confirmed that ‘Spy x Family’ will have 25 episodes in Season 1. Furthermore, this Season will be divided into two parts. The first part of this Season will have 12 episodes, of which the 1st Episode premiered on 9 April 2022. And the second part, with the rest 13 episodes will be released in late 2022.

We just hope we don’t have to wait longer for Season 2 as much as we did for Season 1. The sooner we get Season 2 after Season 1 ends, the better.

No. of Episodes

Anya Forger watching Spy Wars

When And Where To Watch ‘Spy X Family’?

Those who don’t know where they can watch ‘Spy x Family’ can easily watch it on Netflix. For Japanese fans, each Episode will be released at 11:00 PM Japanese Standard Time (JST). For U.S. fans, it will be at 7:00 AM Pacific Time (PT)/10:00 AM Eastern Time (ET). And Indian fans will be able to watch it at 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). People from selective Asian countries can also watch Spy x Family on Muse Asia YouTube Channel. The First Episode was available on 9 April 2022. And the next Episode will be available on 16 April 2022.

You will get to see new episodes weekly on Netflix. So, we won’t ask you to hold your breath for the next episode, but a week is not that long either. We waited long enough already, so a week for a new episode is something we can wait for easily.

When and Where to watch?

Loid (Twilight)  And Anya

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Why Should You Watch ‘Spy X Family’?

Who does not love a wholesome story that warms our hearts? But, we also love to see some action scenes. We also love to laugh at some comic moments. What if we can get all these in the same story? There, you have your answer to why we should watch this anime. ‘Spy x Family’ gives us all these things altogether. We’ll have the adventure of a spy and an assassin, where we’ll get plenty of action scenes. The secret of their identity and their mind games to protect their identities from each other will give us an ample amount of laughter. And the innocence of the 6-year-old girl who knows both their real identities but still chooses to stay silent just so she can be a part of this family and their adventures will warm and melt our hearts at the same time.

‘Spy x Family’ is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Forger, who have a cute girl, Anya, who makes this story better than anything. Everything aside, isn’t Anya’s cute smile enough to make you watch it?

Spy x Family

Spy X Family

‘Spy X Family’ Plot

‘Twilight,’ the spy who never failed in his missions, gets a new mission that requires him to have a family for his cover. So, he adopts a seemingly 6-year-old girl, Anya, so that he can get closer to the target by making Anya be friends with the target’s kid. But, little did he know that Anya was not an ordinary girl. She has some special powers that let her read everyone’s minds. But she can’t reveal that to anyone. Twilight has to get a wife now. Luckily, he meets a woman, Yor Briar, who needs a fake partner so that she can show her family off to her friends. But she has her secrets too. She is an assassin.

All three of them complete the Forger family, hiding each other’s identities. Even though Anya knows their identities as she can read their minds, she stays quiet about it, as she is having the time of her life. She got a family. And she loves it.

spy x family

Spy X Family: Plot

What happened Till Now? – Episode 1 “Operation Strix”: Recap

The First Episode gives us Ethan Hunt vibes when Twilight uses masks to complete his missions. Twilight does not get attached to anyone. For his missions, he gets close to his target’s daughter, but as soon as his job is done, he keeps it straightforward. He dumps the girl, and without any explanation, he leaves just when she was expecting to get proposed to. But, now that for his next mission, he is required to have a family, so he goes to an orphanage to adopt a child. And there, he meets Anya. He needs a smart girl. And well, Anya is more than that. She can read minds. Of course, she was able to impress Twilight and get him to adopt her.

Anya’s innocence makes her the best girl. But, she can’t afford to let Twilight know the secret behind her innocence. Or she might get sent back to the orphanage. But, she already knows Twilight’s secret, and that is very exciting for her. Her curiosity gets her kidnapped by the bad guys. But, Twilight gets her back from the bad guys in a badass way. Fearing that his cover might be blown, Twilight decides to get Anya back to the orphanage, but Anya has already read his mind, and she does not want to go back to where she came from. She loves her new father, and she does not want to lose what she just got. So, she cries her way to make Twilight not let her go. That’s when Twilight recalls his past and remembers why he wanted to become a spy.

Spy x Family

Wholesome Moment Of Anya And Loid

Now that they are back, Anya needs to get into the school of Twilight’s target’s kid. She passes the examination. But, the school needs to meet with both parents of the child to take a child into the school. Now, Twilight needs to find a wife. Another challenge. But, in the end, Anya and Twilight share a sweet moment that warmed our hearts.

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What To Expect In The Future?

We saw a glimpse of Anya’s past about how she got her powers. So, we might get to see more of her story. The pain and suffering she had to go through before she met Twilight. We also saw flashbacks of Twilight’s memories when he was a little boy. He has a sad past too. And he mentioned why he wanted to become a spy. He wanted to become a spy, so kids like him and Anya never have to cry again in their lives. We have seen lots of spy movies where the spy does his job as he is required to. But, Twilight has a reason to become a spy, and this is a very kind reason. We already know this family is incomplete without a mother. Soon, we’ll see our Thorn Princess make her entry.

Spy x Family

The Forger Family

There was a moment when he was ready to send Anya back to the orphanage when he thought their cover was blown. At that moment, we thought this was all temporary. But, we know that’s not how things will happen. Anya, Twilight, and the Thorn Princess will create a bond that exceeds any existing blood bonds. Spies and Assassins never get attached to anyone, but we are sure that Anya will change their hearts and make this fake family a real one.

Already feel like crying. This story is just too wholesome to handle.

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