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Preview: So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12

So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12: Release Date, Preview And Recap
So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12: Release Date, Preview And Recap

So I Married An Anti Fan is a popular K-Drama that is soon nearing its finale. The plot of the drama is thickening with each new episode. So far, the drama has released 11 episodes, and the 12th one is on its way. In our article today, we will talk about So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12 Release Date And Preview. We will also give you a recap of So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 11 Recap. Read on to find out more.

You must be aware that as the name of the K-Drama suggests, So I Married An Anti Fan is about a famous idol singer who falls in love with a reporter who is not a fan of his music. This is the kind of storyline we mostly see in fan fiction. People who follow K-Pop and the idol culture deeply will relate very well with the story of Hoo Joon and Geung Youn who have polar opposite personalities but end up falling for each other. Without further adieu, move to the next sections to read about So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12 Release Date and Preview.

So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12: Release Date And Preview

The So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12 is all set to release on the 5th of June, 2021. Scheduled to air the season finale 16th Episode on the 19th of June 2021, each episode of So I Married An Anti Fan is around 60 minutes long like most K-Dramas. The series is distributed by the iQiyi network, and a new episode is released every Friday and Saturday. The drama is at a very crucial point now as the viewers eagerly wait for the release of two new episodes every week. You can also watch So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12 on Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten Viki.

Here is what you should be expecting from So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12. We will see romance bloom between Hoo Joon and Geung Youn in this episode. Hoo Joon also releases a new song and is worried about the response from his fans. Meanwhile, Jae Joon finds a ring that belonged to Hoo Joon’s father and starts looking up his family. He also eavedrops on Hoo Joon and Geung Youn embracing each other.

So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 11: Recap

If you missed the So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 11, worry not for we have got you covered. Here is a detailed recap of the 11th episode that aired on June 4th, 2021. So far, we saw Oh In Young had driven away after her big fight with Jae Joon. Hoo Joon gets a call while he’s with Geung Youn. The call is from the hospital. Initially, Hoo Joon plans to go alone after dropping Geung Youn home. But she disagrees with this as someone might recognize him. The two of them go to the hospital, but only Geung Youn goes to meet Oh In Young while Hoo Joon informs Jae Joon. The nurse tells her that Hoo Joon was on her speed dial, and the hospital called him as In Young had come alone. She was found unconscious in her car.

So I Married An Anti Fan Episode 12 Release Date

So I Married An Anti Fan Cast

Geung Youn leaves In Young and Hoo Joon to talk alone in her patient room. Meanwhile, Hoo Joon’s manager arrives to take him away as he can’t be there. Geung Youn offers to stay with In Young for the night. Meanwhile, Jae Joon is miserable in his apartment after the fight. Heung Youn and In Young have a warm conversation in the hospital. Hoo Joon visits In Young the next day again. Jae Joon is furious to see Hoo Joon in In Young’s room. When he finds out that Hoo Joon is on her speed dial, he gets very angry.

Hoo Joon And Geung Youn’s Relationship

During their verbal exchange, Hoo Joon’s manager comes to the room to inform them about the reporters. They all strategize to leave the hospital without making a scene. Hoo Joon confronts reporters about his leaked song. He confirms that Geung Youn has nothing to do with it and that he visited her with his manager to apologize for the rumors.

Meanwhile, Jae Joon and In Young have another fight about her contact with Hoo Joon in their apartment. Later, Hoo Joon visits In Young in the hospital and takes her to his place. They have a good time together. Later, Hoo Joon’s fan asks for his help with proposing to his girlfriend. The episode ends with Hoo Joon and Geung Youn sharing a romantic kiss with each other.

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