‘Never Twice’ Review: Why You Must Watch this K-Drama?

k-drama Never Twice
Never Twice

In need of a K-drama binge to feel something warm yet excited? The 2019 k-drama ‘Never Twice’ should be the answer. Directed by Choi Won Sok, the MBC k-drama ‘Never Twice’ is a show revolving around a small hotel filled with different yet so similar people. With all of the guests and their troubles connected by fate, they all stay together, helping each other in different ways. The story begins at the bus stop at the ‘Paradise Inn’. Straight out of a funeral service and wearing a black hanbok, a pregnant Geum Bak Ha arrived in the city. The memory of losing her husband was fresh in her heart. While just in front of the hotel, she gets off Bang Eun Ji from the police car and gets a warning for her actions.

Having 72 episodes in total, ‘Never Twice’ telecasted on MBC from November 2, 2019, to March 7. 2020. Releasing four episodes every Saturday, each episode has a runtime of around 30 minutes. All the episodes of ‘Never Twice’ are available to watch on Rakuten Viki, but the show is available to stream only in a few areas. The North American k-drama fans can head to Kocowa to stream the show with a minimum subscription.

K-drama Review 'Never Twice'
A still from K-drama’ Never Twice’: Na Hae Jun and Geum Bak Ha

The Cast and The Characters

Kwak Dong Yeon, who was last seen in ‘It’s Okay To Be Not Okay’ and ‘Vicenzo’ playing the memorable supporting roles. Taking up the lead role in ‘Never Twice’, he plays Na Hae Joon. Being the grandson of the chairman of the Koosung Hotel, Hae Joon is the successor to the 5-star hotel. Last seen in Netflix’s ‘So Not Worth It’, Park Se Wan plays the role of Geum Bak Ha. An often cheerful and optimistic girl now fighting to prove her late husband’s innocence and raise their child. ‘The Slave Hunter’ fame Oh Ji Ho plays the role of Gam Poon Gi. One of the guests staying at the Paradise Inn stays in room no. 5. Last appearing in Netflix’s ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’, Ye Ji Won plays the role of Bang Eun Ji. Another one of the long-term guests living in room no. 6.

The Supporting Yet The Important Members

Known for her noticeable roles in movies like ‘Minari’ and ‘Fire Woman’, Youn Yuh Jung is a huge name in the industry. Playing the role of Bok Mak Rye, she is the owner of the ‘Paradise Inn’. Known as Mama Bok by her guests, she only let the long-term guests in and care for them as their own child. Joo Hyun was appreciated for his roles in shows like ‘Mother of Mine’, ‘A Man and A Woman’, and a lot more plays Choi Geo Bok. Mama Bok and Geo Bok have a relationship full of complications that no one should miss. Jung Suk Yong and Ko Su Hee play the role of Choi Man Ho and Yang Geum Hee, lovers wanting to stay at the Paradise Inn. Han Jin Hee plays the role of Na Wang Sam, the chairman of Koosun Hotel.

With Park Jun Keum and Hwang Young Hee playing the family members, as his daughters-in-law Do Do Hee and Oh In Sook. And Park Ah In playing his granddaughter Na Hae Ri. Lee Seo Jun plays the role of Kang Jin Gu, Bak Ha’s husband. While Song Won Seok plays the role of Kim Woo Jae, Hae Ri’s lover.

K-drama Review 'Never Twice'
A still from ‘Never Twice’: Eun Ji at the blind date set up by Poon Gi

‘Never Twice’ Plot Synopsis: How It All Begin?

While the professional golf player Kim Woo Jae and Na Hae Ri are in love but can’t get married because of Hae Ri’s family. Trying to run away, they commit a thing they never thought of doing. While Woo Jae lives in the guilt and tries to make up for it, Hae Ri turns cold-hearted, losing all her empathy. It was just two days that Bak Ha and Jin Gu had gotten married. As they were celebrating near the riverbank, Jin Gu got a call and had to leave for office. Reaching there, he found people from the tax department raiding the office. When he met the director, he told him to leave the country secretly. Threatening Jin Gu with prison, his director told him to think about the baby and his wife.

Meeting In-Sook, even she told him to stay away for some time and offered him money. But Jin Gu declined the offer, wanting to talk to the president.

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Seeing In-Sook begging, Jin Gu finally agreed and got on the boat. But later on, his body was found in the same sea they were celebrating at. She went to the hotel her husband used to work at, she wanted to meet the president. Meeting one of the heads, In-Sook, as she told them that her husband was being framed. In-Sook told her that the police had already found her husband guilty. Trying to prove that her husband was innocent, but with nobody believing her, she won’t leave them alone. But In-Sook didn’t let her stay at the office and kicked her out. On the way, she ran into Na Hae Joon, who was shocked to see the woman screaming.

K-drama Review 'Never Twice'
K-drama Review ‘Never Twice’: Bak Ha’s baby whom she gave birth to in the Paradise Inn, Yeol Mu.

While on the other side

Coming out of the detention center after spending a night there because of selling fake golf clubs. Eun Ji was greeted by Gam Poon Gi, offering her lunch. Telling him to throw his feelings out because she doesn’t date her colleagues, she went in to greet Mama Bok. Only to get cursed on for spending time in jail. Both of them have been living in ‘Paradise Inn’ for a long time, and even the landlady wants them to get a house of their own. But as they were talking arrived Choi Geo Bok, a person Mama Bok was sick of seeing but couldn’t leave behind. While Yang Geum Hee and Choi Man Ho are lovers who just want to spend time together. With Geum Hee wanting to stay at the Paradise Inn, they are ready to go through an interview.

While Poon Gi and Eun Ji are standing outside Paradise Inn talking to expected guests. Bak Ha called out for them as she fell down having contractions. Taking her inside the inn, ‘Mama Bok’ lent her a helping hand, welcoming her into the room to help her. And giving her room no. 4 to stay at, along with her baby body Yeol Mu.

‘Never Twice’ Review: Something To Watch When You Feel Nothing

The show will get you in feelings. After the two years of its release, ‘Never Twice’ remains one of the underrated gems. While Kwak Dong Yeon playing the lead might act like bait for the viewers to watch the drama. You will end up falling in love with all the other characters staying in the hotel and how the story develops. Considering the show has over 50 episodes, the first few episodes might feel like a slow ride into the story. But as the innocent, Bak Ha starts realizing her worth and understands being submissive is no use. Using her determination, she became a brave, courageous woman. Along with finding out the real reason how her husband died on the boat, along with solving the reason why Jin Gu got on the boat in the first place.

K-drama Review 'Never Twice'
K-drama Review ‘Never Twice’: Strangers yet a family.

Following the enemies-to-lovers trope, she ends up falling in love with the son of the family she swore to destroy. Starting from episode 1 till the last, Yang Geum Hee and Choi Man Ho remain the couple goals. Having an incredible charm that will make anyone’s heart melt, baby Yeol Mu manages to make everyone love and take care of him. While the story between Choi Geo Bok and Mama Bok is something really interesting and not so conventional. The show remains interesting until the end but might seem off to some viewers. As because of the Corona Virus lockdown in Korea, ending episodes had to be cut short. Leaving a few plot holes that would’ve given a great closure to the ending.

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