Queendom 2 Episode 7 Release Date: The Results Of ‘Queen Is Me’ Choreographer Monika’s Motivation!

Queendom 2 Episode 7
Queendom 2 Episode 7

Currently, one of the most widely enjoyed variety shows by the fans of the K-pop industry is Queendom, right guys? Because it depicts the sincerity of the idols along with their real personalities, which sometimes isn’t quite clear by simply watching their stage performances. So, here we’re today to deliver you some spicy updates about the K-pop idols who are currently the contestants of Season 2 of this fascinating reality show, as well as a glance at what happened in the previous Episode and the release date of the upcoming Episode 7 of Queendom 2.

Maintaining the ratings of 9.3 with the release of each new Episode, Queendom 2 has been garnering the attention of a lot of audiences. From watching different South Korean girl bands competing with each other fairly to also witnessing their shy and adorable sides, this amazing survival show has piqued fans’ interest tremendously.

As a group, of course, these idols perform exemplary for even if they lack something or do have a flaw, its been taken care of by their bandmates, isn’t it? But what happens when these idols are asked to present their individuality by grouping them with the idols they previously hadn’t known anything about. It seems like that’s one of the major reasons Queendom 2 is consistently becoming the audience favorite. Coming back to its recent episode release, keep scrolling down to find out!

Queendom 2 Episode 7 Preview

The recent Episode of this survival show unfolded with our beloved host revealing who amongst all the members present had been voted and thus, given the title of ‘Visual Queen’. Can you guys guess who could have won? Well, apparently, almost everyone believes that this idol is one of the prettiest ones currently existing on the sets. Not only this, but a few of the idols also mentioned how her flawless beauty is impossible to stay unnoticed. Did we make it easier for you to guess? Well, of course, we aren’t as good as our beloved host, but we do hope we weren’t that bad, for the answer was quite easy. Of course, SeolA of WJSN won the title because she has the perfect combination of attractive personality and exquisite appearance.

SeolA after winning the title of 'Visual Queen'
SeolA after winning the title of ‘Visual Queen’

Furthermore, the previous episode depicted the results of who wanted whom as their teammates for the upcoming battles. After the final teams were formed, the dance groups were introduced to their mentors who gave them the advantage of their experienced choreographies. But was it enough to make their allotted teams win? Well, probably that’s a topic for another time.

So, for now, can you guys guess who these amazing choreographers were? Well, they themselves have been part of a reality survival show like this, and thus, they must have been a wonderful assistance to the competitors as well as a worthwhile motivation. Yes, you read that right. The choreographers were the dancers from ‘Street Woman Fighters’.

Amongst all the mentors, the most appreciated, as seen in the show, was PROWDMON’s Monika, who was chosen as a choreographer for “Queen Is Me,” consisting of Brave Girls’ Eunji along with LOONA’s Olivia Hye, Yves, Heejin, and Choerry. Since these idols haven’t been in quite good ranks yet, their mentor’s dedication and words seemed to have really hit them. However, where will this motivation lead them to? And will the result finally be in their favor? Continue watching the show to find out!

"Queen Is Me" Choreographer Monika
“Queen Is Me” Choreographer Monika

‘Queendom 2’ Episode 7 Release Date

‘Queendom 2’ Episode 7 will release on 12 May 2022. The 10-episode show is released every week on Thursdays, with each Episode being 2 hours long. Will the deserving idol become the queen in the ‘battles of comebacks’? Continue binge-watching to find out!

Watch Queendom Season 2 Episode 7 Online – Streaming Details

The ongoing survival reality show, Queendom 2 Episode 7, will be easily available on one of the most audience preferred platforms Rakuten Viki. The episode will also air on South Korea’s original network, Mnet, at 9:20 pm KST. For the international audience, the watch times are 8:20 am in the US, 1:20 pm in the UK, 5:50 pm in India, 10:20 pm in Australia, and 8:20 am in Canada.

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