Pretty In Pink Ending Explained: Why Andie Chose Blane?

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Pretty In Pink
Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink Ending is what we will look at. Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club are two films by John Hughes about young people that are both psychologically rich & sociologically tragic. His skills are on display this time in the script for Pretty in Pink. The narrative raises some fascinating questions concerning peer pressure in particular high schools as a result of class politics. Managing the barriers that have been built between groups of children is a test of character & bravery. It’s a story about a poor girl who has to choose between dating her childhood friend and a wealthy but sensitive playboy.

Duckie has been trying and failing to gather the confidence to express his deep love to his best friend and similarly unpopular high-school senior, Andie, in the film Pretty In Pink. But things will soon take an odd turn when Blane, the wealthy kid and Andie’s long-time crush, develops an interest in her: the shy girl from the wrong side of town. Andie’s already complex world has been turned upside down, and as if that wasn’t enough, the long-awaited prom is fast approaching, and Blane’s snob buddies are looking down on her. Blane seemed to be truly fond of Andie.

Pretty In Pink Plot

Andie Walsh, a teenage girl, lives in a Chicago suburb with her underpaid working-class father, Jack. Andie’s closest friend, the outcast Phil “Duckie” Dale, is head over heels in love with her but is terrified to tell her. Duckie & Andie, as well as their colleagues, are ridiculed and humiliated at school by the snobby rich kids, particularly Benny Hanson & her partner, Steff McKee, who finds Andie charming and privately resents having been denied by her. Andie starts chatting about her school’s high school prom to her boss, Lona while working after high school at TRAX, who encourages Andie to go regardless of having a date.

Pretty In Pink Ending Explained
Pretty In Pink Ending Explained – Andie

One of the preppy guys and Steff’s best buddy, Blane McDonough, strikes up a conversation with Andie and finally asks her out. Andie awaits Blane at TRAX on the evening of the date, but he is late. Duckie walks in and invites Andie out on a date, but she declines. Duckie becomes enraged when Blane enters and clashes with Andie before storming out. Andie is mistreated by the privileged party guests when Blane accompanies her to Steff’s party. Blane is then taken to a local nightclub by Andie, where Lona is seated with Duckie, who is unfriendly to Blane.

Andie & Blane leave the club after another fight with Duckie. Andie informs Blane she wants to go home, but she declines to let him take her since she doesn’t really want him to see where she lives. He proposes to her for being his prom date, and they have their first kiss after she lets him drop her off. The next day, Andie pays Lona a visit to discuss the date. Meanwhile, under the influence of Steff and his wealthy friends, Blane begins to distance himself from Andie.

Pretty In Pink Ending Explained

Andie is gifted with a floral dress that Jack has purchased for her. They begin to fight, though, since Jack has been lying about working full-time. Jack cries, demonstrating that he is still enraged and depressed over his wife’s leaving. Andie meets Blane at school for ignoring her and failing to return her calls. When questioned about the prom, he claimed he had already asked someone else but had forgotten about it.

Pretty In Pink Ending Explained
Pretty In Pink Ending Explained – Andie and Duckie

Andie accuses Blane of lying and claims that he is embarrassed to be seen with her since he knows his wealthy friends will not approve. Andie leaves a heartbroken while Blane walks away, with Steff insulting Andie as he walks by. Steff is overheard by Duckie, who tackles him in the corridor. Before the teachers interfere, the two fight. Andie visits Lona, upset over what transpired, and requests Lona’s old prom gown.

Andie makes a pink prom outfit using the cloth from Lona’s skirt and the one her father bought. Andie has major doubts about facing the crowd on her alone when she gets to the prom until she encounters Duckie. They make up and enter the dancefloor hand in hand. As a drunk Steff begins to taunt the couple, Blane approaches him and finds that Steff resents Andie for declining his advances.

Pretty In Pink Ending Explained
Pretty In Pink Ending Explained – Andie and Blane

He tells Steff that he no longer wants to interact with him because of his selfish and entitled attitude. Blane kisses Andie’s cheek as he holds Duckie’s hand and says sorry to her, telling her that he has always believed in her and would always love her. Duckie admits that Blane isn’t like the other rich people at school and encourages Andie to pursue him, joking that if she doesn’t, he won’t accompany her to another prom. Duckie then notices a girl smiling at him and invites him to dance with her. Andie runs into Blane in the parking lot and kisses him.

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