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Pachinko Episode 5 Release Date: Will Baek Isak Be Able To Grow Old With Sunja?

pachinko episode 5

The release date of Pachinko Episode 5 is fast approaching, and after the rapid progression in the lives of Sunja and Solomon in the last week’s Episode, viewers can’t wait to watch the Episode any longer. We have seen Sunja getting married to Pastor Baek Isak in colonized Korea. Meanwhile, in 1989, Sunja’s grandson finally realizes why the old Zainichi woman Han Geum Ja doesn’t want to give up on her land in Japan and feels the weight of the deep-seated pain that Koreans coming to Japan for survival have. Thus, he takes a decision that not only fills Geum Ja with joy but also reveals the real face of his Japanese and foreign co-workers.

Viewer reception for Pachinko has been mostly positive till now. Perhaps the only subject of criticism has been Jin Ha, with native speakers saying his pronunciation of both Korean and Japanese doesn’t portray him as a convincing Zainichi Korean and that they would’ve preferred if an actual Zainichi Korean was cast as his character Solomon. Meanwhile, Jin Ha has also been a hot topic recently due to his controversy related to taking unsolicited pictures of Koreans and posting them with explicit commentary about them during his trip to the country ten years ago. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho has been receiving nothing but love for showing a side of his acting never seen before. To see how the story of Sunja progresses, we will be talking about the Pachinko Episode 5 release date.

Pachinko Episode 4 Recap: Hansu Meets Father Isak

Hansu and Isak coincidentally end up in the same tailor shop, where the latter is getting an old suit altered for his ceremony. Isak informs Hansu that the suit is ill-fitting because it once belonged to his brother (a martyr in the Independence movement). Hansu, who evidently regards his own opinion very highly because he is a rags-to-riches success story, tells him that how a man presents himself to the world is very important and that one should make a strong first impression.

pachinko episode 5

Hansu and Pastor Isak meet. [Apple]

Hansu comments that Isak getting his dead brother’s suit altered is pathetic because he is holding on to the past. Although Isak can sense Hansu’s rudeness is entirely due to his relationship with Sunja, he ends up getting a new suit for his wedding. But Isak doesn’t bend down to his crassness, burning him to an emotional crisp when he says he will save his brother’s suit for when his son grows older.

Sunja’s Wedding & Farewell

The pastor officiating the wedding of Sunja and Isak shames her for what she did, shames her family for being non-believers of Christianity, and tells her to repent for the nature of her “sins” that brought shame and trouble to her family in already difficult times (but doesn’t say anything of the man who was older than her and partook in the same deed). After her marriage, Sunja and Isak sit down for the meal her mother made, and Sunja has white Korean rice for the first time (which her mother procured with much difficulty from the vendor, saying she wants her daughter to have a taste of the rice grown in her motherland before she leaves the country forever).


Sunja is called to Hansu’s office again, where she is reprimanded for not taking his offer and that Isak is marrying her because he is an ill man in need of a vulnerable woman. Sunja retaliates by saying that Hansu offered her a life of shame and nothing more. Meanwhile, before she leaves for Japan, Sunja’s mother gives her some valuables because a woman needs to have some money of her own, and Sunja shows her the gold pocket watch gifted to her by Hansu as her safety net.


Hansu threatens Sunja. [Apple]

Acts Of Rebellion Throughout The Different Eras

Sunja helps an Opera singer of Korean descent on the ship taking her to Japan when she gives her a handkerchief that had fallen off her. The opera singer then promises her a song dedicated to her during her performance for the rich Japanese in the first class. Viewers don’t realize how serious she was about her promise till we see her switch to a throat-heavy traditional Korean song from an Opera piece Lascia Ch’io Pianga, which is the ultimate form of protest a Korean singer colonized by the Japanese can have.


The Korean Opera Singer performs for the posh Japanese. [Apple]

As the Korean fisherman and farmers in the ship hear her song and start to sing along, the posh Japanese start causing a ruckus at her audacity, and the police start to approach her. The singer knows she won’t be able to escape them and thus commits suicide by stabbing herself in the neck.

pachinko episode 5

The Opera singer’s suicide. [Apple]

Meanwhile, in the conference room where Geum Ja is to sign the papers for her land to the Japanese, she starts to tell Solomon about the struggles her family had to go through to survive, how the Japanese treated them like cockroaches and wouldn’t hire them, and if it were her grandmother in her place, would he still have the same loyalty for Sheffley’s? Solomon, who until now had been maintaining that Geum Ja should sell her land “for the betterment of her future generation” then has a change of heart and tells her not to sign the papers. The Japanese corporate show their true colors then by saying they shouldn’t have trusted “someone like him,” and Solomon understands that the attitude of the Japanese towards Koreans really hasn’t changed even during his time.

pachinko episode 5

Geum Ja’s happiness at Solomon finally being on her side. [Apple]

Pachinko Episode 5 Release Date

Pachinko Episode 5 will release on 8th April 2022 (Friday). The Pachinko Episode 5 is titled “Chapter Five” and will have a runtime of 55 minutes.

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Watch Pachinko Episode 5 Online – Streaming Details

You can stream the TV-show adaptation of Pachinko exclusively on the subscription-based service Apple TV+. Go to the official page of the show here. Apple TV+ is providing multiple subtitle options for this multilingual TV show so that viewers all over the world can take their pick.

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