One Piece Film: Red Reveals Character Design For Uta As A Child

One Piece Film Red

The One Piece franchise never fails to excite its fans as it keeps providing us with content. The manga has been ongoing for a long time now, and so has the anime. Thus, One Piece fans have gained an abundance of favorite characters from the anime over the years. Lately, One Piece has been trending for various reasons. One of the reasons is the upcoming One Piece Film: Red. What is even more exciting about the film is that it will be giving us a new character to add to our “Favourite Characters from One Piece” list. Uta will be the new character joining the One Piece franchise through the One Piece Film: Red.

One Piece Film: Red is the fifteenth film of the One Piece series. It will focus on the daughter of Shanks, Uta, who is a popular singer. The story of the film is set on an island where Uta is very famous and known as the most beautiful diva on the island. However, her identity is kept hidden as she embraces her famous persona. In March, a key visual for her character design was released. Recently, the character sketch of Uta as a kid was released as well.

One Piece Film Red
Character Key Visual for One Piece Film: Red – Uta

One Piece Film: Red Child Uta Design

Earlier today, the character design of Uta as a child was shared. This has made fans more eager to watch the film as One Piece Film: Red will be looking into the relationship of Uta and Shanks in the past. The film will open with a nine-year-old Uta who is very fond of Shanks. However, the latter has to leave, causing their separation. Uta is also very fond of music, and her attraction towards it grew since she was a child.

One Piece Film Red
Uta as a child

One Piece Film: Red will release on the 6th of August 2022 in Japan. The film will be directed by Goro Taniguchi. The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, will be taking up the executive producer role for the production of the film. Tsutomu Kuroiwa will be in charge of the scripts. One Piece Film: Red will be produced by Toei Animation.

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