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One Piece Chapters Schedule and Manga Breaks: September 2021

One Piece Manga
One Piece

One Piece September 2021 manga chapters will be filled with developments focusing more on the rooftop fight where Kaidou currently fights with Yamato. The first chapter for September 2021 will focus briefly on the fight while giving us more updates about the overall situation in the war. 

At this point, it has been confirmed that all of the Tobiroppo have been defeated. And earlier on in the raid, we saw X Drake switching sides. So now, only the top fighters from each side remain while those not directly involved in the fights keep Kaidou’s subordinates in check so that the big fights will proceed without interruptions. 

The full spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1024 have been released, so if you are wary of spoilers, we will be looking at events not yet officially released. But this should not be a problem if you prefer spoilers, and once the official chapter is released this weekend, then it would not matter anymore.

Now that we are through with that, we will soon look at the chapter schedule for September. The next One Piece manga break expected will come later in mid-September. And from this point until December, we will have only Oda breaks interrupting the release of new chapters.

This means that there will be a One Piece Manga break once every three chapters. And for the next two chapters, there will be no interruption in the release of the new chapters. Things are getting to the peak now as Kadou finally takes his fight with Yamato seriously.

And with Luffy on his way, then we should see how he intends to take down Kaidou this time. We also got updates from all sides in Onigashima, so we have a general idea about how the fight is going on at this point.

One Piece

One Piece

One Piece Chapters Schedule: September 2021

With only one manga break expected for September, we will get a lot of developments for the months, and this time, the main fight of the raid will be more interesting. One Piece Manga Chapter schedule for September and Manga Breaks is as follows. 

  • One Piece Chapter 1024 will be released on 5 September 2021
  • One Piece Chapter 1025 will be released on 12 September 2021
  • One Piece Manga Break on 19 September 2021
  • One Piece Chapter 1026 will be released on 26 September 2021

This is how the manga chapters will line up for this month. So the expected break will only be on the weekend of 19 September. So if any of you would be wondering why there is no One Piece manga chapter this week, you should know that it is the usual Oda’s break that comes once after every three chapters.

Last month we managed to get our chapters, and there was no Oda break due to the two consecutive WSJ breaks. So Oda might have had a lot of time to rest during these breaks. This explains why we managed to get four chapters without interruptions after those breaks. 

Now, as we look at the rest of the year, things will be running according to the usual manner unless it will be otherwise stated. In that case, we will bring more updates about any changes to the Manga schedule. And also any interruptions that would lead to no One Piece chapter released in the near future.

If you follow manga spoilers and would like to know when the respective spoilers for each of the September chapters will be released. We will be looking at the possible release dates for September chapter spoilers.

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Luffy and Momonosuke Fan Art

Luffy and Momonosuke Fan Art

One Piece Manga Spoilers and Release Dates

Spoilers are usually released on the Tuesday to Thursday of the same week that the manga chapter will be released. Then full scans and Raws follow on a Friday. And finally, the official release happens on the Sunday of the same week. Let’s look at possible One Piece spoilers release dates for September 2021.

  • One Piece Chapter 1024 Spoilers are already released
  • One Piece Chapter 1025 Spoilers will be released on 7 September 2021
  • One Piece Chapter 1026 Partial Spoilers will be released on 14 September 2021
  • One Piece Chapter 1026 Full Spoilers will be released on 14 September 2021

Note that, One Piece Chapter 1025 full spoilers are expected on Thursday, 9 September 2021.

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