One Piece Chapter 1093 Spoilers & Summary Thread: Conclusion of the Fierce Battle [Updated 2023]

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One Piece Chapter 1094
One Piece (CC: Eiichiro Oda)

The leakers of the One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers revealed that the title of the chapter is going to be “Shaking Egghead! What Will Be The Conclusion of the Fierce Fight”. That is the reason why it turned out to be very confusing and, at the same time, very exciting for the fans. Although the actual spoilers are not out yet, here are the early predictions of the next chapter. 

Before we talk about the Kizaru vs. Luffy thing, let’s first talk about Kuma. So in the last released chapter, we see that Kuma has finally climbed the Red Line and he is now assaulting Mary Geoise. We saw that Kuma had been held down with chains and spears. However, he does not care about this whatsoever he is focused on whatever the mission has been programmed into his brain. 

Now the big question is, what is this mission even? Why did he come to Mary Geoise? Many fans around the world think that it is to destroy the Red Line, however, there are many more possibilities here.

One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers
One Piece (CC: Oda)

We all know that an old Straw Hat has been locked away in a vault at Mary Geoise, and he is there to take it back. At the same time, personally, I think that Kuma is here to take down Imu, mainly because that is the only thing that makes sense to me. 

One Piece Chapter 1093 Spoilers And Full Summary – Updated

As per the spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1093 is titled “Luffy vs. Kizaru,” and the chapter opens with the titular fight where Luffy is spinning Kizaru around; however, the latter seems very calm about it. The narrative then shifts to the control room, where Vegapunk decides to go around the Fabrio Phase with Sanji and Atlas accompanying.

His main motive is to save Bonney, who is on the battlefield fighting the Marines, and also change the authority of the Pacifistas and give them a new order. The spoilers add that Vegapunks will be using his own vehicle called Veag Tank.

One Piece Chapter 1093 Full Summary And Raw Scans And Spoilers
Luffy and Kizaru (CC: Eichiro Oda)

Nami, Ussop, and Eidson decide to remain inside the control room while Jinbe carries all of Vega Punk’s stuff to the back of the island. Amidst this, Lilith will be using Franky Shogun to carry around the Thousand Sunny to where Jimbei is headed while Franky is headed to the Fabrio Phase, too. 

Meanwhile, at the Farbirio Phase, where Bonney is actually present, having a difficult time fighting the Marines and almost falls down after getting close to the Egghead barrier. However, Sentomaru surprisingly is still conscious and saves her from falling before losing consciousness.

Zoro Vs Lucci, Kizaru Vs Luffy

Cutting to the second half of the chapter, we will see Zoro fighting against Lucci, where the latter is transformed into his awakened form while Zoro’s sword is on flame. Zoro remarks that with the level that Lucci has now, he won’t be able to fight his captain. Whereas, Lucci’s response is that at least killing a number of members of the Yonko crew has a nice ring to it.

Getting back to the main fight between Luffy and Kizaru, Luffy throws Kizaru out at the sea, and as the latter is getting away, he says that he is going to fall into the sea in a very calm tone.

However, he gets back to the island and creates multiple clones of himself with his devil fruit, and these clones are able to give Luffy minor injuries with the light swords. But Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Dawn Stamp to instantly wipe out all of the clones, only to realize that real Kizaru isn’t among them.

The real Kizaru has returned to the control room and flies towards the Vega Tank and lands a projectile attack at the vehicle, but Luffy steps in and saves him, Vegapunk, and everyone. With this, the chapter comes to an end with Vegapunk arriving at the Fabrio Phase, where Altas overrides the Pacifsta’s order and, on the last panels of the chapter, sees Saturn staring menacingly.

One Piece Chapter 1093 is a great chapter, as we saw a lot of progression in the chapter, and it is good to note that no one wants to fight because they want to fight. Rather, everyone is finding an escape. The next chapter, although, will see Luffy vs. Kizaru in a more serious way, while the ancient robot might make some moves as well.

Update: Full Summary is out:

One Piece 1093 Full Spoilers
byu/mblaze111 inOnePieceSpoilersRaw

One Piece 1093 Predictions

The reason why I think that Kuma is here to take down Imu is that maybe 800 years ago when all of the robots were programmed, I feel like the last order that JoyBoy might have given to them was to take down the “Leader of the World”.

Even in the last released chapter, while Kuma is being restrained by the chains, Kuma just looks upward. This shows that he is looking at Pangaea Castle, which means that whatever Kuma has programmed to do has to be in Pangaea.

Where Did Kuma Go?

Later, we find out that Akainu shows up and wipes off a part of Kuma’s head, just like Whitebeard. Akainu straight stacking body parts first, he knocked a hole out of Ace, he knocked off part of Whitebeard’s face, he knocked off Kuzan’s leg, and here he not only took off part of Kuma’s face but also took his foot. 

One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers
One Piece Episode 1074 Still (Credits: Toei Animation)

As Kuma stands no chance in this battle and that is why once he loses that foot he just ends up teleporting himself, and blasts off like Team Rocket. I just gotta say is kind of interesting, because it makes me wonder where is Kuma going. Kuma sustained so much damage while climbing the Red Line and arriving at the Holy Land, but he continued on his mission. 

In my opinion, I think Kuma is coming to Egghead Island! Think of it from a robot’s perspective. Once you lose part of your brain, once you lose your leg and you cannot operate anymore you go back to get some repairs, considering that Kuma got worked on back to Egghead Island. As the Ancient Robot is also here, it is very much possible that Kuma will arrive here, relatively in the next One Piece Chapter 1093.

One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers
Luffy and Kizaru (CC: Oda/Shueisia)

If he really does that, this could trigger the Bonnie Flashback, of course, because she is Kuma’s daughter. With this, we can find out what she saw in Kuma’s memories, and who knows, we might even get the real Kuma back.

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Is Kizaru vs. Luffy Finished?

At the end of the last chapter 1092, we had Gear 5th Sun God Nika peaking through the rooftop and grabbing Kizaru. Everyone’s eyes start popping out of their heads because of the cartoony effects, but Kizaru, his eyes remain in his skull. That means that he is kind of unfazed by this transformation and he even says that he finally brought it out.

Now the real question here is, can Kizaru handle Gear 5th Luffy? because thus far, Lucci got stomped, and Kaido kind of got toyed for the most part, and that means that Gear 5th is kind of destroying people left and right. 

One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers
Kizaru (CC: Oda/Shueisia)

With the reveal of the title of the next chapter, I personally think that Kizaru will be able to push Gear 5th Luffy a decent amount. This is because, personally with how Oda has been portraying the Admirals, the OG 3 in this Final Saga, they have been catching a lot of Ws and showing off pretty well.

That is also why I think that this is going to be a no-diff Luffy vs. Kizaru fight. I feel like Kizaru might push Luffy to new heights, which is great because maybe Luffy will learn more about this power, at this moment unless Vegapunk tells Luffy off-screen, he still thinks that he has Gomu Gomu no mi. Once Luffy actually finds out what devil fruit he has that could be a massive boost for him. 

The preview that the leaker has revealed has a lot of potential. As it was titled the “conclusion” is causing a stir. With this, it is also possible that the Egghead incident is over in the next chapter. In other words, it is also possible that they will somehow be able to escape from Kizaru, showing that Luffy’s fight against Kizaru was really quick. 

The actual spoilers will start coming out on September 16th to 17th, and we will update this article when they do. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you guys think about the next One Piece Chapter 1093. You can read the last released chapter on Manga Plus

When does One Piece Chapter 1093 releases?

September 25, 2023.

When does One Piece 1093 Spoilers come out?

September 18, 2023

Who will One Piece 1093 Spoilers feature?

Kizaru vs Luffy & Lucci vs Zoro

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