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Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs: Entire MCU Packaged Into A Single Episode

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs
Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs - America's Ass

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 contains lots of new Marvel Cinematic Universe Easter eggs, and fans are noticing them all. Iman Vellani’s teenage hero is a die-hard fan of the Avengers. Her universe is populated by little touches that indicate how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have impacted the globe as an influence on superhero fandom. This isn’t limited to AvengerCon; it’s part of the fabric of regular discussions and products. In creative ways, the MCU radiates from most shots of Ms. Marvel. It’ll be fascinating to see how some of Ms. Marvel’s heroes play out as the season progresses.

Marvel has officially presented Kamala Khan, with Iman Vellani playing the lead and Matt Lintz portraying her best buddy Bruno. Kamala’s backstory for the MCU has been significantly rewritten in Ms. Marvel episode 1, and her powers have been changed dramatically. Despite this, essential characters and locales have been plucked right from the pages of the comic books. Ms. Marvel episode 1 contains more Easter eggs than just about any other MCU Disney+ TV show yet, making it feel like a sincere love letter to both of them.

Kamala’s Fan Arts

Ms. Marvel episode 1 is incredibly self-aware, utilizing Kamala’s fan art to mimic a number of iconic Captain Marvel themes. When Kamala gets dressed, she takes a number of positions that are traditional for female comic characters, including one with her arms on her hips. She also appears to be inspired by Black Widow, recreating Natasha Romanoff’s pose in various Avengers: Age of Ultron advertising posters.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Goose

Among Kamala Khan’s fan art are sketches of a variety of alien life designs, but one in particular sticks out. A familiar cat – Goose, nicknamed after Top Gun and featured in Captain Marvel – is pinned to a board behind Hawkeye, dispersed between the photos of other aliens. Goose is a Flerken, an alien monster whose mouth contains portals to alternate realms and who once swallowed the Tesseract. Ms. Marvel appears to be aware that Goose is an alien.

Different Versions Of Captain Marvel

In the first episode of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan imagines several Carol Danvers variations. One is a mash-up of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange, which is based on a real-life story. Carol Danvers, annoyed by her vulnerability to magic, sought advice from Doctor Strange, even flirting with him in an ill-advised romantic situation.

Zombie Captain Marvel

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Zombie Captain Marvel

Another mash-up imagines Captain Marvel riding a flying horse on a rainbow bridge and holding a power sword. Carol Danvers is primarily envisioned as a Valkyrie traversing the Bifrost, but the visual is oddly similar to She-Ra. Bruno then goes on to depict Captain Marvel as a “Princess,” keeping the idea going.

The “Marvel Zombies” are among Marvel’s most famous alternate-universe storylines, and thanks to What If…? Season 1, they’ve already made their way into the MCU’s multiverse. That puts Kamala Khan’s concept of a zombie Captain Marvel amusing, especially when she practically pitches the entire arc as follows: “I will devour your braaains, but Then I also have superpowers!”

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson, who insists on being called “Gabe” by Kamala Khan, drags her to the principal’s office and tries to pull her down to earth. Mr. Wilson’s desk features a nameplate with only his initials – GWW. Willow Wilson’s initials and name are a homage to the Ms Marvel creator. She is best known for being the founder of Kamala Khan, despite her extensive career. She, too, is a New Jersey native, exactly like the character.

Mr. Wilson

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson also makes a reference to Disney’s Mulan, which Kamala points out when he mentions the song “Reflection.” But it’s not just that. A splitting image of Mr. Wilson and Kamala speaking mimics Mulan’s split image in the animated film when she’s clothed as a princess in the right of the image and a warrior in the other.

Captain Marvel’s Hair

“Generation Why” begins with Kamala’s own account of an Avengers battle. She’s a fanfiction artist in the comics, and it’s good to see that continue in the series. Her story, on the other hand, is complemented by character drawings and animation. Her expression changes a lot when she talks about Captain Marvel. Carol’s hair, in particular, undergoes many transformations in a short period. All of those haircuts are ones that the MCU viewer has seen for her, though the common universe citizen may not.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Captain Marvel’s Hair

It’s a playful nod to those moviegoers who questioned her various hairstyles throughout her career. With the addition of Captain Marvel to the frame, the editor also gets to make a humorous Superman homage. Before talking about Captain Marvel storming in to save the day, Kamala shows a bird, then a plane, before focusing on the flying hero.

Carol Danvers In Her Comic Book Costume

Interestingly, one of Kamala Khan’s illustrations even depicts Captain Marvel in her original Ms. Marvel uniform from the comics, which she never wore in the MCU. Her costume was inspired by the Kree character Mar-Vell, but with a lot more flesh and, strangely, a scarf. Ms. Marvel #8 published a message from one of the readers who was puzzled: “Why does Captain Marvel, who wears long sleeves, gloves, high boots, and a scarf, has a bare back, tummy, and legs? There are a few changes that need to be made to that costume.”

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Carol Danvers In Her Comic Book Costume

Artists agreed and progressively adjusted the style by covering the belly and back – a dress that Kamala has reproduced. The majority of the other sketches feature Captain Marvel in her standard MCU outfit, with one featuring her in her USAF flight jacket.

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Coles Academic High School

The viewer can see the name of Kamala’s high school on a memorial as she walks into high school. Coles Academic High School seems to be the same name as her comic book high school. The names on the monument, on the other hand, have even more significance. Kamala Khan was created by Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie, among others. While Wacker was the publisher, Wilson was the author who gave her life. Alphona & McKelvie are two artists who collaborated on the original comic series and helped her improve.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Coles Academic High School

Similarly, Takeshi Miyazawa, Ian Herring, and Nico Leon are all illustrators that have worked on the character extensively. Joe Caramagna is a writer who has previously worked on a Ms. Marvel comic series. It’s not the only sign with famous people’s names on it. When Kamala and her mother go shopping, they pass by a row of movie posters. India In Technicolor is one of them. J. Haddad, J. Vash, and H. Avant are among the names on the poster. Those are all the names of the people who assisted in the production of the show. The production designer is Julie Vash, the artistic director is Jessie Haddad, and the art department member is Hajr Avant.

AvengerCon At Camp Lehigh

The first AvengerCon is hosted at Camp Lehigh, called “Captain America’s Birthplace” because that’s where Steve Rogers first fought to prove himself worthy of the title. It’s worth noting that this was also the foundation of the contemporary Hydra, as it was here that Zola transferred his mental thoughts to digital form and oversaw Hydra’s Project Insight. This establishes a recurring motif throughout the AvengerCon scenes: the idea that fan culture naively hero-worships things and persons without appreciating their complexities.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – AvengerCon At Camp Lehigh

The song music in the backdrop, “The Star-Spangled Man,” followed Steve Rogers on his tour of the United States before moving on to the front. It’s worth remembering that Captain America disliked that particular job and would have cringed if he’d walked into AvengerCon listening to that music.

AvengersCon’s Easter Eggs

Of course, there a plenty of people dressed up as the Avengers and their side characters at AvengerCon. Drax, Captain America, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Gamora, the Wasp, and Thor are among the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy who were visible to attentive fans. There are also a bunch of Asgardians, several performing girls (from Captain America), and several Dora Milaje. M’Baku, along with his staff, is the most surprising cosplayer.

Captain America was mocked as “America’s ass” in Avengers: Endgame, and Ms. Marvel episode 1 jokes on this with a funny parody in which Steve Rogers flaunts his rear while telling America, “You’re welcome.” Ms. Marvel is delightfully self-aware, even engaging in real-world interactions with popular MCU memes.

Avenger’s Merch At AvengersCon

The exhibition “Things Hulk Smashed” and “The Realm of Asgard” – which also includes a test-your-strength device – are dedicated to separate members of the comic book superhero team. People are even welcome to be filmed being held in the palm of a giant-sized Ant-Man, as seen in Ant-Man & the Wasp. Characters such as Scarlet Witch and Groot have their own stands. Naturally, Kamala Khan is drawn to the Captain Marvel exhibition, which pays tribute to the cosmic Avenger.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Avenger’s Merch

Naturally, AvengerCon is brimming with merchandise, some of which are also available in reality. Avengers-related slogans such as “Fight Like A Girl,” “Asgard Pride,” and “Bring the Thunder,” as well as the stylish “I Can Do This All Day,” are among them. Even after Tony Stark’s “Build-A-Bear” joke in Avengers: Endgame, Rocket wouldn’t be content with being a furry teddy bear. Meanwhile, Avenger Tours offers tours to Wakanda, Sokovia, and upstate New York, which is yet another sign that there’s more to the superhero idolization and fan culture than meets the eye, given that these are all locations that have been ravaged in high-profile Avengers conflicts.

Ironman And Black Widow Tribute

While past MCU installments have featured memorials to the retiring Captain America and the Iron Man, it’s the first time the fans have seen a homage to Black Widow since Avengers: Endgame. At the event, Black Widow and Iron Man appear in paintings praising them for their devotion. Fans are invited to leave messages on a memorial wall.

Ironman And Black Widow Tribute

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Ironman And Black Widow Tribute

That would make Yelena Belova happy, as much of her rage in Hawkeye originated from her sister not being given credit for protecting the world. After the Iron Man graffiti in Spider-Man: Far From Home and also the Statue of Liberty being transformed into a tribute for Captain America in No Way Home, it’s good to see the world finally recognize Black Widow.

Zoe’s Ms. Marvel Costume And Ms. Marvel’s Stretch Powers

Kamala Khan is shocked to learn that she will be competing in the Captain Marvel contest against her buddy Zoe. Although she argues that Zoe’s outfit isn’t correct, it is extremely close to Carol Danvers’ in the comic book, and she dresses it in a manner in terms of the Moonstone, who took on the Ms. Marvel persona for a time. It’s the most unexpected Easter egg of the bunch. Kamala’s initial use of her talents puts Zoe in danger, but she is saved by Kamala; this is a subtle reference to her backstory in the comics when she first used her superpowers to save Zoe’s life.

Ms. Marvel's Stretch Powers

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Ms. Marvel’s Stretch Powers

The MCU has altered Ms. Marvel’s abilities; many feel the studio didn’t want two stretching characters to debut at the same time, especially because the Fantastic Four will be introduced in the coming years. Still, in Ms. Marvel episode 1, Kamala Khan creates a structure in the shape of a stretched-out hand, which is an Easter egg to Kamala Khan’s traditional comic book powers. It’ll be interesting to watch how Marvel treats Kamala’s abilities in the future and if they continue to reflect on the comics while still distinguishing themselves.

The Department Of Damage Control

Episode 1’s post-credits unveil that the Department of Damage Control is now looking into the new superheroes. Damage Control was founded as a division of SHIELD to clean up after superhumans. The reappearance of DODC Special Agent P. Clearly from No Way Home is included in the post-credits scene, which is taken aback by the footage. Kamala Khan was frequently at clashes with the government in the comics, so it’d make sense for Damage Control to become a regular issue for Kamala in Ms. Marvel in the future.

The Department Of Damage Control

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – The Department Of Damage Control

Some Other Easter Eggs

The idea of a superhero landing was mocked by Deadpool, so it’s only fitting that episode 1 of Ms. Marvel  – the MCU’s most self-aware program to date – includes a spin on it as well. When Kamala imagines herself jumping out of her window, hanging on a tree branch, and landing like a superhero, she imagines herself doing a perfect superhero landing. The accompanying drawing is titled “The Graceful Descent,” and Kamala imagines it as a legendary performance.

Episode 1 finally answers a question that has been unanswered since the start of Phase 4, when everyone seemed to know what happened in Avengers: Endgame’s last fight. Scott Lang appears to have been doing podcast interviews in which he happily revealed a few things, even discussing the Infinity Stones, which Kamala refers to as “magic stones.” Because everyone believes Captain America is dead, as shown in Far From Home, he must have kept the time travel aspect a secret.

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Easter Eggs – Antman Podcast

When Bruno and Kamala sit on the rooftop to discuss the convention, a sign for Edison Electric appears behind them, with lightning bolts that are similar to those seen on her Ms. Marvel outfit in the comics, the sign is most likely a reference to one of Kamala’s first enemies in the comics. After a disastrous attempt to clone Thomas Edison, the Scientist becomes her adversary. In actuality, his pet cockatiel is involved in the cloning attempt, which is the identical bird shown in the Superman visual gag at the outset of the show.

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