Most Popular Manga Authors And Their Masterpieces

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Manga Authors
Eiichiro Oda One Piece

If you are an anime lover, then you should have wondered at one point how the anime is created and produced. Well, it is adapted from a set storyline, and for most anime, that comes from manga or light novels. This is known as anime adaptation, and it is the work of animation studios. So looking at different manga authors and their piece of work, we can tell from the anime how great they manage to write out their stories.

Different manga artists of Mangaka have worked on several projects. So at the moment, we will only look at the best manga that each author managed to produce. Some became popular because of this. And just like we have seen, the trends follow the most recent manga that would usually make headlines when an anime adaptation happens because of the outreach.

Let us look at the most popular manga artists and the masterpieces that they have managed to produce. Some of these anime you know, but you might have no idea who created them as manga is not as popular as anime.

Masashi Kishimoto: Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto has been popular as Naruto’s creator. He is the creator of Naruto manga that ran all the way to Naruto Shippuden, and now it’s Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Besides creating Naruto manga, Kishomono also worked on projects like The Last: Naruto The Movie and even Boruto: The Movie. He has also written different short stories, and in 2019, he worked on Samurai 8 Manga which ended later in 2020.

Manga Authors
Masashi Kishimoto – Naruto

He then worked on supervision of Boruto Manga and would later take over as the main creator in November 2020. So if you are a Naruto fan and still don’t know how Naruto manga was created, at least now you know. Because most people who are new to this would also ask, “Who created Boruto” and also wonder if the manga and anime are based on real-life events. To date, Kishimoto has proven to be amongst the best Manga authors in history.

Hajime Isayama: Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan manga and anime had had a grand ending when we expected to see Eren and Zeke initiate their final plan that left the scout regimen in shambles. Well, we have managed to see good works from the animation team, but we have to go down a further level and look into the manga and its creator. For some fans, they might not know who created Attack on Titan, so we will also get to see the person behind all this. Hajime Isayama has also worked on several manga and anime like Heart Break One, but it was Attack on Titan that made him popular.

Hajime Isayama Attack on Titan
Hajime Isayama – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan manga was first published in September 2009 and is also serialized in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and so far has collected up to 34 volumes. It is also available on the Crunchyroll manga platform. The anime has gathered a great deal of its fan base lately, with the Attack on Titans The Final Season concluding its Part 2. The series has been a best seller in Japan and even the US, and its popularity led to the inspiration of more anime seasons, with the final season currently ongoing.

Kohei Horikoshi: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia anime has entered its peak seasons where the Heroes and the villains will be involved in an all-out face-off to finally see which side will emerge victoriously. My Hero Academia Anime is adapted from My Hero Academia manga which is in turn created by Kohei Horikoshi. Horikoshi also worked on other manga projects like Omagadoki Dobutsen before he created My Hero Academia which would later be a very successful piece of work.

Manga Authors
Kohiei Hirokoshi – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia takes place in a world where people are born with inequalities, and this brought about the realization that Midoriya Izuku, who is the main character, would be bullied by his classmates who had special powers. And is one of the very rare occurrences where people were born without unique powers known as Quirks. He was faced with lots of challenges and aspired to be a great hero like All Might, who was the number one Hero within the Heroes society. So it is this kind of work that makes Hirokoshi one of the great Manga authors.

Koyoharu Gotouge: Demon Slayer

Strictly following the life of Tanjiro Kamado, whose family was massacred by a demon, Tanjiro would grow to become a demon slayer searching for the very same demon that took his family away from him. Demon Slayer manga was created by Koyoharu Gotouge and has made lots of sales that have even made the series more popular than it already was. As of 2021, Demon Slayer Manga managed to sell over 150 million copies, and this has made it one of the best-selling manga series in history.

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Koyoharu Gotouge Demon Slayer
Koyoharu Gotouge – Demon Slayer

As Tanjiro developed his character and grew stronger as a demon slayer, we see his ideal and how he wanted to rid the world of demons despite his sister being one. The series was also serialized in Shonen weekly magazine, and with only two seasons of the anime broadcasted so far, the anime has gained a lot of fans due to the intense action that we have seen. The Entertainment district arc reached its end, and it left us looking forward to the upcoming Swordsmith arc that will carry even greater action with it.

Eiichiro Oda: One Piece

Oda recently became one of the best manga artists due to successes surrounding One Piece anime and manga, with over 1000 One Piece episodes released. So his fame also comes from the manga as it also published its 1000 chapter a few months ago. When things go this way, manga artists would usually rise to fame, and we also saw increases in the revenue of the franchise and the promotion of the 1000th chapter. Oda’s public image grew at large with this as he has established himself as one of the greatest Manga authors.

Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda- One Piece

Most people know Oda for his works in One Piece, but before his breakthrough, he worked on several manga projects like Wanted, Monsters, and even Ikki Yako. The best piece of work that Oda has produced so far has been undoubtedly One Piece. At first, it looked like an average Pirates adventure, but when Wano Arc came, everything was on the next level, and now we have seen how One Piece manga has regained its popularity spot and become the great manga that it is today.

Juni Ito: Uzumaki

Manga artists are only recognized when one of their works becomes popular, and this would end up creating a fandom for the manga, especially if the new events are yet to unfold. Junji Ito has worked on several manga projects, but at the moment, only one of his works proved to develop a huge fanbase. His notable work so far has covered manga like Tomie together with Uzumaki. His personal life has been mostly about this career, and it is also a good thing to see that his works have been finally recognized.

Juni Ito Uzumaki
Juni Ito – Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a horror manga centered around the life of a high school teenager Goshima and her partner, who resides in the small and quiet town of Kurouzou. The place exists as a result of supernatural events which involve spirals. As the manga develops its story, Kirie and Shuichi realize how the spiral curse affects the people around them, leading to the citizens’ obsession with the spirals.

Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away

Even though it is not entirely an anime series, Spirited Away forms part of one of those anime films you should not miss out on. The film managed to put its author in the spotlight as he now ranks amongst the best manga artists to ever do it because of this.

Manga Authors
Hayao Miyazaki – Spirited Away

Hayao Miyazaki managed to create a story that looks at the life of Chihiro Ogino, who is still a young child, and she traveled along with her parents to their new home as their father decided to take a shortcut route. But this only led them to a mysterious and abandoned amusement part. When they explore it, they are surprised to find unattended restaurants packed with fresh food. Upon seeing this, Chihiro’s parents started to eat, and while Chihiro explored further, she reached a bathhouse and met Haku, who warned her to return back to the riverbed before sunset.

Yusuke Murata: One Punch Man

Looking at Yusuke Murata, he has worked on several animes and manga projects that ended up being masterpieces. So we will soon look at what anime did Yusuke Murata make. He is part of a group that has worked together on different manga like Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch man under the alias “One.” Some of his major work includes the American-style football manga known as Eyeshield 21, which later turned into an anime.

Yusuke Murata One Punch Man
Yusuke Murata – One Punch Man

The best of his works so far has been One Punch Man, and even though he did not work on the project alone, he has been the lead author of the manga and has been popular since its debut in 2012. When that manga made its anime debut, it appeared as a simple anime where the main character would just defeat all his enemies in just one punch. But as more seasons came through, it turned out to be more than just that. And today, as we know it, One Punch Man is one of the anime and manga that has a lot of followers due to its epic storyline.

Akira Toriyama: Dragon Ball

Most people’s childhood is marked by Dragon Ball anime as it is one of the classics that are still ongoing today. The franchise’s revival through Dragon Ball Super saw the once-popular show return to its glory days once again. With the Universe expanding, there are way more things to look forward to within the Dragon Ball world.

Manga Authors
Akira Toriyama – Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama had created the series when it made its debut back in 1984, and it has become one of the best manga in history. Almost everyone who watches anime and reads manga knows about Dragon Ball and its works. And they probably know that this is the works of Akira Toriyama, who still continues with Dragon Ball Super to date. So Akira Toriyama has also managed to establish himself as one of the best Manga authors as well.

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Yoshihiro Togashi: Hunter X Hunter

As we look at the anime and the manga of the 2010s, we have seen Hunter X Hunter as one of the outstanding manga and anime even though it ended up in a hiatus. So if you were wondering if Hunter X Hunter has ended, then you should keep in mind that the anime ended back in September 2014 after only 148 episodes of the series. The manga was created by Yoshihiro Togashi and wanted to show us the life of young Gon, who went on a search for his father.

Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter
Yoshihiro Togashi – Hunter X Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi also worked on other manga projects, including Yuyu Hakusho, which is also another masterpiece of work. Looking back at Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro displayed the life of Gon, who believed that his parents died when he was still young. But when he later learned the truth, he went on a search for his parents. But before he could do that, he had to become a hunter and hone his skills so he could survive the harsh outside world.

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Naoko Takeuchi: Sailor Moon

Most manga authors who have worked on several projects have one outstanding show that they are best known for. This came as a breakthrough in their careers where everything peaks up, and then they produce a hit of a show. We have seen this through several authors, and for Naoko Takeuchi, this came through Sailor Moon manga. What is interesting about Naoko Takeuchi is that she is also married to a fellow manga artist, Yoshiro Togashi, who created Hunter X Hunter.

Manga Authors
Naoko Takeuchi – Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon anime and manga follow the life of Usagi Tsukino, who could transform into Sailor Moon and searches for a magical artifact known as the legendary Silver Crystal. So she travels with a group of her comrades known as the Sailor Soldiers or Sailor Guardians, battling against villains to prevent them from stealing the Silver Crystal, which would end up destroying the Solar System. This show created more popularity for her as one of the best Manga authors.

Haruichi Furudate: Haikyuu

If you have heard of Haikyuu’s manga and anime, then you should also know about Haruichi Furudate. Otherwise, it is finally time for you to know about the person behind all that work. Haikyuu has been an interesting piece of work and has managed to gather a huge fanbase as well.

Haikyuu!! Illustration

Haikyuu follows the story of Hinata Shoyo, who wishes to become a great volleyball player even though he has small stature. The manga has been serialized in the WSJ since 2012 and has collected 45 volumes so far. The anime has adapted up to four seasons from the manga and has received positive responses from people.

Hiro Mashima: Fairy Tail

Even though the anime and the manga have ended a few years back, Fairy Tail still remains one of the greatest anime that you should watch. Because it was an interesting piece of work that followed the life of Natsu, whom we managed to see overcome all hardships that came his way, it is no longer a secret that Hiro Mashima is the one who created Fairy Tail manga, and within a few years, after the manga and anime ended, he created Edens Zero.

Hiro Mashima Fairy Tail
Hiro Mashima – Fairy Tail

Edens Zero managed to adapt its manga for one season, which is also worth watching. But for now, the manga still continues even though the anime is no longer releasing new episodes. So this means that those who prefer anime-only should wait for the adaptation of the manga into Edens Zero Season 2.

Ken Wakui: Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers anime gained a lot of popularity upon its debut. This made more people to follow the manga, as well, as they wanted to see what happens beyond the plot of the anime. For some fans, it is interesting to see how certain elements from the manga will be adapted into an anime. So if you have been wondering who wrote Tokyo Revengers, then you should know that the manga was created by none other than Ren Wakui.

Manga Authors
Ken Wakui – Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers manga is still ongoing and releasing new chapters. If you were wondering if Tokyo Revengers manga is finished, the anime and the manga follow how a young Takemichi Hanagaki navigates life as he has a strange ability to go into the past, and this time, he wants to use it to save his girlfriend.

Gege Akutami: Jujutsu Kaisen

Gege Akutami is among the upcoming manga artist and has managed to create a masterpiece that has now put him in the spotlight. He is popular for his works in Jujutsu Kaisen manga, together with its prequel, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which came a bit later than its successor. Gege Akutami has also worked on a one-shot known as Kamishiro Sosa that was 45 pages and was also published in the Jump magazine.

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Gege Akutami Jujutsu Kaisen
Gege Akutami – Jujutsu Kaisen

Besides the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise, Akutami has only created one-shots until Jujutsu Kaisen earned its popularity and was fully serialized. Jujutsu Kaisen anime has just recently released a movie, and it looks like another season of the anime might be on the horizon, so we might not have to wait longer than we think to get the good news.

Riichiro Inagaki: Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone’s manga has recently ended, even though the anime has only two seasons. So this means that we are yet to see more from the anime side of the franchise. Dr. Stone manga is created by Riichiro Inagaki, so this you’d treasure you in case you were wondering who created Dr. Stone.

Riichiro Inagaki Dr. Stone
Riichiro Inagaki – Dr. Stone

The manga follows the life of Senku as the entire world was petrified for more than 3700 years. So Senku and his friends try to restore the human civilization to its glory days using their scientific knowledge. Riichiro Inagaki also worked on other manga like Nandodemo Roku Gatsu Ju San Hi, and he also wrote for the magazine square Freeze and Love Love Santa, which was published in November 2001.

Reki Kawahara: Sword Art Online

As one of the greatest VRMMORPG-based anime, Sword Art Online became the norm of its anime genre, running for several seasons and setting the benchmark for its niche. Until the very end, we managed to see a great anime adaptation of the manga, and it’s all thanks to Reki Kawahara, who created everything Sword Art Online.

Manga Authors
Reki Kawahara – Sword Art Online

Reki Kawahara also created other hit manga and anime series like Accel World. So as they are from the same creator, a lot of people who are new to this also wonder if Accel World and SAO are connected. The only connection between the two so far is that they are both created by Reki Kawahara, which would explain that someone who enjoys watching Accel World would enjoy watching Accel World as well.

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Atsushi Okubo: Fire Force

Even though it has been a few years since its last season, Fire Force still remains one of the shows that we should be looking forward to. A lot of people are still looking forward to Fire Force Season 3 even though we have not got any official news at all. So it might take a while, but most fans still remain hopeful because a lot of action is yet to be adapted from the manga.

Atsushi Okubo Fire Force
Atsushi Okubo – Fire Force

Atsushi Ohkubo is the creator of Fire Force manga. And its popularity made him off of the great manga authors of modern-day anime. He also created Soul Eater manga that was adapted into an anime and was a masterpiece of work as well. So this made a lot of people wonder if Fire Force is linked to Soul Eater. Another thing that is cleared up is the question, “Did the creator of Soul Eater make Fire Force?” Because we now know that both of these mangas were created by Atsushi Ohkubo.

Sango Harukawa: Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs anime was mostly detective in nature but filled with lots of action as well. Even though not much information about Bungo Stray Dogs’ creator, Sango Harukawa, is known, the anime was a hit, and its manga even goes beyond that. Unfortunately, at the moment, things have remained silent regarding any Bungo Stray Dogs anime, but we do have those fans that remain hopeful.

Manga Authors
Sango Harukawa – Bungou Stray Dogs

So we might see something sooner or later. But whichever it is, it will be a great thing because we will get to see more of the anime adaptation from the manga chapters that most fans are looking forward to, especially when it comes to fighting scenes. The anime has also put a spotlight on Sango Harukawa’s works, and now more people will get to know about his great work as one of the notable manga authors in the anime industry.

Yuki Tabata: Black Clover

Black Clover had managed to attract many followers when it came to its closing episodes. Although things were left in the middle of a huge battle, a lot of people could not wait for an undetermined hiatus to end and headed straight to the manga to find out how things continued. Behind all that work is Yuki Tabata. So in case you were wondering what anime did Yuki Tabata create, then Black Clover anime is adapted from his Black Clover Manga.

Yuki Tabata Black Clover
Yuki Tabata – Black Clover

He also worked in other manga like Hungry Joker before working on Black Clover. Black Clover managed to rise within the popularity charts, and within one year of its debut, it managed to become the 24th best-selling franchise in Japan. The anime and manga follow the story of Asta, who was a young orphan and could not use magic. So we have seen him try to become the wizard king even though he had no affinity for magic at all.

Tite Kubo: Bleach

Bleach is the infamous anime and manga that, even to date, fans are still waiting for the return of its final arc on the screens. It is a good thing that the project has been announced, and soon we will be able to see the anime adaptation of the final chapters of the manga. Tite Kubo had created several mangas like Saint Seya that he created when he was still very young. But the best of his creations so far has been bleach.

Manga Authors
Tite Kubo – Bleach

Almost all of us know the story of Ichigo, which started with him being a simple guy who had the ability to see ghosts. But as the story developed, we got to see that there was more to that as we entered into the real world of Hollows and Shinigami that Ichigo ended up conquering together with his friends.

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