Monstrous Ending Explained: Was The Couple Able To Save The Jinyang County?


If you’re the type of person who enjoys watching a show for its interesting thriller narrative, we’re sure you must have encountered ‘Monstrous,’ a recently released horror-thriller mini-drama helmed by the acclaimed director of the worldwide recognized film ‘Train To Busan.’

Whenever an excellent drama concludes, most of us have a habit of surfing through the internet to read everything about and around it, don’t we? So, if you fall into one of those categories, our valuable audience, you’ve arrived at the right place because we’re going to take you on a quick but thorough ride through what transpired in this wonderful show. And also, if it gives a possibility of the Season 2 for we know if you loved the show you must be dying to know about it. Therefore, keep scrolling down for further insights!

A drama centered around a Buddhist statue excavated to be utilized as a good luck charm for the town, which would have caught the curiosity of thousands of tourists. But ended up becoming the sole reason for countless deaths and unforgettable cursed history for the town. A story about an evil statue that plays with your heart and mind by tricking you into believing the non-existent reality made through your deepest regrets and uncontrollable rage. Thus, converting you into a puppet wandering around with the insatiable hunger for killing.

Were the townies able to save their homeland from the wrath of the evil spirit? Or did they end up perishing? Continue reading to find out!

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‘Monstrous’ Ending Explained

This mystery thriller drama, ‘Monstrous,’ has finally concluded with a joyous ending for the main protagonists. Although it does not appear to be a pleasant one, much as seeing a rainbow after a flood does not bring calm but rather gets one angry due to the tremendous plight they are in.

After the Buddhist statue with an evil spirit inside of it was excavated and put as a showpiece for tourist attractions in jinyang county, hell descended upon them. They not only released an enraged spirit whose rage was uncontrollable, but they also removed the seal it had placed, welcoming a sequence of ominous occurrences for themselves.

Jinyang County in a mess
Jinyang County in a mess

As a result, everybody who saw through the eyes of the Buddha was doomed to drown in the desire to kill anyone because, for them, everyone was a vision of someone they despised the most. The combined efforts of a patient police officer, monks who believed their legends, and an archaeologist’s dedication to saving his beloved wife freed Jinyang county from the vengeance of this demonic spirit.

Although it appeared at first that Jung Ki Hoon would be enough to save them all, as the story progressed, he also lost his heart and mind to the evil spirit, allowing it to corrupt him.

Fortunately, his efforts were enough to awaken his wife, who understood just how to handle the situation and save them all.

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What Exactly Was The Relationship Between Kwak Young-Joo and Han Do-Kyun?

Despite the fact that not much is spoken about these two throughout the show, the sequences presented clearly highlight the two’s profound bond. It demonstrated their brotherly closeness, but Ha Do-Kyun’s mother being a chief police officer, of course, couldn’t possibly put his kid in such bad company, could she? So she was most likely the reason Kwak Young-Joo wound up in jail, leaving him with a sense of betrayal from his best friend.

On the other hand, the experience left Han Do-Kyun with remorse and grief since it is not always possible to find those who would go to any lengths for you. And losing that sort of buddy due to your own self, even if it was indirectly, is itself suffering of a lifetime.

Kwak Young-Joo and Han Do-Kyun
Kwak Young-Joo and Han Do-Kyun

Even though fans expected to witness a growth in the connection between these two characters, we believe it was all for the best that Kwak Young-Joo died rather than killing someone so close to his heart. Because, despite the fact that he restrained himself many times while beating Han Do-Kyun, he might have actually murdered him at some point. And the worst part is that death even wouldn’t have eased his pain because he then would have hated himself for the rest of his life by focusing on the guilt of it while remaining in denial.

However, according to some fans, the way ‘Monstrous’ finished with Kwak Young-Joo dead while Han Do-Kyun with a happy ending does seem quite unfair to them.

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Did The Couple (Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin) Finally Reunite In The ‘Monstrous’ Ending?

We’ve all seen how the death of a loved one can devastate a person. However, witnessing your kid’s death in an unexpected terrible accident with your own eyes may shatter the soul of any parent. Don’t you think so, guys? As a result of this horrible tragedy, these two beautiful individuals couldn’t stand to be with each other since they no longer served as a support system for one other but rather reminded them of the reality of their daughter’s death.

The pain, of course, can change people, but it doesn’t mean it lessens the love you hold for others. However, sadness might overcome you at times, causing you to make a mess of the situation. As a result, their rocky relationship was defined. But, much like a lock and key, when two people are so successful at their work together, their individual popularity fades. And, no, it’s not wrong since we’re not referring to their individualism; rather, we’re emphasizing their embraced skills when they unite.

Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin
Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin

And it’s not entirely incorrect since, after all, who doesn’t desire precision in their work? Returning to ‘Monstrous,’ even though these two intelligent lead characters could save the town, it was only feasible when they ultimately worked together and were able to defeat the evil spirit’s effect on their hearts. Because they finally had each other, neither of their hearts was weak any longer.

What Turns Did The Relationship Between Chief Han Seok Hee and His Son Take?

Initially, we were shown that, despite Chief Han Seok Hee’s efforts, her son appeared to be estranged from her. For many admirers, it appeared like his ego was taking precedence when speaking to his mother. Furthermore, the manner in which he spoke to her portrayed his character as the most ill-mannered in the first few episodes.

However, when the truth became clear, the audience became more sympathetic to his character since it was the sorrow and betrayal he felt toward his closest friend that made it impossible for him to bridge the gap in their connection.

Chief Han Seok Hee and her son Han Do-Kyung
Chief Han Seok Hee and her son Han Do-Kyung

Although considering the facts and the situation both were in, it didn’t feel like either of them was wrong. It did feel like her mother made several attempts to set things right but was repeatedly turned down by him. In any case, the best part was that the two were able to heal their relationship even though it needed fighting an evil statue to get there, isn’t that right, guys?

She not only saved her son from the fury of the monstrous statue, but she also performed admirably as the chief police officer of Jinyang county.

‘Monstrous’ Season 2 Possibility

‘Monstrous’ is one such drama that was well-received by audiences due to its unique mix of historical roots with a simple horror-thriller plot. One of the key reasons for making this show worth watching for viewers was the way the makers didn’t extend the information unduly and offered a solid explanation for each and every topic addressed in the show, despite the fact that ‘Monstrous’ presented a fascinating tale with superb performances from the show’s key characters. It was nonetheless a letdown for some fans since it lacked the style of thrill that viewers had come to expect from Yeon Sang-ho’s films and dramas.

Still, as the series finished with an obvious possibility of a Season 2, fans are still anticipating the upcoming season to outperform the previous one in every way, despite the fact that there has been no formal announcement of Season 2 news from the production team. Nonetheless, the last episode’s climax hinted at the next adventure our two paranormal archaeologists would go on. Although a brief glimpse of the conclusion suggested that the upcoming quest may be tied to the previous one, fans are hoping to see the least of the connections or else are anticipating some genuinely astonishing connection that will influence their thoughts.

Monstrous- Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin
Jung Ki Hoon and Lee Soo Jin

What kind of plot Season 2 will hold, and how long will it take to come out? It’s probably a talk for another time. Till then, stay tuned to Otakukart for spicy updates!

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