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Mask K-Drama Review: Is The Park Soo Ae And Joo Ji Hoon K-Drama Worth Watching?

Mask K-Drama Review

One of the most underrated kdramas is Mask. It has melodrama, mystery, romance, and thrill, all in the right amount. The screenplay of the Mask K-Drama is written by Choi Ho Chul, who is known for his work in Secret and Time. Furthermore,  the director of Mask K-Drama is Boo Sung Chul, who is known for his work in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, The Heirs, Our Gap Soon, Ghost Doctor, and many other evergreen kdramas. The plot of Mask K-Drama is unlike any other K-Drama that you have seen yet. Over the course of twenty episodes, Mask K-Drama tells the story of a woman named Byun Ji Sook who is tired of her life.

Furthermore, Byun Ji Sook’s life is ruined because of her father, who has landed himself in a pit of debt and is being chased by loan sharks. One day Byun Ji Sook comes across a girl named Eun Ha who looks almost exactly like her, but her circumstances are a world apart. Unlike Byun Ji Sook, Eun Ha comes from a very wealthy family. Byun Ji Sook switches identities with Eun Ha and meets Min Soo, the son of a conglomerate who finds her unique. Without further ado, let us look at the Mask K-Drama review so that you can decide for yourself if you want to watch this kdrama or not.

Mask K-Drama Review:

The Storyline

The Mask K-Drama storyline revolves around a woman named Byun Ji Sook. The storyline consists of everything from identity switching to family betrayals. Due to some circumstances, Byun Ji Sook gets to live the life she always wanted as Eun Ha. Min Soo, who has a hard time trusting people, starts liking Byun Ji Sook, who he thinks is Eun Ha. Over the course of twenty episodes, the drama will take us through their relationship and how long will Byun Ji Sook be able to keep the lie alive. The kdrama has an intriguing storyline that will keep you waiting to see what is going to happen next. The kdrama aired from the 25th of May in 2015 to the 30th of July on SBS. You can watch it with subtitles in various languages on Rakuten Viki.

Mask K-Drama Review

Still from Mask cr: SBS

Cast And Characters

What made viewers absolutely love Mask kdrama is the intriguing characters. Park Soo Ae plays the double role of Byun Ji Sook and Eun Ha in this kdrama, and boy, she is amazing! How she switches from the humble Byun Ji Sook to the bratty Eun Ha is praiseworthy. Additionally, Min Soo’s character is portrayed by Joo Ji Hoon. He is the perfect guy that everyone dreams about. Some even consider Joo Ji Hoon’s role in Mask kdrama as one of his best performances. Yoo In Young and Min Seok Hoon both play negative roles in this kdrama. Each member of the Mask kdrama cast delivered an amazing performance.

Mask K-Drama

Still from Mask cr: SBS

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