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All The Male K-pop Idols Who Have Proven That They Are Big LGBTQ Supporters

To many people’s surprise, a lot of Male K-pop idols have shown their support for the LGBTQ community. Why would you be surprised? As many fans might already know, the world has still not opened up to the LGBTQ community fully yet, and Korea is one of those countries. Numerous people from the LGBTQ community are tortured, harmed, discriminated against, and cyberbullied throughout the world. Now, K-pop idols receive hate as it is, and if they fully support or announce that they are from the LGBTQ community, things will not go well for them and their career.

But some K-pop idols have taken the risk and have fully supported or announced their actual sexuality and have received immense praise for it from international fans. Korea has been changing for good as more and more people have started to open up to the community. Holland announced his sexuality, LIONESS became the first openly gay group, and Lady became the first group with open trans members, showing that things are changing for the better. In this article, we will be talking about the greatest Male K-pop idols and groups who have supported the LGBTQ community. Let us get started!

1. BTS

BTS is that one male group that actually genuinely cares about people who are discriminated against or belittled. There have been countless times in interviews and moments throughout BTS’s career that prove that the world renowned K-pop group BTS is supportive of the LGBTQ Community. First of all, they are besties with Halsey, who is quite open about their sexuality. Ever since Boy With Luv happened, BTS and Halsey have kept showing that their friendship is really precious. Starting off with the leader RM has been very vocal about his support for the LGBTQ community. When referencing love in their songs, they do not point to a specific gender and show off many pride flags throughout their music videos.

male k-pop idols who supprt the lgbtq community

Suga, Jin, and RM cr: HYBE Labels

RM has recommended books like Blue is The Warmest Colour (talks about the love story of two women), Confessions of a Mask (about an adolescent gay), songs like Same love (talks about homosexuality), and Strawberries And Cigarettes (comes from the gay movie Love Simon) and more. The eldest Jin has named male celebrities whenever he was asked about his celebrity crush and him kissing a male statue in Blood Sweat & Tears. Furthermore, Suga had said that when looking for his ideal type, he does not tend to look at the gender of the person. Plus, his specific rap lines from BTS’s Cypher Pt.3: Killer- “Like you all know my voice turns people on, whether it be men or women, my flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps.” already says it all.

male k-pop idols who supprt the lgbtq community

J-hope, V, Jungkook and jimin cr: HYBE Labels

As for J-hope, during his speech in 2018 MMA, he said that he had learned about different types of love that year. Even the lyrics from the K-pop idol’s Boy Meets Evil can be interpreted as LGBTQ-themed lyrics. In addition to that, Jimin has broken gender norms with his clothing style and is even a fan of Kehlani, who is an open lesbian. Even V has broken gender norms through his dressing sense and likes Kehlani’s songs, especially Honey. Jungkook, too, has shown his support by being a fan of gay movies and more. BTS has shown time and time again that they are one of the biggest male K-pop idols who support the LGBTQ community.

2. EXO

EXO is truly an amazing group that has also talked about LGBTQ rights! Beginning with the group eldest, Xiumin had worn a Balenciaga hat which was made for the LGBTQ community, and wearing an LGBTQ shirt when he went to Disneyland.  Not to forget how the group’s leader Suho had guessed a K-pop song with a gay plot twist and how happy he got when a lesbian fan told him she was getting married to her girlfriend in a fan meeting. He and D.O even went to an LGBTQ-themed play Priscilla and also took a selca with a cast member.

exo gay

EXO cr: SM Entertainment

As for Baekhyun, his wardrobe must be full of LGBTG-associated accessories and clothes. Writing down the countless time he wore them would take a very long time! Lay and Chanyeol to have done the same. Additionally, Chen had recommended the book The Illustrator (written by an LGBTQ supporter and feminist), and he even thought two female friends were actually girlfriends and gave an adorable smile when they revealed they were not dating. There had been many times where Chanyeol showed where he stood in this matter. In an interview, he said that love should not be confined to just between a man and a woman. He pointedly said that he has neither a girlfriend nor a boyfriend, using Keith Harring’s stickers (an artist who talks about LGBTQ rights).


EXO cr: SM Entertainment

D.O too has recommended many LGBTQ-based movies like Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Dallas Buyers Club. Talking about Kai, his home is full of many LGBTQ-themed paintings, and he also joined an LGBTQ-themed exhibition as an ambassador. Lastly, the maknae Sehun had also watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch and had even talked about his love for male fans at an EXO concert! Now, you can see why these male K-pop idols have so many LGBTQ fans!

3. Seventeen

Seventeen is another male group that has proven that they really respect the LGBTQ community a lot. In one of their interviews, Vernon talked about how people from the LGBTQ community must be treated equally, and when a fan thanked him later on, Vernon humbly replied by saying that he just said the obvious. He and The8 were spotted supporting the Trevor project by wearing its clothes. In one of Seventeen’s concerts, Joshua was seen wearing the gender shirt, which is a shirt that has all the genders written on it.

Male K-pop lgbtq

Seventeen cr: Pledis Entertainment

While walking in an airport, Dino was seen carrying the book ‘Harmless Person To you,’ which is about a lesbian couple. S.Coups has worn much LGBTQ-related clothing, and his reaction to spotting a pride flag in the crowd must be the happiest thing that LGBTQ Carats must have seen! Plus, when the Seventeen member Hoshi was asked why they do not practice the girl crush concept, he simply replied, saying that he wanted to give a neutral feeling to his music. To say further, Wonwoo, when he was donating items to an organization that raises stray cats, he had donated a phone case with a famous quote from a gay movie! The male k-pop idols, aka the Seventeen members, are surely LGBTQ enthusiasts!

4. NCT

The Kpop boy group NCT has been slaying it ever since their debut in 2016. Furthermore, the fact they are an SM Entertainment group is enough proof of their talent. And while the agency is known for giving us some of the most talented artist, it also tends to be more on the conservative side. However, this has never once stopped NCT members from supporting LGBTQ rights and standing up for them. One of the most iconic moments was when Doyoung, during a live, talked about how a romantic relationship is possible between a boy and a boy and a girl and a girl as well.

The LGBTQ community has yet another woke male kpop idol on their side. This was not the only time that Doyoung showed his support to the LGBTQ community. He further went on to post an amazing cover of Billie Eilish’s Wish You Were Gay on his Twitter handle. Another NCT member who is an LGBTQ supporter is Yuta. He talked about transgender in Thailand and the unnecessary bullying and hatred that they have to face on a TV show. This was very brave of Yuta because the discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community mostly goes unnoticed, and to raise awareness of being a male Kpop idol requires a lot of courage. He said if we restrict people’s roles by gender, then it will stunt their potential.

Kpop idols who support LGBTQ

NCT cr: SM Entertainment

Coming up next is Ten, who never shies away when it comes to speaking about his love for queer music artists. He has also recommended a song from the brilliant movie ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ which many LGBTQ members believe has liberating powers. NCTzens feel attacked every time Ten releases a video grooving to a Troye Sivan song. Taeyong, who is a part of the NCT U subunit, is the nephew of Korea’s most prominent openly gay celebrity, Hong Seok Cheon. His uncle has taught him how to deal with difficulties and cherish the people who love and support him. Furthermore, NCT U’s ‘Baby Don’t Stop’ was featured at the official queer parade in South Korea. Xiaojun’s dad loves women’s clothing, and Xiaojun appeared on a tv show before his debut alongside his dad and brother, where they talked about crossdressing. NCT leaves no room for doubts that it is an LGBTQ supporter!

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5. GOT7

GOT7 is one of the most legendary groups, so we are not surprised that they are some of the k-pop idols who love and respect the LGBTQ community. An example would be their adorable friendship with Hong Seok Cheon, who is one of the few openly gay entertainers. They were not afraid to show how much they cared for him and did not think that his ways were weird even when their fanbase was growing. The group’s leader Jay B has recommended movies like Call Me By Your Name and Bohemian Rhapsody (he even bought their soundtracks). Jay B has also supported many openly gay artists on his Instagram like MRSHLL and Mnek, Mrshll and Jay B are also very good friends.

male kpop idols who support lgbtq


We cannot seem to forget how happy he was when holding a sign written ‘Men like GOT7 2!’.

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5. Ateez

Are we even surprised that ATEEZ is one of the male K-pop idols who stand by the LGBTQ community? Not at all! All the members, especially Hongjoong, have been vocal about their support. Hongjoong loves wearing skirts because he feels pretty in them, he wore Happie Hippe rings (supports the LGBTQ community and the homeless), he wrote Love is love on his shoes, and his sweet and wholesome reaction to an LGBTQ fan is all we need in the world are right now. Not to forget the time when Wooyoung told a male fan not to give up on his crush, who was also male. One more time that we remember was when Yunho said that Love is Love, and it does not matter who you love if you are happy!

Ateez cr: KQ Entertainment

The boy group members have been seen sporting pride flags here and there too. ATEEZ has gained attention for spreading and educating its fans on various global issues such as child abuse and touch on consent. ATEEZ are truly the best boys in the K-pop industry and some of the male K-pop idols who send an enormous amount of love to the LGBTQ community. You can find out more about the group here.

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6. Stray Kids

Stray Kids are one of the most influential boy groups in the world and have been using their power for good. Starting off with the iconic moment when they attended the 2018 New York Pride Parade, these male K-pop Idols stand with the LGBTQ community. Chan had once posted a photo of a pride flag signed by LGTQ fans showing how much he treasured it, his happiness when he found that a lesbian couple was getting married, and being gender-inclusive when he talks about relationships and him talking about LGBTQ community during pride month truly shows that he fully supports the community.

male k-pop idols who supprt the lgbtq community

Stray Kids cr: JYP Entertainment

The other members, too, have shown countless times that they are with the community. A friend of Felix, while Felix was in the survival show, talked about his kindness. He said that he has very fond memories with Felix, saying that the K-pop idol even gave him dating advice. He said that even though he is gay, Felix never looked ta him strangely and even called off the Australian kids who used to insult him. Over and over again, Stary Kids have shown STAYs that staining them must have been the best decision they ever made!

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