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Ji Chang Wook & Choi Sung Eun Talk About ‘Sound of Magic’ With W Korea

Ji Chang Wook Choi Sung Eun W Korea
Ji Chang Wook & Choi Sung Eun for W Korea

Netflix’s ‘The Sound of Magic’ will be coming out on the TV screens this summer. With the promotions going on, ‘The Sound of Magic’ stars Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun joined W Korea for an interview. Posing for the camera, the two actors gave some amazing pictures. Talking about the fantasy music k-drama, the two actors talked about what they like about the k-drama. Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun also went on to share stories from their childhood that reminded them of k-drama. Both actors felt drawn to the script as the story seemed familiar and relatable to them.

‘The Sound of Magic’ follows two high school students named Yoon Ah Yi and Na Il Deung. The two run into a mysterious magician Lee Eul as Yoon Ah Yi, and Na Il Deung try to manage their lives and problems. Lee Eul comes to help them with the magic. Sitting down with the interviews, Ji Chang Wook, who’s playing the role of the magician Lee Eul shared a story from his childhood. Reading the script of ‘The Sound of Magic,’ Ji Chang Wook felt like it was his story. The actor was able to relate to the feeling very much.

Ji Chang Wook Choi Sung Eun W Korea

Ji Chang Wook for W Korea: Ji Chang Wook is playing the mysterious magician Lee Eul in ‘Sound of Magic’

Ji Chang Woo & Choi Sung Eun Reveal Why They Chose To Do ‘The Sound of Magic’

Ji Chang Wook revealed that he was very concerned after reading about Yoon Ah Yi. Played by Choi Sung Eun, Yoon Ah Yi has to deal with poverty and debt as she takes care of herself and her little sister alone. While the poverty part reminded Chang Wook of his past, Hwang In Yeop’s character Na Il Deung worried the actor about his grades and his future. Reading the script, he could feel the stress he used to have during his teenage years in school. Ji Chang Wook shared that there was a period when things got hard for him. His family was going through a tough time. And the school stress was way too much.

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Thinking about Ah Yi and Il Deung, Ji Chang Wook feels sad and hurt. Wanted to support the two high school students even though fiction was the reason Ji Chang Wook chose to do ‘The Sound of Magic’. He also explained that the message behind the k-drama is to never forget the dreams and childhood innocence. The actors and the production team have done their best to bring out the emotions that story wants to express.

Ji Chang Wook Shares Details About His Character and How Past Has Helped Him

Talking about his character Lee Eul, Chang Wook shared that he has a fantasy-like personality. The actor thought a lot about how to express that magic and capture his tone and manners. Sharing a memory from the past, Ji Chang Wook shared that he used to embarrass things and hide his feelings a lot. Once, the actor used to hypnotize himself into showing his pain in a positive light. But going to college and meeting people, the actor realized he was not the only one having a tough time. The childhood sadness and the time the actor spent hiding have helped him grow. Realizing that everyone is going through a tough time, the actor gradually got over it, pitying himself.

Ji Chang Wook Choi Sung Eun W Korea

Ji Chang Wook & Choi Sung Eun for W Korea: The actors felt an emotional connection to the ‘Sound of Magic’.

Not just her character in the k-drama but Ji Chang Wook could also relate to Choi Sung Eun on the set. Both actors have introverted personalities. The actor himself knows how better his acting has gotten over the years. Thinking of himself as someone who knew how to open up and approach others more as an introvert, his acting expression would be better too. When Ji Chang Wook acts, his personality does a 180 and changes completely. Coming out of the introvert persona wasn’t easy for Ji Chang Wook. The actor had to change himself a lot, so he could get comfortable on set and around different people.

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Despite Changing Himself, Ji Chang Wook Puts Himself First & Wishes Good For His Character…

As ‘human Ji Chang Wook’ comes before ‘actor Ji Chang Wook,’ the actor takes acting as his work and nothing more than that. He likes to have fun at work and wants to act for a living. But it’s just a part of his life and not his whole life. Working on the sets of ‘The Sound of Magic,’ the actor couldn’t help but feel the old feelings catching up to him. Relating to the story a little too much and having sort of personal connections with the characters, the cast of ‘The Sound of Magic’ ended up crying on the set. While Choi Sung Eun cried a lot by the k-drama ended, Ji Chang Wook controlled his tears. He calls it one of his rare moments where he didn’t cry in the end.

Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun for W Korea: With ‘Sound of Magic’ ending its filming, the actors shared their personal stories and how they’ve grown.

The actor was sure concerned about the life Lee Eul would lead after the ending of ‘The Sound of Magic’. According to Ji Chang Wook, even though he’s a magician, Lee Eul is someone who views the world innocently. And for an innocent person, it’s easy to get hurt for no reason. While he’s not sure about the kind of life Lee Eul would lead after parting ways with Ah Yi and Il Deung. He wishes that Lee Eul lives without getting aimlessly hurt like that.

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Choi Sung Eun Shares How She Needs To Get Out Of Her Comfort Zone…

Choi Sung Eun also shared stories from her past. The actress has already read the webtoon the k-drama is based on. While the story and the words in the story are legit beautiful, Sung Eun could personally relate with Yoon Ah Yi too. She even received a lot of comfort from the words that magician Rieul shared with Yoon Ah Yi. Talking about her approach to acting, she revealed that she needs to move forward and change as a human and improve her acting. Choi Sung Eun shared that she can’t easily open up to others. And there have been times when she finds it difficult to communicate.

Ji Chang Wook Choi Sung Eun W Korea

Choi Sung Eun for W Korea: Choi Sung Eun is playing Yoo Ah Yi in ‘Sound of Magic’

As being reserved and not getting out of her comfort zone is only going to come as a distraction in her acting, her introverted personality has some points that Choi Sung Eun still has to work on. Slowly trying to change herself, the actress is trying to solve the aspects of her life that needs to be worked on. As Choi Sung Eun works toward great acting, she will also change as a good person and become happier. After finishing the filming of The Sound of Magic, Choi Sung Eun has been feeling really good about her future.

Playing Yoon Ah Yi, Choi Sung Eun is thankful to Lee Eul and his magic tricks. The magician has allowed the actress and her character so many things that she couldn’t even imagine. Choi Sung Eun hopes that Yoon Ah Yi lives without giving up on her dreams. And while living, she never gives up while facing the inevitable hardships. Whenever that happens, the actress hopes that she will not give in to reality.

Where To Watch ‘Sound of Magic’?

All the episodes of the ‘Sound of Magic’ will be available on the streaming platform Netflix on May 6, 2022. Releasing on the first Friday of May 2022, the mini k-drama will have a total of six episodes. Looking at the teasers of the k-drama, the fans are excited about the k-drama release. The production team of ‘Sound of Magic’ is also hoping to provide fans the escape from reality that they’ve planned.

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