Jeff Bezos Divorce Settlement: How Much Did MacKenzie Scott Got As Spousal Support?

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Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos Divorce Annulment [Credits- Getty Images]

How much did the ex-wife of the multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos get in the divorce settlement? Millions of people became interested in knowing how much Mackenzie Scott received as spousal support after the couple divorced in 2019. For everyone who doesn’t know Jeff, he is the founding father of Blue Origin, a multi-billion dollar company.

The packages you get delivered or the movies you watch on the streaming platform are founded by Jeff Bezoz as he founded the Amazon company. Jeffery Preston Jorgensen was born on January 12, 1964, in New Mexico and is a business tycoon and investor residing in Beverley Hills. Jeff finished his high-school education at Miami Palmetto High School, following which he attended Princeton University to gain a degree in electrical engineering.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos With His Family [Credits-Instagram- @jeffbezos]
Bezos began his career by working at Filtel, a start-up company, as a network builder. On July 5, 1994, one of the best online shopping platforms, Amazon, was founded by Mackenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos from a rented garage in Washington. As for Mackenzie, most people know her as the ex-wife of the multi-billionaire Jeff Bezoz, but she has her own identity.

Born in California on April 7, 1970, Mackenzie Scott, originally Mackenzie Scott Tuttle, is a famous American novelist and philanthropist. Mackenzie is known for her novel The Testing Of The Luther.

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Jeff Bezos Divorce Annulment

Well, the lovebirds turned strangers met when the billionaire Jeff Bezos was working in Manhattan for D.E Shaw, where Mackenzie worked as a research associate. Well, for everyone unaware, Mackenzie was captivated by Jeff’s laugh, and thus, she made the first move by asking Jeff out on a date. Mackenzie had her office next door to Jeff’s when the two were working at D.E. Shaw.

The love between the two blossomed as the co-workers turned into an engaged couple three months after Mackenzie asked Jeff out on a lunch date. Jeff and Mackenzie tied the knot after a year of seeing each other, and they share four children between them. The happy couple together founded the company, and to date, she has a 4% stake in Amazon. Well, if the couple was happily married together, then what went wrong between them to make the decision to divorce each other?

Well, Bezos allegedly cheated on the woman who was there for him when he literally had nothing. According to reports, Bezos shared sleazy pictures with Lauren Sanchez, his then-mistress. In 2019 the couple separated from each other, citing irrecognisable differences, and they announced it together through Twitter for their loved one’s to know. This left the public questioning how much did Mackenzie get in her divorce alimony.

Mackenzie received $38.3 B in her divorce settlement from Bezos. She also received 4% shares of Amazon. In other words, 19.7 M worth of Amazon shares was registered in her name. Following his divorce from Jeff, Mackenzie became the 35th richest woman to exist in the world. Mackenzie and Jeff had an amicable divorce, and the two continued to co-parent their kids together.

Mackenzie also received a 25% share of Amazon after the couple divorced. During their initial days as parents, Jeff relied heavily on Mackenzie to do the parenting of their kids. Now, the second question that is often asked is whether the couple had a prenup agreement before they tied the knot together. The answer to this question is no; Jeff and Mackenzie didn’t sign a prenup before marrying each other. This is the reason Jeff had to give 4% of Amazon shares to Scott.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos With Ex-wife Mackenzie Scott [Credits- Getty Images]
The divorce of Jeff and Mackenzie came as a shock to their loved ones as they were happy in their marriage. After her divorce from her former husband Scott went public, Mackenzie changed he name to Mackenzie Scott. Following their divorce, Jeff issued a statement stating he is grateful for the support and kindness Mackenzie had bestowed on him.

Due to Bezos’s alleged cheating, the happy marriage of Jeff and Mackenzie was dissolved after 25 years. As their divorce settlement Mackezie gave up her stakes at Blue Origin. Both of them have moved on from each other as Jeff is now engaged to Lauren, his then mistress-turned-girlfriend, and Mackenzie tied the knot with Dan Jewett, a chemistry teacher she met at her children’s school. The couple is headed towards divorce as of 2023. The reason behind Dan and Mackenzie’s marriage not lasting for a long time is unknown.

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