Legendary Actor Barry Newman Passes Away at 92

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Barry Newman
Barry Newman (Credits: Twitter)

Petrocelli actor Barry Newman is no more. The legendary actor left the world on May 11 at the age of 92. His wife, Angela, shared the tragic news with a US-based publication. Newman’s demise occurred due to natural causes at New York Presbyterian Columbia University Irving Medical Centre.

Newman’s wife expressed her grief for Newman’s demise and paid tribute to the actor. She mentioned that her husband was a rock to many people. Newman raised the state of their mind and allowed them to be free. She also added Newman was a genuine source of light for many, with a hilarious, incredible sense of humor that illuminated everything and everyone around him.

As per reports, Newman was diagnosed with cancer in the vocal cord in the year 2009. So his health issues impacted his acting career as well. He started to appear less on-screen. His last project was Finding Hannah, which was released last year. Also, the movie was already completed with a shoot in 2019. However, Newman got his breakthrough in 1971, the movie called Vanishing Point.

Although, the film did not achieve success overnight in the US. It gained prominent success when it was premiered in London. At that time, Newman quoted that people were queued around the block to watch. He further added with humor that he was a hero in England, and in the US, he was just a guy picking up his bags at the airport. 

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Actor Barry Newman (Credits: Fox News)

Barry Newman Early Life and Career.

Newman was born on November 07, 1930, in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother, Sarah, was born Belarusian, and his father, Carl Newman, was an Austrian. Newman completed his graduation from Boston Latin School in 1948. He had been friends with actor Leonard Nimoy since childhood. Newman played his first act as Jazz Musician in Herman Wouk’s comedy Nature’s Way. At that time, Richard Watts was a New York critic, and he praised Newman as the creme of the Jesters. After this, Newman took a prominent role in the play Maybe Tuesday, which was penned by Mel Tonkin.

Suppose you talk about Newman’s cult US action movie The Vanishing Point, which starred along with Cleavon Little and Dean Jagger. The movie was released in 1971, directed by Richard C. Sarafian. Newman played a role called Kowalski, which had a plot of terminated Ex-police persons and race drivers who had the mission of transporting a muscle car to California. While his journey will face police conspiracy, he will meet various characters along with challenges. Even Steven Spielberg marked the film as one of his all-time favorite films. However, this movie was also having a huge fan base following worldwide.

Still from The Vanishing Point Movie (Credits: New York Post)

Newman also portrayed various characters and showcased his versatile acting skills. In 1970, the movie ‘The Lawyer,’ which was based on a real-life murder charge incident. He also aced the role of Tony Petrocelli in the legal drama ‘Petrocelli.’ This drama was based on a Harvard-educated lawyer who left city life and opted to practice law in a peaceful region of Arizona. This drama aired for two years, from 1974-76. In recent times, Newman was also seen in hit TV shows like ‘NYPD Blue,’ ‘L.A. Law,’ ‘The O.C.,’ and ‘Murder.’

In addition, The Vanishing Point actor worked on various projects. Which includes The Salzburg Connection, Fear Is the Key, and City On Fire, which were popular at that time. He also played roles on TV series such as The Twilight Zone, Columbo, Touched by an Angel, and Hawaii Five-O. He also played major roles in soap operas like Barnaby Jones, which was a crime thriller series, and Guiding Light.

Overall, Newman left the world at the age of 92, but his legendary movies and contributions will remain forever. We can only pray for strength for his wife and family, who were deeply saddened by the loss. Newman’s films and his words will be admired and can impact the upcoming actors. Now he is no more, but his talent and legacy will be lived on and cherished forever.

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