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Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Moments in Attack on Titan

Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Moments
Mikasa Ackerman from AoT

Attack on Titan is one of the best examples of good writing. All characters are written with a lot of care in the series. We have seen some of the strongest female characters from the show. Characters like Ymir, Historia, Sasha, and Mikasa have great depth in them. Amongst these characters, Mikasa is the female lead of the show. From the start to the finish of the series, this character goes through a great development. Some fans believe that AoT is a story about Mikasa, from Eren’s perspective, told by Armin. And in this article, we are going to recollect some of the most iconic moments of Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa is an extremely cynical person, and this cynicism of hers formed very early in her life. Due to a huge trauma during her childhood, she started to consider the world a cruel place. Or rather, she believed that the world has always been cruel, and she was just blissfully ignorant. So she considers Eren Yeager as her savior, as he saved her during this traumatic event. He instilled some sense of hope into her about the world. As a person, she does not have any big dreams. And she only wishes to live a peaceful life. But since Eren decided to join the Survey Corps, she joined too and ended up becoming one of the biggest military assets. As the audience as well, we know that if Mikasa comes on screen, then the rest of the characters will be safe. These are our picks of the best Mikasa Ackerman moments.

5. Fight with Annie

Mikasa and Annie are the two strongest female characters in the show. Both of them got high ranks at the training corps. While Mikasa was ranked 1, Annie was ranked 4. They had a major fight amongst them during training. And we still don’t know what its result was. And later in the timeline, we get to know more about Annie. So she is a titan with intellect. She tried to abduct Eren once. But Captain Levi and Mikasa take him back with their brute strength. This was a task that several people together could not do. But the duo did it. Later, when Annie tries to escape the wall, Mikasa slashes her hands with ease, and this leads to one of her most iconic lines, “Annie, Fall”.


Mikasa prevents Annie from escaping

4. Defended Armin From Eren

Some people like to think that Mikasa is an emotionless person. But this is very far from the truth. From her childhood, we have seen her being loyal to her friends. As children, both Eren and Mikasa protected Armin from bullies. So in the 2nd episode of the series, we see Mikasa go up against Eren. And many people like to think that she is a slave to her feelings for Eren. But when Armin got cornered, she took a stand against him. Eren kept saying that Armin doesn’t have any self-respect, as he was happy eating food. Then Mikasa punches Eren to defend Armin.

3. Helped in Evacuation by Fighting Merchants

Very early in the series, we get to know that titans are not the sole problem in this world. For Mikasa, her tragic past is a constant reminder of this reality. So when the Colossal Titan appears for the 2nd time, there is chaos everywhere. Everyone runs towards their safety to the next wall. But in this scenario as well, some merchants were blocking the path. So Mikasa intimidates them to make way for evacuation.


Mikasa intimidating Merchant Boss

2. Terrified Reiner and Bertholdt

This section contains spoilers for AoT season 2. After revealing their true identities, Reiner and Bertholdt plan to escape with Eren. But unfortunately for them, Eren puts up a good fight, and he later loses this fight. So a rescue team is formed for Eren. Most classmates from the 104th Cadet Corps come, but Mikasa single-handedly lands the deadliest blows and manages to scare both Reiner and Bertholdt while just being a human.

Iconic Mikasa Ackerman Moments

Mikasa terrifying Bertholdt

1. End of Attack on Titan

This section contains spoilers about the ending of Attack on Titan. While watching the fourth season, we all know how poorly Eren treated Mikasa. But the scene of him saying that he hated Mikasa was actually to help her. From the beginning of the series, the main theme is freedom. Eren wanted to ensure that Mikasa was not bound by her feelings for him. And in the end, she finally does free herself of this. For the good of humanity, she kills Eren herself. This was a task that only someone as emotionally strong as Mikasa Ackerman could have done, which makes this easily the best out of all her iconic moments in the story.

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