How To Watch ‘Great Dance Crew’ 2022?

Great Dance Crew Streaming Details
Great Dance Crew

One of the most entertaining things to watch is reality dance shows. And right now, the Chinese reality dance tv shows Great Dance Crew is the talk of the town. What makes the competitive dance show exhilarating are the mega-popular idols who are seated on the judging panel. After seeing the names of the idols on the show, the audience was dying to know where to watch Great Dance Crew. Furthermore, Great Dance Crew is not just any other dance reality tv show. It is THE show because it started in association with the official Hip-Hop Committee of China’s Dancers Association, also known as HHI.

The main aim of the show is to provide a platform for women street dancers to rock the stage, both literally and metamorphically. Moreover, Great Dance Crew gathers female street dancers from various backgrounds. They will participate as groups, and the strongest team that makes it to the finals will be taking part in a world-class street dance competition. The show aims to also inspire the younger generation that is passionate about street dancing. If you are wondering where to watch Great Dance Crew, then you have come to the right place because we have listed down all the Great Dance Crew streaming details.

How To Watch Great Dance Crew 2022?

The Chinese dance reality show has become everyone’s favorite. And why not? The show gives a stage to insanely talented women street dancers. Not to mention it also features top favorite kpop idols as team leaders. The Great Dance Crew is also collaborating with the World Hip Hop Dance Championship. One of the four crews that end up passing all rounds will compete in a world-class street dance competition. The original broadcasting network of Great Dance Crew is Youku which has also broadcasted highly popular Chinese dramas such as Falling Into Your Smile, Word Of China, and Street Dance of China.

Where to Watch Great Dance Crew 2022?
NCT’s Ten on Great Dance Crew

You can watch Great Dance Crew every Saturday on Youku at 8:00 pm according to Beijing Time. For International viewers who are wondering where to watch Great Dance Crew, Youku releases the latest Great Dance Crew 2022 episodes with subtitles in various languages. All you need is to download the app, and you can watch the latest fan-favorite Chinese shows with subtitles in the language of your choice. Make sure you do not miss out on streaming Great Dance Crew to see which dance crew is making it to the finals.

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Who Are The Judges On Great Dance Crew 2022?

The Great Dance Crew 2022 has one of the most star-studded judge panels. Additionally, the judges act as mentors for the crews assigned to them. This way, even if the dance crew that does not get to the final round learns a valuable lesson. Not to mention gain popularity. It is truly a work of magic that TEN, who is a member of the famous Kpop boy group NCT and was previously a contestant on Street Dance China, is now a judge on the Great Dance Crew. Hosting the show is the popular Chinese all-rounder Alec Su. Moreover, this is Alec Su’s first venture as an MC. You may recognize him for his hit tv shows such as Design Of Death, All for Love, and The Suspicious.

Great Dance Crew Streaming Details
Miss A’s Fei on Great Dance Crew

Another popular kpop idol who is appearing as a mentor on the Great Dance Crew 2022 is Wang Fei Fei from JYP’s former Kpop girl groups Miss A. Fei is also winning hearts as an actress with popular tv series such as Colour The Sky and Shall We Fall In Love. Cheng Xiao, who was also a dance mentor on Idol Producer, is one of the talented judges on Great Dance Crew 2022. Last but not least is the famous Japanese dancer SANTA who was also a contestant in ‘Produce Camp 2021’. If you want to watch these talented dancers judge and also guide equally talented street dancers, then make sure to watch Great Dance Crew 2022!

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