How Much Do Horse Jockeys Earn in 2022?

Horse Racing Jockey
How much does Horse Jockey earn?

How much do Horse racing Jockeys earn in 2022 and what are the perks that come with their job? Here’s what we know about Horse Jockey salaries and growth in this field. Well, we are very familiar with Horse racing, but there are only a few who know about horse jockey. Horse Jockeys are an important part of horse racing. Any Kentucky Derby is incomplete without a Horse Jockey. But we can’t ignore the fact that not many people and fans know about the Jockeys. People only recognize the winners of the Kentucky Derby and winning prizes of Kentucky Derby every year. But recently, when Kentucky Derby 2022 was held, and Rich Strike become the winner. In an interview, he revealed about his trainer and Jockey as well. Since then, Horse Jockeys are becoming famous. And people are searching about them. When Rich revealed his horse jockey’s name, everyone got curious to know everything about the Jockey’s personal life and professional life.

Winner of 148th Kentucky Derby 2022 Rich Strike’s Jockey Sonny Leon is becoming more famous since then and more and more people are searching about him. Especially about his professional life and career. Fans are more than curious to know how much Horse Jockeys like Sonny earn and how rich they are. Well, it would be unfair if we don’t appreciate Rich Strike for introducing the man behind his success. So come, let’s dig into Horse Jockeys’ lives and know everything about their personal life and professional life, especially about their earnings. Further, we will also reveal the most trending Horse Jockeys of 2022. So continue reading the article, and you will know how much Horse Jockey earns and their net worth.

Horse Jockeys Earnings Revealed

Well, now everyone is considering horse jockeys as a backbone of horse riders, everyone is curious to know everything about their career that what actually their job is and how much they earn. So it’s finally time to answer the most asked question about Horse Racing, Jockey. That is how much Horse Jockey earns.

Horse Racing Jockey
Who is Rich Strike’s jockey: Sonny Leon?

The man behind every winner of the Kentucky Derby is none other than a horse jockey. And being the backbone of the riders and the person who travels the whole way with the horse, it becomes necessary that they must get paid what they deserve. And as far as we know, there is a fixed amount for a winning jockey that is he will get 10% of the horse’s purse at the Kentucky Derby. Let’s get to the exact figures, the winning jockey gets a total amount of $186,000. And as per the records, the average professional Horse Jockey in the US earns around $52,737 per year. Moreover, San Francisco recorded the highest earned horse jockeys with $79,630 which is on average 51% more than the US average.

And recently, Rich Strike’s horse jockey is the talk of the town because of the amount he gets paid this year. Because he was the one who believed in Rich the most. Everyone is curious to know more about the man behind the winner Rich Strike. So come, let’s flash some light on Sonny Leon’s early life and career and know-how rich he is.

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Horse Jockey Sonny Leon’s Early Life and Career

Well, begin with Rich Strike’s horse jockey Sonny Leon’s early life. He was born in 1990, and as of now, he is 32 years old. His birthplace is Venezuela. Now talking about his family, there is nothing to talk about his family as he never shared anything about his family. And his schooling information is also not known as of now. On the other hand, while talking about his career as a horse jockey. His journey has been great as a jockey.

Horse Jockey
Kentucky Derby 2022 winner is Rich Strike, and the Horse Jockey winner is Sonny Leon.

Sonny Leon began his career as a jockey in 2015, and since then, he is doing wonders in his profession. And since the beginning of his career, as far as we know, he has made around 800 victories in such a short period of time. According to him, 2021 has been one of the best years in his career. Because he finished 11th in the country in total victories. Moving further, let’s flash some light on some leading jockeys in 2022 and as per the records, Sonny’s net worth is around $400 thousand.

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