What Episode Does George Joestar Die in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

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George Joestar was one of the many characters whose deaths were heartbreaking for viewers to go through and that too just at the of the series.  A multi-decade animated series like JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure has a large cast of characters. Since the 1980s, it has been a successful manga, and by the 2010s, it had become a popular anime. The JoJo franchise has multiple narratives, but they all have one thing in common: dramatic, high-stakes confrontations with supernatural powers. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of those shows that reveals not all heroes and decent characters make it out alive. In reality, many well-loved characters die tragically young. The characters are thrust into odd and horrific situations in the series.

With so much raw strength driving the franchise, it’s a foregone conclusion that some characters will perish along the way. Strangely, Hirohiko Araki isn’t hesitant to kill off his characters and has done so on several occasions. The series contains a number of devastating deaths. The good folks may prevail in the end, but their victory comes at a high cost. When watching or reading JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s important not to grow too connected to any of the characters. Many times throughout the series, fans are forced to bid farewell to their favorite characters far too soon.

George Joestar Death

About George Joestar

George Joestar is Jonathan’s father, and after a sad mistake, he adopts Dio Brando into his family, kicking off the series’ events. He plays a minor role and appears in Phantom Blood.

George, a wealthy man, lost his wife Mary in a carriage accident in 1868, and he assumed the thieving Dario Brando rescued him and owed him a loan. Even after learning from the chief inspector that Dario was in jail for attempting to pawn Mary’s wedding ring, George refused to press charges and encouraged Dario to be a decent man for his family. Dario couldn’t comprehend George’s generosity when he gave him money for a hotel business that didn’t work out. Despite this, George honors Dario by accepting his child and ignoring Dio’s wrongdoings. When he notices Dio’s actions, he accuses Dario of it. George is a good person who is sometimes misguided.

George nurtured his only son Jonathan Joestar for the next twelve years, and despite being rough around the edges, he grew into a fine young man. George loves his son but is stern with him, especially after Dio arrived, giving George someone to compare Jonathan to in order to turn him into a gentleman. Although he punishes Jonathan with physical punishment and food deprivation, these are more a reflection of the conventions of his day than of his own nature. He demonstrates his fatherly love by stabbing himself instead of Jonathan with a fatal knife stab.

The Death 

George becomes ill eight years later. Jonathan discovers that Dio is poisoning his father and heads to Ogre Street in search of proof and a cure. After being cured and learning of Dio’s betrayal, George waits by and watches as the constables Jonathan has brought proceed to arrest Dio. As Jonathan prepares to personally handcuff Dio, George overhears Wang Chan remarking on Dio’s luck and becomes concerned that the arrest is proceeding too easily.

When Dio stabs Jonathan in the back in order to use the Stone Mask on himself, George steps between them and defends his son and in the process gets fatally stabbed. George dies in Jonathan’s grip, reassuring his son that it is preferable for a father to die in his son’s arms. The fire that destroys the Joestar Mansion later consumes George’s body.

George In His Son’s Arms

What Episode Does George Joestar Die

In the manga series, we get to see George for at least a few 11 chapters, with his death occurring in the 12th episode. However, in the anime series, George dies in the 3rd episode itself, which is named “Youth With Dio”.

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