Halo Episode 7: Release Date, Time, Preview & Watch Online

Halo season 1 episode 7 release date
Halo E07 preview image/credits: Paramount+

Halo Episode 7 will arrive next week with the promotional material teasing quite a bit about what will go down next in the sci-fi show. However, before we dive into the spoilers, let’s recapitulate what transpired the last time around. In Episode 6, we saw John confront Dr. Halsey and the lies of his past. Meanwhile, we learn that the new prisoner knows John better than he knows himself. In a truly enthralling and gripping Episode, we see a flurry of action and progress as the story unfolds several expository pieces about MC.

After confronting Dr. Halsey and wanting to learn more about his past, John negates the advice he received about the mysterious artifact. In a bid to know what his past was all about and what his origins are, John turns to the mysterious artifact. John and Makee come in contact with the artifact, following which they share a vision — of being in the Halo ringworld together. While the sixth Episode was heavy on John and his past, the next one seems to swerve from that. Let’s dive into all that Episode 7 of Halo Season 1 will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Watch Halo TV Show Online — Streaming Details

Halo Episode 7 will premiere on Paramount+ on May 5 at 12:00 am PT/3:00 am ET. That’s the streaming schedule for Halo in the United States. In Canada and Australia, the show is also available to stream on the same platform every week as per the schedule. New episodes of Halo drop on the streamer every week on Thursdays. Indian viewers can watch the show online via Voot Select.

Is there a Trailer for the Next Episode?

Yes indeed, here’s a short promo clip teasing all that’s to come in the seventh outing of Halo season 1;

Halo Episode 7 Release Date & Preview

Halo Episode 7 will release on May 5, 2022. The official synopsis for the upcoming Episode is currently unavailable, but there’s quite a bit we can see of it in the official promo that dropped a day ago. With the title “Inheritance,” the show seems to be pivoting to a story on the sidelines involving Kwan Ha. The fans haven’t exactly been positively receptive to the character.

It does raise some questions as to why the show is diverting its focus on Kwan instead of Chief. With only three more installments to go in the First Season, we expect to see more of Master Chief in the penultimate and the final episodes. Meanwhile, fans are also holding out for hope that Kwan’s storyline plays into the main plot in some significant way. So far, there have been few indications of that happening but never say never.

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