Fast X Release Date: Everything We Know

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Fast X Release Date
Fast X Release Date

Ladies and gentlemen fans of speed, fasten your seatbelts because the tenth movie of the Fast saga has officially a release date. The Fast X release date is here and we’re sharing with you all the details! That’s right, Dominic Toretto and his crew is back once again for more high-velocity shenanigans and outrageous stunts all over the world! And we’re sharing with you everything we managed to scoop up from the web today!

The upcoming Fast and Furious movie has a definite release date, and now that covid is on the rearview mirror, that means no more delays —and certainly no more troubles. Hell, you might not even get to wear a mask at the cinema, depending on where you live!— We have good news, and we have some bad news concerning a cast member who won’t be returning for the movie. So buckle up because it’s going to get a bit fast here! Let’s begin!

Fast X Release Date
Vin Diesel will be back again as Dom Toretto

Fast X Latest Updates

Firstly, the official title for the Fast and Furious tenth movie isn’t Fast and Furious 10, they rather changed it to a Roman numeral. In consequence, the official title is Fast X. Secondly, the movie will be split into two parts. That’s right, the final installment of the Fast saga will pick up that trend started by Harry Potter, and followed by Twilight, and The Hunger Games! This means that Fast and Furious 11 might simply be Fast X part II.

Fast X Part II Won’t Be The Last Fast & Furious Movie

Here’s an interesting development, while Fast X has two parts, it won’t be the —final— final installment, as the developers of the franchise plan to release Fast & Furious 11. It’s confirmed to the press by both the producers and by actor Vin Diesel. The details on how they’re going to work that story-wise are entirely on their part.


We have some updates on the cast as well! Firstly Brie Larsen —whom you might remember for her role as Captain Marvel—and Daniela Melchior —whom you might remember from The Suicide Squad— is joining the cast. On the villain side, Jason Momoa —Khal Drogo from HBO’s Game of Thrones— is confirmed to be the movie’s main antagonist in these two upcoming movies.

Cardi B Joins The Cast!

Also, rapper star Cardi B is joining the cast as a character named Leysa. On the downside, Dwayne Johnson won’t reprise his role as Hobbs in these movies. Moreover, it’s up for grabs if Jason Statham makes a comeback as well as Deckard Shaw.

The Usual Suspects

On the regular cast we have confirmed that all the Toretto Clan is back. That means that Vin Diesel —Dom—, Michelle Rodriguez —Letty—, Jordana Brewster —Mia— and John Cena —Jakob— is confirmed. Also, the comedy relief of Chris Bridges and Tyrese Gibson are back. As well as Sung Kang, Charlize Theron, Dame Helen Mirren, and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Fast X Release Date
Sadly, Dwayne Johnson will not be back as Hobbs

Fast X Release Date

Fast X will release on May 19, 2023. Firstly, the movie was originally scheduled to release in April 2023. But after a few major changes —most of them driven by the COVID-related delays— the movie got pushed back a month.

Production Details & Heavy Competition

The movie will be directed by Justin Lin, making this his sixth Fast and Furious movie under his belt. Additionally, the script was penned by Chris Morgan, who also is involved in the —yet-to-be-announced Hobbs & Shaw sequel. Also, on another point, Fast X part I coincides with another big summer release. “Mission: Impossible 7” makes it a big competitor for the summer blockbusters. Who will win that battle?

Take into consideration that Marvel Studios isn’t also far behind. As to when is the production company dropping Fast X Part II, we have no official information. The first part is in production right now. With this information, we are putting a conclusion on our coverage of this Fast X update. Thank you for reading Otakukart. And please keep coming back to our front page to stay on top of the latest developments on all your favorite series, shows, and movies. See you soon.

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