Farming Life In Another World Anime Adaptation Announced

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Farming Life in Another World Anime announced

Japanese Anime as a whole has become popular around the world, and every minute there is a new announcement regarding it. All sorts of anime series have appeared lately, and some of them are surprisingly super good. However, few of those who don’t meet up the expectations are removed from the watch list. In recent times, we all have noticed a rise in the isekai anime series. Lately, there are so many isekai anime series that we have overlapped their plots. An isekai anime series is one that takes us into an adventure of the protagonist that is strangely sent to a new world. A light novel that has caught the attention of anime watchers is Farming Life In Another World.

Anime like “Life with an Ordinary guy,” “Ascendance of a Bookworm,”” In the Land of Leadale,” “Moshoku Tensei,” and a lot more are currently very popular in the Iskeai genre. Now, adding up to this list, a new anime has been announced. ‘Farming In Another World’ is going to get an anime adaption. This is nothing more than pure joy to those who love to watch isekai anime. Now, they will get another series to binge. However, before reaching any conclusion, let’s get into its depth.

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About Farming in Another World

Farming in Another World, also known as Isekai Nonbiri Noka, is a Japanese series that was released as a novel. The novel was written by Kinosuke Naito and was published by Shosetsuka ni Naro. It was released on 29th December 2016 and is still ongoing. Later, a light novel series was adapted from this, which was illustrated by Yasumo. It was published by Enterbrain publication and was released on 30th October 2017. Till now, the light novel is ongoing and have released in 11 volumes.

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A manga adaptation of the Light novel was illustrated by Yasuyuki Tsurugi and was published by Fujimi Shobo. An English version of the manga was published by One Peace Books. The manga was released on 9th November 2017 and till now has been collected into eight tankobon volumes. It was initially serialized online in ComicWalker by Kadokawa. Later, it got a paper print in Fujimi Shobo’s magazine, Monthly Dragon Age.

Farming Life in Another World
Farming Life in Another World


Since it is an isekai anime series, it will follow the basic plot that defines it as one of those. It goes around a man named Hiraku who died in the normal world. However, progressing the plot, God has resurrected him and sent him to a more peaceful fantasy world. Hiraku died of a very serious illness, but God gave him another chance at life and sent him to another world, all new and healthy. He was asked for his choice, and he chose to be a farmer. Fortunately, the man has this very good communication ability through which he easily befriends anyone. Other than this, his charming looks are enough to make him popular among women.

In order to proceed with a peaceful life in that world, too, he carved out a farm in a lone forest. In the middle of the Forest of Death, he lives alone but soon gains the attention of people. People are drawn to him, fascinated by the fact that he got the guts to live alone in the dangerous forest. Now, people started to visit him and have a meal with the things he grew up in at his farm alone. Due to them being grown with the help of an enchanted tool, they taste delicious. Other than this, an isekai anime is not finished without a girl, and in this one, too, many girls develop a crush on him.

Farming Life in Another World Anime
Farming Life in Another World Anime

Farming Life In Another World Anime Announced

The announcement regarding the anime of Farming Life in Another World is exciting for the fans of manga as well for isekai lovers. At first, it sounds like a pure rumor, but on 29th March 2022, this was made official by the creator. As per the announcement, the manga Farming Life in Another World is getting an anime adaptation. However, as of now, no other things have been disclosed. We can expect further updates on it as soon as the production of the anime begins. Other than this, if you want to follow the manga until the anime is released, you can take a look at the 12th volume of the manga that will be out on 31st March 2022.

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