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Exclusive Interview – Maruco Cosplays

Cosplay, or costume play, is a kind of performance art in which performers, known as ‘cosplayers,’ use fashion accessories and costumes to impersonate a fictional character in order to express themselves. Cosplayers interact to form a subculture, and the word “cosplay” may also be used to refer to role-playing. In cosplaying, you need to know the character in and out to represent that character in social media or any other platforms. It comes along with the need for various art forms, be it makeup, stitching, and then building up the energy of the character. We were eagerly in search of cosplayers who could help us get connected to the world of cosplaying. Our eyes were set on Maruco and her precise yet gracious cosplays.

Born on 24th February, Maruco is a South Korean cosplayer and an eager dog lover. Even though she is from Korea, she is pretty fluent in English and Japanese. What’s even more impressive is that she is self-taught in Japanese. Her fascination with Tokyo Revengers is clear from the number of cosplays from the anime done with absolute perfection to details. Amazed at her creativity, we did write her an email for an interview, and fortunately, she mailed us back with a positive response.

Maruco’s soothing and cheerful personality radiates throughout her interview. Having talked to her, we have realized that she is not simply talented but also one of the sweetest and most humble people. If you like the interview, make sure to add her to your social media accounts and stay tuned for more interviews. It would be much appreciated if our interview helped folks learn more about her as a person as well as a creative cosplayer. Her demeanor is a joy to be around.

Question: Before getting into the interview, would you like to introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi, my nickname is Maruco, and I’m from South Korea.

Question: Hi Maruco, could you tell us what made you choose your profession as a cosplayer?

Maruco: I always had low confidence. When I was young, I was not sure about my face. So I was afraid of what other people would think about my face. One day, I went to an event about cosplay with my friends by accident. Then I saw all the cosplayers entering the event, and they looked so bright and confident. Afterward, I respected them and started cosplay to be like them.

Question: As a cosplayer, what are the challenges you face that are unknown in our society?

Maruco: Appearance evaluation and stalking. I had a really hard time dealing with it.

Question: You have had several experiences as a cosplayer. So what do you think was the most unforgettable experience where you felt your profession serves as an inspiration to many who are struggling to express themselves?

Maruco: Sometimes I got some loud DMs, and they said, ‘I saw your cosplay, and I started it!’ ‘I had low self-esteem, but when I saw you, I screwed up my courage, and I will try doing cosplay!’ Those were my most memorable things. And I was moved by the letters. I cried a little, just a little bit.

Question: Maruco, having played so many inspirational characters. Could you tell us what your motivation is behind becoming a cosplayer?

Maruco: As mentioned above, I was inspired a lot by cosplayers at the venue and Korean cosplayers on Twitter. They are really amazing.

Question: Cosplaying involves a lot of effort, starting from makeup and then perfecting the energy of the character. With all these hurdles, did it ever make you think of trying something else other than cosplaying?

Maruco: Yeah. I’ve thought about it a lot. I think many responses and likes are significant for my creation. I worked hard on it; if there’s no response, then I feel really sad. So sometimes, I want to give up.

Question: So tell us something, what part of cosplaying do you find amusing?

Maruco: I love producing props for my films. I was happy that I could express my imagination through pictures.

Question: Among the various characters you have played. Could you tell us about the characters you had a tough time creating?

Maruco: I recently cosplayed Draken from the Tokyo Revengers anime, and it was really hard. I had to get my hair ready in 2 hours, and I used glue for bald cosplay. I got a wound on my skin when I took it off after filming, lol.


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Question: Well, now that we have asked you loads of questions about cosplays. Now tell us your favorite anime or TV Shows?

Maruco: Recently, my favorite animation is the Tokyo Revengers.

Question: Other than cosplaying, what other hobbies interest you?

Maruco: Design, music, and taking pictures.

Question: On doing numerous cosplays, have you taken a liking to a certain particular kind of character? If so, what part of them makes you like them more than the others?

Maruco: I don’t have anything special. Usually, I do cosplay for my favorite characters.

Question: What future cosplays are you anticipating creating in the near future?

Maruco: I’m planning to be a ‘Haruchiyo Sanzu’ and have a team shoot it. I think it’ll be fun.

Question: When it comes to cosplay, what is your favorite part? Do you have a particular reason why you’re so invested in it?

Maruco: I think it’s a good thing that I can try on clothes of various characters. I like fancy clothes.

Question: Your cosplays have gained an enormous amount of recognition and love. What would you like to advise the aspiring generations of cosplayers?

Maruco: Think your way is always right. And ignore (anyone) who attacks or evaluates you. I hope you have a great time with other people when you do cosplay.

Question: Now that we have come to an end to the interview. Would you like us to link your social media accounts?

Maruco: Yes, I’m active on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter.

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