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Eren Yeager vs Naruto Uzumaki: Who Will Win In A Fight?

Eren Yeager vs Naruto Uzumaki

Eren Yeager and Naruto Uzumaki are two of the most popular names in the anime world. Eren is the central character in the hit show Attack on Titan, while Naruto is the lead in the Naruto series. Attack on Titan is a massive hit. It is the only anime alongside Deathnote, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and Hunter x Hunter to have an IMDb of 9 or more. On the other hand, Naruto Shippuden has an impressive IMDb score of 8.8. But these IMDb scores are not the only thing that determines whether an anime is good or bad. Eren from Attack on Titan and Naruto from its self-titled series has left a lasting impact on the fans. So it is natural for the fans to wonder about an Eren vs Naruto fight.

We will look into this very fight and its aspects. Both Eren and Naruto are very strong characters in their universe. They both have a few things in common. They both lost their parents at a very young age (Naruto, without a doubt, wins here). Both Eren and Naruto were very weak and relied on their hard work to get better over time. They have had their struggles and proved everyone wrong who doubted them ever. They have a few differences, though. Naruto had some legendary teachers in the form of Jiraiya and Kakashi, while Eren did not have any significant presence of a teacher. Keith Shadis taught Eren only for a brief amount of time.

Anyways, let’s jump into the analysis of the Eren vs Naruto fight!

About Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the protagonist of Attack on Titan. He is the 2nd son of Grisha Yeager. He had a normal life until his hometown was attacked by the titans. Eren saw his mother dying at the hands of a titan. Since that day, he swore to wipe out each and every titan off the world. After finishing his training, Eren achieved one of his dreams of joining the Survey Corps. After retaking the Shinganshina district in an epic battle, Eren goes to the mysterious basement his father had hidden. There he learns about the war between Marley and Eldia and all the truth regarding the same.

eren vs naruto

Eren Yeager in AoT season 4

After touching Historia’s hand, Eren realizes something. He sees the whole past and future, which affects him a lot. It changes him completely, and he becomes indifferent to others. Eren has 3 titans with himself. The Attack and Founding titan he got after eating his father. He gained the Warhammer titan after eating Lara Tybur. Fans have been wondering about what Eren wants to do since the start of the final season of Attack on Titan. His character has become a mysterious one. Eren is the protagonist, but at the same time, many fans believe he is also playing the antagonist.

Powers of Eren Yeager

Eren has many titan powers at his disposal. These powers can really help him to make a stark difference. The attack titan is very sustainable. Warhammer titan gives Eren powers one cannot imagine. It creates a hard layer that cannot be pierced by anything. Eren’s founding titan is probably the strongest ever titan. His founding titan is very big, like really very big. We all have seen how massive a colossal titan is. Those very colossal titans look like an average short titan in front of Eren’s founding titan. This can be troubling for our beloved Hokage of Konoha.

eren vs naruto

Eren in his titan form

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About Naruto Uzumaki

Uzumaki Naruto dattebayo! These are the words that an anime fan will never forget. Naruto will forever be in every anime fan’s heart. The way Naruto achieved his dream after going through all the stuff is just plausible. He lost his parents on the day he was born. He only came to about his parents’ identity after a very long time. Naruto’s first mission was an eye-opener for him. Seeing Haku die, Naruto made his own ninja way and vowed to become the strongest shinobi ever. And to the joy of all the fans, he did it in the most stunning way possible. He fought alongside the world’s greatest ninjas, defeated a godly villain, and ultimately saved his friend. Naruto’s story is something we’ll never get tired of.

Attack on Titan

Naruto Uzumaki

Powers of Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto has an extremely big arsenal as compared to Eren. The very basic ability of his is the classic shadow clone Jutsu. The next powerful ability he learned was the Rasengan, taught by none other than Jiraiya (sobs in the corner). Naruto also has the summoning jutsu and the powerful sage mode. Fans have been wanting more of Naruto’s sage mode ever since his fight with Pain. Maybe if this fight gets animated in the future, we might be able to witness it. Going on, Naruto has the Rasen-shuriken. Then comes the Kurama chakra mode, tailed beast mode, tailed beast bomb. Following all this is Naruto’s one of the strongest ever forms, the Sage of Six Paths mode. Now comes another ability of Naruto, which is one of the most powerful in anime history, the Baryon mode. Naruto’s Baryon mode debuted last year only when he fought Isshiki Ohtsutsuki.

eren vs naruto

Naruto in Baryon mode

Analysis Of The Eren vs Naruto Fight

The fight will begin with Eren transforming into his titan form and Naruto using the shadow clone. Naruto would send the clones forward to distract Eren while hiding himself in the back to attack him with a Rasengan. I don’t think a mere Rasengan would even move Eren. So for this, Naruto might activate his Kurama Chakra mode. This might bring fight a little bit on equal terms. Eren having the Warhammer titan, can easily repel any attacks of Naruto.

We’d see both Eren and Naruto pulling off some powerful moves in the final stages of fight. Eren might transform into a founding titan or may continue his titan form. Also, a point to note is that, as seen in the raid of Marley, Eren can transform three times at once. On the other hand, if Naruto goes Baryon mode or even the Sage of Six Paths mode, his chakra will drain rapidly. Especially in the Baryon mode, as Kurama stated, it is very hard to keep it going. Naruto could not keep it for much longer and ultimately almost died.

We can easily expect Naruto to hold on to Eren’s three continuous transformations. The fight would end when Eren is back in his human form. Eren, in his human form, does not have much physical combat abilities. And as we’ve seen in Naruto Shippuden’s final fight, Naruto was able to fight Sasuke even after being drained out of his chakra. If the battle goes to physical hand-to-hand combat between Eren (in human form) and Naruto (without any modes), Naruto would ultimately win.

That is our analysis of the Eren vs Naruto fight. We’d like to hear if you think that a different outcome can be there.

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