Why Did Zenitsu Get A Sparrow? The Only One to Receive a Sparrow Instead of a Crow in Demon Slayer

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Why did Zenitsu Gets Sparrow?
Zenitsu and Chuntaro (Credits: Ufotable)

Many Demon Slayer fans wonder why Zenitsu has a different bird from everyone else. In Demon Slayer, we know that every demon slayer is given a Kasugai crow. They come in handy for delivering messages from the demon slayer crop to the demon slayer. They often speak to their owner and carry/share important information from place to place.

However, Zenitsu is the only one in the demon slayer crop who gets a sparrow instead of a crow. And you might be wondering why Zenitsu got a sparrow instead of a crow. But now don’t have to worry because, in this article, we will cover everything about it in detail.

The Kasugai crows are mysterious aid to the demon slayer crop, and the crows actually have their own storied history for why they are helping out the demon slayers. Each of these crows is raised by the head of the Ubuyashiki family and given their own name in their childhood. However, they tend to use their second name when they get assigned to a demon slayer. 

And usually, they stick to that name even if the demon slayer dies. They are really filled with personality and actually meet up when they are not vacant to tell stories about their mission or complain about their master. And for some reason, they like they really love to pick up on Zenitsu’s sparrow.

Why did Zenitsu Gets Sparrow?
Zenitsu and Chuntaro (Credits: Ufotable)

Some Rare Facts about Kasugai Crow

Kasugai crows have quite a detail. Genya’s Kasugai crow is named Hashibami, and despite the fact that Genya attacked him when they first met, it was extremely rude for his bird. Hashibami doesn’t get along with Tanjiro’s crow, so this helps the two get along.

Then we have Mitsuris’s crow Urara, who matches Mitsuri’s style of a headpiece that Mitsuri handmade for her that Urara secretly dislikes. However, it’s said that the crow is well known to have a sweet tooth and never misses out on having tea time with Mitsuri, which strengthens their bond.

There are many details about the other crows, and few things have been revealed about them. Like Sanemi’s crow is apparently fast from the other crow. And we also have Gyomei’s crow Zekka, who constantly keeps the Stone Hashira updated on someone who needs help.

Why did Zenitsu Gets Sparrow?
Chuntaro and Matsuemon (Credits: Ufotable)

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Why did Zenitsu Gets Sparrow?

Zenitsu gets a sparrow because it matches his personality since he is not confident with his abilities, he underestimates himself, as he is always afraid of demons, which is why he mastered only one form of thunder breathing technique, which is similar to the sparrow ability to not speak. There is also a theory that Zenitsu got a sparrow because of his sensitive hearing since crows are very loud.

However, that doesn’t make them weak in the demon slayer crop. In addition, the sparrow symbolizes good luck, kindness, and community, which are the qualities that Zenitsu needs to further improve as a demon slayer.

Since you don’t know, those who clear the final selection exam are assigned a massager bird who matches their personality. Usually, the demon slayers are assigned a crow, which forms an integral part of communication between the demon slayers and the demon slayer corp.

Why did Zenitsu Gets Sparrow?
Zenitsu and Chuntaro (Credits: Ufotable)

Chuntaro is the Kasugai crow who gets assigned to Zenitsu after he passes the final selection exam. However, the sparrow’s real name is Ukogi, but he was nicknamed Chuntaro by Zenitsu. But don’t you dare think that Chuntaro is a common sparrow? The truth is that Chuntaro has a sad background.

In the past, sparrows were also used as the messaging bird by the demon slayer crop. But one day, demons killed all the sparrows except Chuntaro. All his family members were killed by the demons. So Chuntaro enrolled himself in the demon slayer crop to do what he could to help. And later, he was assigned to Zenitsu since their personality quite matches.

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