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Dragon Ball Super

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 81 Spoilers: Gas Faces off Against Goku

Dragon Ball Super chapter 81 Spoilers
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Spoilers

Another month and another time has come as fans are waiting in anticipation for the next Dragon Ball Super chapter. Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 was a big roller coaster ride as we get an insight on Gas, his past, and his thought process. Not to forget, Granolah started with power and almost defeated Gas until Elec entered the scene. Urging Gas to unleash his full strength, Elec unveils a Trump card up his sleeve. With his true power unlocked, Gas goes berserk. Gas has been drawing in quite a bit of attention as an antagonist, and needless to say, the build-up has been quite overwhelming so far. We did get to read some great fights accompanied by brilliant illustrations. Luckily enough, we got our hands on the Dragon Ball Super chapter 81 Spoilers to give you a headstart into the next chapter.

With Gas’s superior power, we are more than curious to know how the trio with Monaito will defeat him. With his recent evolution, he has built spaces for doubts regarding the (usually certain) victory of the three characters. Much like we had expected, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Goku in the upcoming chapter to make up for the lack of Goku content in the past few chapters. To add to the hype, the amazing illustrations might just be enough to make up your weekend.

While we wait for the latest chapter, Dragon Ball Super chapter 81 Spoilers are out, and here is a quick summary to get into the excitement before the chapter’s official release.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Spoilers

Chapter 81 of Dragon Ball Super is titled ‘Goku’s Conflict’. The chapter opens with Goku and Vegeta struggling against Gas’s increased gravity. Elec pushes Gas to kill them. Granolah z, who had previously been left unconscious by Gas, dashes towards Elec to punch him. However, the latter is saved by Elec. He tells Granolah to be grateful since he was the one who had saved him. Granolah says nothing but continues to attack him. Gas interrupts and breaks Granolah’s arm and also destroys his eyes. Elec shoots him, and he falls into the river. He then turns to Gas and tells him that they need to get done with this fight since there’s another important task that needs to be done. This foreshadows that something huge is about to happen.

Meanwhile, Vegeta gives all his energy to Goku so that he can fight Granolah. Goku is angry but tries to remain calm since he understands that an angry mind can be a hindrance to him.

Dragon Ball Super manga

Granolah: Dragon Ball Super

Goku warns the villains to leave one last time. When they don’t, a fight between Goku and Gas breaks out. Goku gets hit by a train and stumbles on top of it. Amidst the fight, Gas claims that even if Goku is the son of Bardock, he does not have the spirit of survival. Goku tries but cannot overpower Gas as he gets thrown into the river.

Gas Vs Goku on Another Planet

Goku faces moments of doubt about his abilities but continues to fight. Meanwhile, Monaito is trying to save Granolah by healing him. When Gas sees him, he rushes to kill Monaito for his healing ability can prove to be a hindrance ahead. But before he can harm Monaito, Gas is teleported to another planet by Goku. The two prepare to fight. Goku tries to mock Gas and succeeds in instigating him. Once instigated, Goku then teleports to another planet as Gas follows him there.

The chapter closes, foreshadowing that the next chapter will feature another intense battle between Goku and Gas.

Dbs spoilers

Dragon Ball Super manga cover

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 81 Release Date

Following the big war between Granolah and Gas, Goku and Gas break into a battle in the chapter. As Goku fights him, he is accompanied by self-doubt of sorts. Dragon Ball Super chapter 81 will be released on 20 February 2022 at 20:30 hours. You can read the manga’s latest chapters on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app. We strictly recommend the use of official websites to read the manga to make sure we support the original creators.

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