Dokev: Release Date, Gameplay and Platform Availibility List

What is the release date of Dokev? Dokev is an upcoming highly-anticipated video game. Game lovers out there are so curious to know about the released date of the open-world video game. The official gameplay trailer of the video game has made everyone crazy. From every part of the world, from small to large, gamers are waiting for the release of the game. You will find plenty of videos about the game on YouTube that shows its popularity it before even its release. In fact, many fans are even asking about the release date on several social media platforms.

But not a single official person replied yet any quires. Gamers have gone crazy for the much-awaited video game which is similar to the game Pokemon. Dokev has become now one of the most talked-about video games of this year. Its trailer has shown how’s the video game to be incredible. By just looking at the trailer, you will go to fall in love with the game.


The gameplay is so interesting and worth it to play. Dokev video game has really captured millions of hearts of diehard game lovers, aka, gamers only by its trailer. Its popularity on Social Media is enough to say that it will be a rocking hit. And also, Dokevr will set a new record in the game industry. Everyone is super excited for the game to be officially released. That’s the same reason why they are continuously asking about the release date of Dokev. Now the wait is all over. Otakukart is all here with your problems to get solved. In this article, we will discuss the official release date of the highly anticipated video game.

Dokev Official Release Date: All About The Brand New Game

Dokev, the most anticipated video game, has set a release date sometime in 202r or beyond.

Initial reports suggested that Dokev would officially release in 2022. But the developer and producer of the game Pearl Abyss confirmed in a correction to VentureBeat’s article that the team is targeting a release of the game for sometime after 2022. In short, the game is available for the game in 2023 or beyond. No matter what actually happens, it’s going to be a long wait for any new gamers eager to play the open-world video game of Gamescom.

The good news for gamers is that the team has at least finally confirmed Dokev would be available to both PC and consoles. Though what console developers mean is another matter – the game certainly looks interesting enough to only be on the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, and a 2023 release date will mean that by then a lot more people will have those new consoles with them.

The producer and developer of the game Pearl Abyss also confirmed that Dokev is no longer an MMO like its previous game Black Desert Online, which is how the game was announced originally. Instead, the game is an open-world action-adventure game – although it may possibly still have multiplayer elements, which Pearl Abyss doesn’t introduce yet.

For those who are excited to play and cannot wait until 2023 for Dokev, Nintendo has Pokemon Legends: Arceus coming out in January 2022, which is also an open-world creature-collector game — albeit one exclusive to Nintendo Switch — and has finally added the ability to ride Pokemon into battle. Don’t you think it is an exciting game too?

What’s The Gameplay Like In Dokev?

While Dokev is an open-world monster-collecting game, there’s so much happening in the busy world characters inhabit. The official trailers of the game show off a myriad of things, paying very little attention to Dokebi at all. Fishing is possible in the game, which was also included in both trailers, and even kite flying.

It even looks like there will also be a way of creative freedom in the game, as the latest trailer shows a character setting down some interesting poles with a hammer. Ultimately, gamers can only speculate about trailers, gathering all the information they can from the limited number of visuals available.



Like any other popular game, this open-world video game is also available on multiple platforms. From PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox series X, Xbox Series S to Microsoft Windows. You can enjoy this game on whatever platform you prefer.

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