League of Legends patch 12.1: All The Patch Notes

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League of Legends patch 12.1

Developed by riot Games, League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena video games. Since its release back in 2009, this game has a huge active player base. Like other popular games like Genshin Impact, Lol is also a free-to-play game, which is the reason for its active player base. The game makes money through monetized content such as purchasable character customization. The game is a team vs. compact team style where each team contains 5 members, where they combat and occupy their area of the map while also defending against it. This article will be looking in detail at the League of Legends patch 12.1.

Each player can choose a character known as a “champion. Each champion has its unique abilities as well as different styles of play. While in the match, you can increase the champion’s power by collecting experience points. Not only that, but the players will also earn gold which can then be used to purchase items that can be used to increase the defense against the enemies. The game contains many game modes wherein one mode is called Summoner’s Rift. In this mode, the team can win by pushing through the enemy base and destroying their “Nexus’. Nexus is a large structure located within a team’s defense area for those who don’t know.

League of Legends patch 12.1
Screengrab from League of Legends trailer

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League of Legends patch 12.1 Release date

League of Legends patch 12.1 has already been released on January 5th, 2022, for all players. The 12.1 patch marks the beginning of the Season 12 of the game. With this update, the developers have made some changes, such as adjustments to champions and items, as well as added two new Elderwood skins to the game.

League of Legends patch 12.1 TFT

Now let us look at what all have been the changes made to the latest update of the game after the latest patch by looking at the league of legends patch 12.1 notes. With the latest patch notes, the main changes in the champion buff are Diana’s increased ability power ratio from 40 to 50% in Passive mode, and Monster damage has been drastically increased to 300% from the previous 250%.

League of Legends
The main changes in the champion buff are Diana’s increased ability power ratio

Gangplank has also received a revision in his abilities. While in Mana, the cost has decreased by 5 for all items, and the cooldown time has been decreased to 4.5 seconds from the initial 5 seconds. As for Championship Nerfs, Rek’Sai ‘s E Furious Bite has been increased and can now cause an additional 5 damage from the previous patch with an 85% bonus.

Rel’Sai’s E Tunnel cooldown now has increased from 1-6 seconds for different values. For Sona, her E cooldown now has been increased to 14 seconds instead of 12. Other Champion changes and adjustments include Rengar getting a big change at some point in the future, as the developers have pushed the 12.1 patch as part of their bigger plans for the game.

League of Legends
Rel’Sai’s E Tunnel cooldown now has increased from 1-6 seconds for different values

Even though these changes were announced back in mid-August, the changes haven’t still taken into effect. But a major change to Rengar is in the plans. As of now, the developers are trying to solve the bugs and want to make the game more stable before making huge changes to the game, and this is the reason for the patch updates.

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As for the changes made to other characters, let us look at Sona. Lately, the community complained that Sona had been overperforming in skilled play, so the devs have capped some of her powers slightly, reducing her durability and ability cast frequency. Now her Armour growth is only 3.3 instead of 3, and the E-Song of Celerity cooldown has been increased from 12 to 14 seconds.

Updates to Items in LOL 12.1 patch

Other than the character updates, the 12.1 patch of LoL has also brought updates to the game. Eclipse, which, even though was overall weak, is still the strongest lethal mythic before the preseason. With the new update, Eclipse’s ever-rising moon cooldown time has been increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.

Players complained that the Force of Nature’s payout was a bit too hard to achieve due to the stack duration. Not only that, it’s also not also as strong as its counterpart, Spirit Visage. With the next update, the devs are adding more force to make it the heavy magic resist item. And as part of that, the Absorb stack duration is now 7 seconds instead of 5, and Sissipate magic damage reduction has been increased to 25% from 20%.

League of Legends
Eclipse, which, even though it was overall weak, it’s still the strongest lethal mythic before the preseason.

Even though the Immortal Shieldbow’s job is to make the marksmen and fighters immortal, but according to the dev’s it seems to be a bit too much, so the latest update has focused on toning down some of its aspects, such as attack damage from 55 to 50 and Lifeline shield has been decreased between 275-650 based on level from the 300-800 range.

Like many other items, Wit’s End has also received a cut-off in its powers, and now the build path is changed from Hearthbound axe + Null-magic mantel + Long Sword + 750 gold to Hearthbound axe + Null-magic mantel + Pickaxe + 675 gold. Along with that, the magic resist is now 40 instead of 50. As for the changes in the Summoner spells, the teleport spell has been getting some changes.

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The reason for that is the frequent Teleport fights in bot lane. This is bad for the bot laners and affects the mid players who also lose out on their ability to do laning skills in the same way. Not only that, but Teleport spell has also been also often complained to crowd out other summoner spells.

As part of taking things under control, the devs have made some reshaping by tempering its offensive capabilities early. The teleport cooldown time has decreased from 420-120 seconds range, which was previously dependent on the levels, to 360 seconds on all levels. The devs have also added an unleashed teleport ability where the teleport spell can only be used on allied towers.

League of Legends
Immortal Shieldbow’s job is to make the marksmen and fighters immortal, but according to the dev’s it seems to be a bit too much

This is similar to the Season 2021 teleport, where after the tower planting fails at 14 minutes, the teleport transforms into the unleashed teleport, and this can be used to target allied towers, wards, minions, and cerian allied constructs not only that the unleashed teleport cooldown time will be 240 seconds.

Summoner’s Rift Ranked Split 1

The 12.1 patch also makes the beginning of the Summoner’s Rift Ranked Split 1, where the exclusive rewards are VEx Summoner icon, Vex champion Permanent, Vex emotes, and Series 1 eternal capsule. The devs have confirmed that there will be changes to the Apex tier Decay, where the changes will mainly take place in Season 2022.

These changes are to correct the misplacements and improve the matchmaking experience. These changes are only applied to Apex tiers where diamond decay rules won’t be getting changed in this season. The Banked days for apex players have been increased to 14 days from 10, and the decay rate has been reduced to 75LP per day. Not only that, the Apex decay floor has been increased to Diamond II.

Visual changes after the League of Legends 12.1 update

According to the ranked identity and game lobbies, this update promises to bring visual changes according to the ranked identity and game lobbies. Ranked armor has now been transformed into ranked crests. You can see these changes in your profile, ranked page, game lobby, and friend’s list.

The Ranked crests now also get ambient magic, which we suggest you check for yourself. The loading screen has also got a new update to match the new ranked crests and several parts of the UI, which has got the visual rearrangement treatment for better clarity.

New Forge God Clash Tournament

For the celebration of the ranked season 2022, the devs have introduced a god clash tournament with special forged gold theme rewards, which includes 3 trophies, banners, and 5 team logos. The Forge gold clash tournament is set to take place on the weekend. Players can start team formation on January 10, and matchmaking will start from January 15th and 16th. The forge god clash tournament won’t be a part of the regular clash season, but you will still be able to earn Forge god-themed rewards with no effect on to Clash VP track.

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