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Dead Poets Society Ending Explained: What Happens To The Boys After John Keating Resigned?

Dead Poets Society Ending Explained
Dead Poets Society Ending Explained

Firstly, Dead Poets Society is a movie that tells the story of a group of boys who attend an all-boys boarding school. The boys are taught by John Keating, an unconventional teacher who encourages them to think for themselves and find their own voice. The film follows the boys through their high school years and culminates in a tragic event that changes their lives forever. In this article, we will explore the Dead Poets Society movie ending.

Dead Poets Society starred Robin Williams as John Keating and Ethan Hawke as one of the students, Todd Anderson. The movie was set in 1959 at an all-boys boarding school called Welton Academy. The boys are taught by strict teachers who adhere to traditional teaching methods. However, John Keating is different. Let’s take a look at the movie’s denouement.

Dead Poets Society Ending Explained

The students at Welton Academy

Dead Poets Society Plot

Todd Anderson began his junior year of high school in 1959 at Welton Academy, a Vermont all-male prep school. Richard Cameron, Knox Overstreet, Gerard Pitts, Steven Meeks, and Charlie Dalton are among Welton’s most promising students, and he is assigned Neil Perry as his roommate.

From the start, they are taken aback by the new English teacher, John Keating’s unconventional teaching methods. Keating, a Welton alumnus, encourages his students to “make your lives extraordinary,” a sentiment he encapsulates with the Latin phrase carpe diem, which means “seize the day.”

An Unconventional Class

Following that, they were instructed to take turns standing on his desk to demonstrate different ways of looking at life, to rip out the introduction to their poetry books that explains a mathematical formula for rating poetry, and to make up their style of walking in a courtyard to encourage individualism. Gale Nolan, the strict headmaster, is taken aback by his methods.

The Society Is Formed

Neil restarts the unofficial Dead Poets Society after learning that Keating was a member at Welton. He and his friend sneak off campus to a cave where they read poetry. Keating’s lessons and involvement with the club encourage them to live their lives on their terms as the school year progresses. Knox is after Chris Noel, a beautiful cheerleader dating Chet Danburry, a local high school football player whose family is friends with him.


Despite his overbearing father and Thomas’s desire for him to attend the Ivy League, Neil discovers his love of acting and is cast as Puck in a local production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Todd emerges from his shell and realizes his potential after Keating guides him through a self-expression exercise that culminates in him writing a poem spontaneously in front of the class. In the name of the club, Charlie writes an article in the school newspaper demanding that girls be admitted to Welton. Charlie resists Nolan’s attempts to coerce him into revealing who else is a member of the Dead Poets Society.

Dead Poets Society Ending Explained

Carpe Diem!


On the eve of the opening performance, Thomas discovers Neil’s involvement in the play and demands that he leave. Devastated, Neil seeks counsel from Keating, who advises him to stand firm and show Thomas his genuine passion for acting. Thomas shows up at the performance unexpectedly. He takes Neil home and informs him that he has been dismissed from Welton and accepted into a military academy. Neil kills himself because he doesn’t have any support from his worried mother.


At the Perry family’s request, Nolan investigates Neil’s death. Cameron blames Neil’s death on Keating to avoid punishment for his involvement with the Dead Poets Society, naming the other members. When confronted by Charlie, Cameron advises the others to let Keating bear the brunt of the blame. Charlie is kicked out after punching Cameron.

Nolan takes over teaching the class after Keating is fired to stick to traditional Welton rules. Keating takes a break from class to gather his belongings. Todd tells Keating that the boys were pressured into signing the document that sealed his fate, and Keating assures Todd that he believes him. Todd is threatened with expulsion by Nolan. “O, Captain! My Captain!” Todd exclaims as he rises from his desk, prompting Nolan to threaten him again. To Nolan’s chagrin and Keating’s delight, the other members of the Dead Poets Society (except Cameron) and several other students in the class do the same. Keating departs after thanking the boys.

Dead Poets Society Trailer:

Dead Poets Society Ending Explained

The Dead Poets Society movie ending is open-ended, and it leaves many questions unanswered. What happened to the boys after John Keating was forced to resign? Did they continue to meet secretly and keep the Dead Poets Society alive? Or did they go their separate ways and never speak of the Dead Poets Society again?

We may never know what happened to the boys after the events of the Dead Poets Society movie, but we can speculate. It is likely that the boys continued to meet in secret and keep the Dead Poets Society alive. This is because the Dead Poets Society was more than just a group of friends; it was a way of thinking and living. The boys had been taught to think for themselves and to find their voice, and this was something that they would not easily forget.

The Dead Poets Society movie ending is sad, but it is also hopeful. The boys have been through a lot, but they have also learned a lot. They have learned to think for themselves and to find their voice, and this will help them in the future. No matter what happens to them, they will always have the Dead Poets Society to remember.

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