City of God Movie Ending Explained: How the City Was Saved?

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City of God Ending
City of God poster

If you are also a Crime thriller movie lover, this one is for you! This movie is one of the oldest yet greatest movies. It is an adaptation of a novel that got published under the same name in 1997. The writer of the novel Paulo Lins wrote about real-life events that happened in his life. The City Of God ending is quite shattering and shocking. Those who have watched the movie know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t watched the film yet but wish otherwise.

The city of God is a Crime film produced by Andrea Barata Ribeiro and Mauricio Andrade Ramos. The story revolves around two boys who adopt different paths after being raised in a Sadistic Neighborhood. The movie got released in 2002 in Brazil. However, after seeing its popularity, the film got aired worldwide in 2003. The director Fernando Meirelles gained enormous appreciation from everyone around the world. Probably for shooting such a fitting City of God ending.

City of God Cast and Awards:

It isn’t always about how good the film got directed or how good the script was. Most of the film’s movie success rate relates to how good the acting was & after watching the City of God’s cast acting skills. We know why the movie is called a Masterpiece. The city of God cast consists of Phillipe Haagensen, Alice Braga, Alexandre Rodrigues, Sue Jorge, and Leandro Firmino da Hora. Despite the cost of making, i.e., $3.3 million, the film earned a great sum, that is $30.6 million.

Maybe these are the reasons why the movie got many prestigious awards. Some of them were British Academy Film: Best film Editing Award, British Independent Film Award, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, & more. Although, the film got nominated for many other awards. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. In this article, we’ll explain the City of God ending and more, so keep reading!

City of God Plot:

The story revolves around two boys who cross paths in the past & swear never to see each other again. Although, God had other plans for them. In the 1960s, three thieves, Shaggy, Clipper & Goose, altogether known as Tender Trio, decide to rob a motel after getting a suggestion from a young boy Li’l Dice. The gang mostly robs the business owners and shares the profit with the society who saves them from the police. The Tinder Trio has the rule to scare the people, not kill them. 

City of God ending
Tender Trio with Li’l Dice

While robbing the motel, Li’l Dice was on the lookout. After getting a false warning from Li’l Dice that the police have been notified, the gang is in chaos. When the real police are after them, Clipper joins the church while Shaggy is killed by the cop while escaping. Goose tries to run away with the money, but Li’l Dice shoots him while his friend Benny watches. Till the 1970s, everyone’s lives have changed. Rocket, brother of Goose, has started to make a living from his passion that is photography. 

Li’l Dice has changed his name to Li’l Ze after setting up an empire of Drugs with his friend Benny. They became the biggest drugs dealers after killing every other drugs dealer & joining hands with Carrot, Benny’s friend. On the other hand, Rocket is in love with a girl, Angelica However, his attempts to confess his feeling fails after getting disturbed by another criminal kid popularly known as The Runts. 

City of God Ending
In between the movie scene

Li’l Ze takes no time to take over Carrot’s Apartment, known as the Drug Distribution Centre, and convinces Blacky, Carrot’s manager, to work for him instead. Coincidently, Rocket comes to the apartment to get some drugs for Angelica. However, after seeing Li’l Ze, his first instinct is to murder him, but he decides not to do it. After a while, peace gets maintained in which Benny and Angelica’s affairs take off. They decide to start a new life together, far away from here. 

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City of God Ending Explained:

While Benny was leaving with Angelica, he and Li’l Ze got into an argument. Blacky decides to exploit the situation to kill Li’l Ze but accidentally kills Benny. After this incident Blacky is murdered by Carrot, who is being chased by Li’l Ze Men later. The war takes place between Li’l Ze and Carrot, which continues for more than a year. Rocket publishes photos of Ze and his gang. After being asked to click pictures of them, Rocket gets scared for his life as he thinks Ze might be offended by his actions. 

City of God Ending
Rocket capturing Li’l Ze picture

However, Ze is happy after getting the media’s attention and asks Rocket to take more pictures of him. When he is preparing to click Ze’s picture, the carrot gang arrives & they begin fighting. Meanwhile, the police arrive and decide to arrest the Carrot to show him off to the media. While the corrupted cops take Li’l Ze all money and let him walk out. However, Rocket captures the exchange of money moment between the cops and Ze. Although, he’s scared to publish them as it’ll make his life more difficult. The cops won’t leave him & Ze’s gang might kill him. 

In the meantime, Ze gets murdered by The Runts, who later take over his empire. After a while, Rocket decides to publish Ze’s dead body pictures, which act as a booster in his career life. He gets an internship at the newspaper and moves from his past life. Meanwhile, The Runts are making their plan work by killing all the drugs dealers in the City of God. Rocket decides to save his future rather than take revenge. In the end, Karma takes care of everyone who did wrong. With this type of the City of God Ending, the Audience was left in shock and loved the movie. 

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