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    Luffy Is Going To Destroy Fishman Island In One Piece

    It has been prophesied by Madame Shyarly that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island but before that I will be discussing the road to Raftel and One Piece and how it all ties with why Luffy will destroy Fishman Island. It all starts with a simple question why did Gol D. Roger travelled twice the Grand […]

  • dragon's real identity


    Monkey D. Dragon’s Real Identity

    There are many theories about Monkey D. Dragon and how he was an admiral prior the Revolutionary Army and today we will be discussing one of those theories. Most anime and manga have a relation to mythology and One Piece follows one too. In One Piece we have 4 seas, North, South, East and West […]

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    11 One Piece Characters Who Has Awakened Devil Fruits

    On my last post, I explained the Awakening and how it might affect different devil fruit types and talked about One Piece characters who officially had an awakening. Today I will be discussing 11 Devil Fruit Users who had an awakening. We all know how Oda like to foreshadow and leave small hints to upcoming events. […]

  • what does d means in one piece


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    The Real Meaning Of D. In One Piece

    In today’s post you will know the real meaning of what D stands for in One Piece. It has been bugging me all these years every time I hear the D. I have tried and tried on researching what it means until I re-watched the Dressrosa Arc and the final phase of the battle between […]

  • What is Devil Fruit's Awakening

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    One Piece: What is Devil Fruit’s Awakening

    Today we will be discussing the awakening in One Piece. This is a topic which is not fully understood and not explained a lot in the series, let’s start off with what does awakening mean? In our daily life, you might have heard of awakening in yoga. Awakening is not becoming more powerful, unbeatable or […]

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    Is It Possible To Have Water Devil Fruit?

    In this segment, we will be discussing the possibilities of someone yielding the Water Devil Fruit power. The answer is both yes and no, let’s head into it and start off with why this is a good possibility.   Well first off, we need to understand the cycle of the Devil Fruits and their counterparts. […]