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    Where Do Admiral Fujitora’s Scars Come From? Explained!

    Issho Fujitora is one of the two new Admiral who took the place of Aokiji (who resigned) and Akainu (who was promoted to the charge of Fleet Admiral); we know that he joined the Navy because he would fight against the strong corruption deep-rooted in the Government and also because he doesn’t agree with the […]

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    One Piece – The Truth Behind The Florian Triangle

    Among all the countless mysteries we can find in the world of One Piece, today I’m gonna analyze the one about the Florian Triangle and introduce you my theory about it. The first time we saw that place has been before the Thriller Bark arc: in that moment, the Mugiwaras found a barrel floating in […]

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    Top 10 One Piece Unknown Bounties

    As we all know, in the world of One piece there are a lot of really strong pirates who have incredible bounties; on the contrary, there are also some pirates who are even stronger than those mentioned before but we don’t know anything about their bounties. For this reason, today I’m gonna introduce you a […]

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    The Water Devil Fruit Could Definitely Exist – Explained!

    In the world of One Piece there are a lot of different Devil Fruits. We all know that they can give people a lot of strength and make them really powerful, but those people who eat Devil Fruits are weak against water. In addiction, during One Piece story, we saw a lot of different powers […]

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    The Secret Behind Luffy’s Strength

    Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy has pulled off some unbelievable stunts. Be it a high ranking naval Officer, or a Shichibukai, Luffy has gone toe to toe with the best of them and turned impossible odds in his favor. But how exactly did this meat loving Captain gain such powerful strength […]

  • One Piece Live Action TV Series Approved Oda One Condition


    One Piece Live Action TV Series Approved By Oda Under One Condition

    Everyone gets nervous when Hollywood wants to take Japanese anime and try to convert it and readapt the medium into another one. The one we all fear, is live action. After multiple disappointed films ranging from the worst (Dragon Ball Evolution) to somewhat tolerable (Death Note), live action has been a risky task however it […]

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    What Are Admiral Fujitora’s Real Powers?

    After the nomination of Akainu as Fleet Admiral and Aokiji’s dismissal, one of the two the vacant positions of Admiral was taken by Issho Fujitora. As we saw in the Dressrosa Arc, he’s certainly one of the strongest characters ever, especially thanks to his power which allows him to control gravity also by using his […]

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    4 Possible Devil Fruits Eaten By Gol D. Roger – Theory

    We all know that the most famous pirate ever is Gol D. Roger. Despite his fame, Roger was also known for being incredibly strong, so much to have been able to reach Raftel and discover the truth about the Void Century, besides being named “Pirates King”. At this point, what were his powers when he […]

  • One Piece VR Game Launching In 2018

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    One Piece VR Game Launching In 2018

    As One Piece gains popularity in the manga and anime and industry, it is growing in the gaming space as well. In Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine, the latest issue revealed that the new One Piece VR Game will be launching in 2018 in Japan so far! So without further ado lets get to it! To begin […]