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    Top 8 Worst Fathers Ever In The Anime World

    We all know that watching anime is not a good source of tips for inspiring parents. Who want to have parental tips that they can apply to their children. The anime world is full of anime characters that are unfortunate enough to have no family from the start. But there are more unfortunate characters who […] More

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    Top 7 Rokka No Yuusha Strongest Characters

    7 – NASHETANIA LOEI PIENA AUGUSTRA Nashetania is the first princess of Piena. She’s the Saint Of Blades, which means that she can create multiple blades with her rapier. She can use them offensively as projectiles or make them raise from the ground to impale her opponents. She can also use the blades defensively by […] More

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    Top 10 Most Badass Anime Swordsmen

    10 – SHIMAZU (DRIFTERS) Shimazu is the main protagonist of the series. Amongst the three Drifters in the group, he’s the most willing to help the elves. He uses a nodachi and he has been seen carrying a wakizashi. He used to carry a tanegashima, which he uses only when his swords are unusable. 9 […] More

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    Two Dragon Ball Fusions That Should Never Happen

    Fusion has been an important part of the Dragon Ball world for quite some time, as it has helped with countless enemies since it was introduced early in the Buu saga. The results of fusion are outstanding, with the fighters in Vegito, Gogeta, and Gotenks being incredible warriors. However, there are just a couple of fusions […] More

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    A Sad Truth About The New Konoha Genin In Boruto

    The Boruto Naruto Next Generations series has been heavily criticised since it began, with the distaste for the series only increasing as the anime continues to move slowly. However, over the past couple of weeks. That criticism has only increased further, as we have seen the new Team 7 and the other Konoha genin struggle against the Byakuya […] More

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    One Punch Man – Top 10 Strongest Heroes (Anime)

    10 – PURI-PURI PRISONER Puri-puri Prisoner is the S-Class professional hero who is ranked as 17th in the Hero Association. He owns an immense strength, due to his huge muscles, which give him also the possibility to use an enhanced speed. In addition, he can use the almost mortal attack called “Angel Style”. 9 – […] More

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    Bleach – Top 8 Strongest Attacks (Anime Only)

    8 – HIKOTSU TAIHOU (RENJI) Hihio Zabimaru fires a dense blast of concentrated spiritual energy from it’s mouth. This takes a substantial amount of energy from Renji, and usually breaks the segments out of formation in the aftermath. 7 – GETSUGA TENSHOU (ICHIGO) At the instant of the slash, the Zanpakuto absorbs, condenses Ichigo’s Reiatsu […] More