Chapter 69 ended with Shikamaru barely managing to hold his sanity and proposing to Eida a way that will mutually help Konoha and both of them. Despite being completely captivated by Eida’s powers, Shikamaru is trying to negotiate. He is well aware that no one is immune to Eida’s jutsu, so he asks Ino to stop Naruto and Sasuke from arriving at any cost. What plan has he come up with to escape this impossible situation? We will find that out in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 70.

Meanwhile, Kawaki is still unaware of the situation. Well, he is physically fit and has already awakened from his seemingly eternal sleep. Naruto decided not to get him involved, so he left Kawaki behind under the care of Sumire. It seems that Konoha can’t completely rely on the new generation of shinobis, and the grownups have shouldered the responsibilities to protect the village again.

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers And Speculations

Boruto manga Ch 70 will continue with the negotiations between Shikamaru and Eida. I am guessing that Shikamaru will ask her to change sides in exchange for handing over Kawaki to her. Since Code is already under Eida’s genjutsu, there’s no way he can defy her will even if she betrays him. Moreover, we will find out the relationship between Amado and Eida. I am pretty convinced by the theory that Amado is Eida’s daughter, and he turned her into a cyborg to save her life. It’s clear from his expressions that Amado has no clue that Eida is still alive.

Eida is Amado’s daughter

Meanwhile, it’s just a matter of time before Kawaki figures out the turmoil in the village. He will slip past Sumire’s invigilation and will show up on the battlefield. He is the only one who can turn the tides of the battle as he is the only one immune to Eida. The raw scans and spoiler of Boruto Chapter 70 aren’t out. They generally surface 3-4 days before the chapter’s official release. So, be sure to check back on Monday, May 16, 2022.

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Boruto Chapter 69 Recap

Chapter 69 starts with a brief fight between Eida and Delta before Delta gets completely captivated by Eida’s powers. Meanwhile, Amado is awestruck to see Eida alive after so many years. Thanks to Ino’s jutsu, Amado conveys everything he knows about Eida’s powers to Shikamaru. However, it’s already too late for him to change anything. It seems that not even a polished shinobi like Shikamaru can reject Eida’s supremacy.

Shikamaru makes a dangerous offer to Eida

A few hundred meters away, Sasake returns from his surveillance and chats with Boruto about what happened. He didn’t expect that Kawaki would go as far as killing Boruto for the sake of Konoha’s safety. Moreover, Sasuke blames no one but himself for the situation turning this bad. He asks Boruto to keep his headband as a token of apology from his side. Well, Sarada gets jealous to see his father prioritizing Boruto over her. She acknowledges the fact that she must grow a lot stronger to take down an Otsutsuki-level threat.

Coming back to the ongoing fight, Shikamaru is the only one who somehow managed to keep himself sane before Eida. He paralyzes Eida with his classic shadow possession jutsu and tries to negotiate with her. He bluntly claims that there is a way in which both Eida and Konoha will be benefitted, thereby convincing her to hear out his plan.

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date

Boruto manga Chapter 70 is expected to release on Thursday, May 19, 2022. New chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are dropped on or around the 20th of every month. The manga is currently exploring the powers, and the backstories of the newly introduced villains, so don’t miss out on any chapters.

Where To Read Boruto Chapter 70?

Boruto ch 70 is free to read on various online platforms like viz media, mangaplus, and Shonen Jump’s official website. The last three chapters are free to read, but you must switch to a paid subscription to read the entire catalog.

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