Best Tsuyu Asui Quotes That Will Freshen You Up

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Best Tsuyu Asui Quotes
Best Tsuyu Asui quotes

“It’s ok that you are here to read my quotes, but call me Tsu”. It is not a real quote out the mouth of Tsuyu Asui, but this is the common and familiar one. Kohei Horikoshi has introduced us to a variety of characters who have everything different from each other. I know it is common in every anime series to witness a wide range of characters with different personalities and powers. But we never even acknowledge how creative or intelligent is the writer. How wide is his perspective to make so many fictional lives which have their own personal opinions and thoughts? Thanks to this brilliant mind of our beloved author, today we are going to know even more about a character from  My Hero Academia. As mentioned in the very first line, it is none other than Tsuyu Asui, but you better call her “Tsu”.

The anime series we are talking about here is My Hero Academia, also known as “Boku no Hiro Akademia”. The Japanese manga series was drafted and demonstrated by Kohei Horikoshi. The manga series was originally published by Shueisha. It has been published since 7th July 2014, and its status is still one going. After getting a very wonderful response that it deserved to receive, an anime adaption of the manga was also released. The anime series was produced by Bones Studio and debuted on 3rd April 2016, and it is also ongoing. I don’t need to introduce the series any further because it’s one of the top shonen anime, and it is obvious everyone is very well aware of it. So, let’s move on to some “Best Quotes stated by Tsuyu Asui”.

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About Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui is better known by her hero name “Rainy Season Hero: Froppy”. Don’t worry I will explain the reason behind the resemblance of her name “Froppy” with a frog. Just like the protagonist of the series Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu is also a student at U.A. High School and a classmate of Midoriya in Class 1-A. Along with every classmate of hers, she is also training to become a pro hero. Tusyu Asui is a very cute-looking-slender, short heightened girl. Just like any other girl, she is very beautiful, but the things that make her different are her hands.

As compared to her classmates, she has notably bigger hands. Other than this, the most noticeable feature about her look is her very wide mouth which resembles very much like a frog. Some of her features really have similarities with a frog, she has large black eyes with only prominent lower eyelashes. The most important trait of her personality is being very straightforward. Her habit of speaking her mind out with equal bluntness makes her fan’s favorite. Although her name is Tsuyu, she preferred to be called “Tsu”. When someone doesn’t call her like that, she doesn’t hesitate to remind them again and again. As for her abilities, she has proven herself to be a very capable person. Her quirk grants her abilities, just like a frog. Her ability of hers makes her a master of both close and far range combats.

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Tsuyu is also a very intelligent being that scored 6th place in the mid-term exams that shows her excellence in academics. During the USJ incident, she showed her analytic side, which is also evidence of her being a pure genius.

Best Tsuyu Asui Quotes
Tsuyu Asui – My Hero Academia

Best Tsuyu Asui Quotes

After a long, long introduction of both the series and the character, we are finally here to get moving with the matter of our concern. The best Tsuyu Asui Quotes that have been mentioned below are among those quotes which are either very popular or used very often. Each quote mentioned above has its meaning and explanation just below it. All these quotes and based on the English Dubbed anime series, may or may not be a direct translation of the Japanese version. These are from the plot that has been released till now.  So, stick to the very end of the article to know each and every quote that your favorite “Tsu” has used in the whole series.

“We’re all still in shock over Bakugo’s kidnapping… so we have to think about this calmly.”

The quotes mentioned above are from the recent chapters and episodes. As we all are aware of the events that are taking place in the anime recently. We can easily point out that Tsuyu is talking about that matter only. In the recent episodes, it was revealed that Yuga Aoyama is the traitor that lead the League of Villans to interfere in U.A. High School. Not only this, but he also helped them to kidnap Bakugo. Upon this shocking news and revelation, Tusyu Asui reacted using the upper quote. As everyone, including Tsuyu herself, was shocked about Bakugo’s kidnapping, they can’t sit still before rescuing him. It is quite normal and a part of human behavior to run errands when a previous thing or any loved one goes missing.

Although kidnapping does not happen every day with everyone, unfortunately, if one day it happens, one should think about their actions calmly. The most important thing, you are no superhero like Tsuyu, so better contact the police.

“It doesn’t matter how righteous our feelings are.”

Yeah, it sometimes doesn’t even matter how right our feeling and intention are. Sometimes we can’t just go ahead and make a move without thinking twice. We have to wait, think about the particular thing almost a hundred times than after consulting some genius, we should have the step. This is the very thing, Tsuyu is talking about here with her classmates about not running errands and thinking calmly before going to rescue Katsuki Bakugo. At this point in time, they can’t only rely on their personal feelings and emotions. Being a good hero, they have to consider everything intelligently before making a move. As their friend is under the custody of the enemy, one wrong move can cost them the life of their friend.

This is not only for her classmates, this is a very “inspirational” quote for all those people who don’t think twice before uttering something, or making a stupid move, just because they feel it was right to do.

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Best Tsuyu Asui Quotes
Tsuyu Asui – My Hero Academia

“Cut it out! Only people who are my friends can call me that!”

Here, we prefer to get called by our first name rather than someone referring us by our surname, here is our Tsuyu throwing tantrums for getting called by her first name. Although her behaving like this is justified according to the Japanese culture. In Japanese culture, people are like to get called by their last name by some stranger. It is used as a token of respect towards the person being called. Whereas the first name of the person is used by the people who are very close to them. In the case of Tsuyu, she is stating this line to Himiko Toga, who just called her out by her first name. But our Tsuyu doesn’t like to get called by her first name unless the person calling her is one of her friends.

We can’t comment on these quotes any further if it was right of her to react like this or not. Tsuyu herself is not ok with it, then it’s not Ok.

“If we start another fight…if we break the law…then we’re no better than the villains!”

A few moments ago, we were talking about being righteous and not doing things based on our instincts. The quote above is also related to the kidnapping of Katsuki Bakugo. When everyone in the U.A. High just wanted to act among their instinct or reflexes to the situation like this here, our Tsuyu is sharing words of wisdom. Regarding this situation, Tsuyu doesn’t want anyone to just go ahead and rescue Bakugo because in this way, there will be many things that are going to come in the way. They have to start a fight, but they can’t do this because, like this, they will break the law, which might harm the normal life of common people. They all can’t work like this because in this way, they can’t be better than villains.

When you are a hero, you have to think regarding everything before acting because this is the way heroes do. Stay calm and think about all the possible consequences that might contribute to achieving the task but might harm many people in the process.

Best Tsuyu Asui quotes
Tsuyu Asui – My Hero Academia

“Ribbit, ribbit”

The most common thing you are going to hear from Tsuyu is “Ribbit, Ribbit”. Thanks to her frog quirk, she acts like one cause, why not? Tsuyu “ribbiting” every time looks so cute that it made many fans start ribbiting out of nowhere. She ribbits almost every time she speaks something, but it doesn’t get annoying. This is the most suitable behavior for someone having the quirk of a frog. Other than just ribbitting around, Tsuyu loves the rainy season, which is again reflection of her quirk. This simply shows that the quirk of every person in the world of My Hero Academia is not simply their superpower but also a reflection of their personalities. Not only do their personalities make up their quirks, but their quirks equally reflect upon their persons and day-to-day activity.

“Tokoyami, let’s come up with a plan”

Fumikage Tokoyami, also known as Jet – Black Hero: Tsukuyomi is one of the classmates of Tsuyu Asui. The Tokoyami mentioned in the quote above is this gentleman. The quote is stated in quite a serious tone. In this, Tsuyu is asking Tokoyami to come up with a plan together so they can work upon it. It is not clear in what context they both are talking or about what they are planning. But it is evident that this is something Tsuyu will always do, being a very intelligent and analytic being. Just like the other quotes above, Tsuyu just doesn’t want to make unorganized moves and then face harsh consequences. She wants to make precise moves, matching with her motive and not taking every step with caution to not make things more worst.

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I think this kind of behavior clearly shows Tsuyu being very organized and disciplined. This kind of attitude is something to which we all should take some inspiration. As sometimes taking actions without thinking can make the table turn.

Best Tsuyu Asui quotes
Tsuyu – My Hero Academia

“If we become unable to move, then this would be the only way to win”

Just like the previous quotation, this one is also a serious one and wants to be stated between a battle. The battle is not clear, though, but Tsuyu here again trying to come up with a plan or something. If we refer to the statement above, without regarding the context, we can see that Tsuyu is directing her comrades towards a plan or strategy. This is possible that they might have decided on some plan to tackle of situation if things go out of their hands. “When we get unable to move, then switch to another plan”, something like this can be the context of this quotation. This not only shows that Tsuyu is a literal genius that always comes up with a plan but also shows that she is not going to give up easily. Even if she can’t move anymore, she will not stop moving ahead and leading others too with her.

“I told you to call me Tsu”

Now, this is the time of the most epic quotation by Tsuyu, everything is good buddy, but she told you to call her “Tsu”. The legendary quotation and her straightforward way to tell everyone to not call her Asui or Tsuyu, just call her Tsu. She is very concerned while being referred by someone. She always takes care of how the person is calling her. If the person is a close friend, then they better call her Tsu, and if the person is not that close, they better call her “Asui”. Even in situations when there is some serious going on, she always comes up with “I told you to call me Tsu” and you better remember this. Otherwise, Tsuyu will not hesitate to remind it again and again until it enters your dumb brain.

“Let’s talk quirks, I’ll go first if you want”

This is a statement from between a battle. To be precise, Tsuyu stated this at the beginning of a battle while introducing herself to the enemies. Such a kind and formal gesture, I see. Here she preferred to talk about the quirks first before starting a fight. She talked about how her quirk works, how her tongue goes long, strong, and thick. She can skip, hop, and can stick to walls every camouflage herself. She can also stretch her tongue to around 20 meters which is strong enough to pick up a whole person. With the help of her quirk, she is also able to produce an acidic mucous that can induce itching, scent masking, and even paralysis. All these abilities of her make her a very capable and strong character of My Hero Academia.

Best Tsuyu Asui Quotes
Tsuyu Asui – My Hero Academia

“you are creeping me out, stop it please”

Well, this statement doesn’t fit Tsuyu, but we can’t deny that she has stated it herself. She stated this to Midoriyo when he freaked out and started blabbering with himself. Tsuyu creeped out and said him to stop acting like this. Even though Tsuyu is not someone who gets this feeling of getting creeped out easily, but this time it was Midoriya who made her feel like this. This was quite a comical scene and one of the funniest Tsuyu scenes. I must say that she has good comic timing, and the whole series of My Hero Academia would have been boring without her.

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