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Best Manhwa Similar To Teenage Mercenary That You Should Read

Manhwa similar to Teenage Mercenary

Manhwa has made fans go crazy with their epic artwork and storytelling method. Here we bring you the best Manhwa similar to Teenage Mercenary. So let’s begin. Let’s start by talking about Teenage Mercenary. The story revolves around Ijin Yu, who, at the age of eight, loses his parents in a tragic plane crash. He is now stranded in a foreign area and is now forced to live a life as a child mercenary. It’s after ten long years our main character decides to get back to his home to reunite with his remaining family in Korea.

Life in Korea is shown to be quite peaceful, with a full belly and shelter for everyone. But this peace is quite a folly as Ijin learns that his life as a teenager is yet another survival test. Just one year is left for him to complete his high school, and he has to master new tactics to maneuver to survive through the battlefield.

Now that we have a gist of the show, you have an idea about what kind of Manhwa are listed here. These manhwa have the gist of survival to it. Other than that, we also have the elements of fantasy, supernatural, and suspense that bring these Manhwa series to this list.

So without further ado, let’s see some of the Manhwa series similar to Teenage Mercenary:

1. God of Blackfield

This Manhwa series goes around Kang Chan, who is one of the best soldiers in the French Foreign League, and was feared by the name “God of Blackfield.” But one particular mission brought him to death’s door as he witnessed his teammates die beside him.

Manhwa similar to Teenage Mercenary

God of Blackfield poster

But his story does not end here as he wakes up three years later in the streets of Korea in a new body, but one similarity here is that his name is also Kang chan, and he was a college student. In his new journey, he comes across the traitor who was the reason why his teammates died and the reason for his second life.

The similarity between this series and Teenage Mercenary Is that both Yu Ijin and Kang chan get a second chance in life. Their character design and storyline are quite unique but eye-catching.

So, if you’re going for a Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then you should go ahead and read this webtoon.

2. Weak Hero

The story shows the location of a school filled with bullies who rule the place, and students are afraid of them. These bullies come in as a group and start tormenting the weaklings in the class.

Weak Hero Still from manhwa

But after our main protagonist, Gray, arrives, everything seems to be changed. The character looks to be small but is huge when it comes to fighting. In all seriousness, no one should take him lightly.

While the story for both these webtoons has a unique start, the remaining is quite similar. The protagonist has to deal with bullies in both scenarios, and both of the main characters have quite an overwhelming aura to them.

These two series have quite a dark similarity to them, but it is quite enjoyable for the fans. So if you are going for a Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then you should go ahead and read this webtoon.

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3. Noblesse

The story of this animated manhwa series follows Rai, who wakes up after a long 820 years of sleep and learns that he has started a new life as a high schooler. His loyal servant in past memories has turned into his good friend Frankenstein, but stills stay by his side all the time. Even though he desires a peaceful life, he gets attacked by mysterious attackers. So the question is, what will he do to find peace.

A character from Nobless

In this, the similarity between the two manhwas is that the main character is a high schooler and is in between a World filled with action and fantasy. Here the main is similarly quite powerful to that of the Teenage Mercenary. The two have badass qualities, which are to die for. So if you are going for a Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this should be one of your go-to webtoons.

4. Metropolitan System

The story follows Jiang Bai, who falls to his death in an accident, and his soul is transported to a new world. To his and much of the viewer’s surprise, he is just in a parallel world being himself and, to be precise, a pathetic version of himself. Another interesting fact is that this world has cheats. And using these cheats, our protagonist has the chance to make a comeback.

Manhwa similar to Teenage Mercenary

Metropolitan System Poster

Well, the only difference between the two manhwas series is that this one does not go around millitary actions. This does have a similar aspect to the rebirth shown in Teenage Mercenary, but in that Yu, Ijin didn’t die. The artwork done for this series is quite commendable, and it just gets better as you go through the chapters. So if you are going for a Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this should be one of your go-to webtoons.

5. Rooftop Sword Master

This series has a touch of uniqueness but has a few aspects similar to Teenage Mercenary. Here our main character Neung Kwang is shown as a victim of serious bullying where once he was beaten up by 8 of his classmates and went into a coma due to shock. It is after nine months that he wakes up and finds himself in another tragedy as his father commits suicide in an attempt to get justice for him.

Manhwa similar to Teenage Mercenary

Rooftop Sword Master

In a fit of anger and rage, the weak, helpless boy turned into a beast and became unstoppable after an ally came in a shape of a sword. This was not an ordinary one as it looked like a gigantic blade was given to him by God himself to boast his will to avenge his father. The MC of this series has quite similar traits to that of Yu Ijin. While both of them turn from weak to strong in the series, the only difference here is that this series has a hint of fantasy to it which is lacking in Teenage Mercenary.

Well, if you’re on a hunt for Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this should be one of your go-to ones.

6. Solo Leveling

This next story shows Sung Jin-woo, who used to be an E-class hunter, but his life turned upside down after he encountered an incident inside a dual dungeon. Our main character had a dull past where everyone found him as a weakling, and he was made fun of him for being such a weak human being.

Manhwa similar to Teenage Mercenary

Solo Leveling Poster

Solo Leveling, in our opinion, has many aspects that are a lot similar to Teenage Mercenary. The only thing different here is its fantasy concept that turns heads towards this series. Rest everything like having overpowered MCs, their character evolutions, and so on are quite matched and similar for both the series.

If you still haven’t read it, you are missing out on one of the big-time Manhwa series. And if you want a Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this should be a must-read on your list.

7. The Beginning After the End

This Mahwa Series shows King Grey, who was one of the most powerful beings in his world, but suddenly he meets his end and gets reincarnated into a new world that is loved and filled with magic. Here one of the differences is that our main character reincarnates with his memories intact and maturity intact. In this new life, he finds love and is also has to bear a great responsibility to protect the one he loves.

The Beginning After the End poster

Although TBATE is more like a fantasy and isekai theme, which has a combination of manhwa to it, it still feels like it gives out similar vibes to that of Teenage Mercenary.


While Teenage Mercenary is one of the best Manhwa series out there, having the best storyline, main character, development process, ups and downs, the antagonist, there are still many similar Manhwa storylines that could change your minds. The series mentioned above does have some aspects of the story, but we promise that you will find them fresh and interesting when you give them a try. They are worth every second of your time. In this list, we have some of the series that go around revenge plots, and some also include imagistically overpowered main characters.

Where To Read Manhwa?

You can read all of the above Manhwa series on the platform Webtoons in high quality.

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