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Best Chinese Dramas Available on YouTube

Best Chinese dramas On Youtube
Best Chinese dramas On Youtube cr: Getty Images

Chinese Dramas on Youtube are the best cure for your boredom. Lately, Chinese Dramas have become very popular, and rightfully so. The dramas are short, funny, gripping and the actors look like actual angels. Moreover, during recent times due to the lockdown, Chinese dramas are gaining a lot of love. Furthermore, due to the presence of so many online streaming sites, it is easier to access all Chinese dramas. Chinese dramas do not leave any page unturned. From the production quality down to the tiniest costume details, Chinese dramas are always on point.

China has some of the best actors and the amazing Cdramas are just proof of that. Actors like Steven Zhang, Lin Yu Shen, Ryan Ding, Song Wei Long, and Yang Mi are highly rated and their names are enough to make the show a top hit. Chinese dramas also present dynamic cultural and traditional values. Moreover, a lot of Chinese dramas showcase strong women in the lead role which attracts a lot of global viewers. Even though there are tonnes of Chinese dramas that are released every day, they never run out of variety. From portraying the beautiful royalties of history to the buzz of the modern city, they do everything right. In this article, we will list down for you the best Chinese Dramas on Youtube, so that you can enjoy all of them.

1. A Love So Beautiful

This drama is easily one of the best Chinese dramas on Youtube. If you are someone who wants to take a break from the bustling daily life and watch a light-hearted romance, then this one is for you. Furthermore, this drama stars the cute and talented Hu Yitian and Shen Yue. The drama was based on a novel named To Our Pure Little Beauty which is written by the talented writer Zhao Qianqian. The series became so popular that it has surpassed more than 5.5 billion views online. The story is based on the pure and innocent school life of Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen. As they grow up, they face heartbreak, failures, and troubles with their families. But the sweetest part of the story is the cute romance between Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen. Moreover, it is very easy to watch as it is easily available on Youtube.

Best Chinese dramas On Youtube

A Love So Beautiful cr: Viki

2. My Eternal Love

It had blown away fans with its beautiful production and talented cast. The series is based on a xianxia novel written Tang Qi Gong Zi. The Yang Mi and March Chao starer was being broadcasted from the 30th of January 2017 till the 1st of March 2017. Also, this drama goes by different names like Ten Miles Of Paech Blossoms, Three Worlds, and Three Lives. Fans say even those who don’t like fantasy dramas will find it interesting. The romance in the drama is to die for. And, if you like dramas that are historical, have gods goddesses, ghosts, etc., it will be perfect for you.

It revolves around the love story of Yang Mi and March Chao’s characters Bai Qian and Mo Yuan. The actors not only play the role of these characters but two more different characters as the story show the three lives of the main characters. The main leads fall in love with one another due to bad luck have been separated. But they get together again in their other life unknowing of their past. You can watch the drama’s first episode on Youtube or you could watch it on Netflix also.

My Eternal Love cr: Netflix

3. Love 020

This is the drama that will make you fall in love with C-dramas. The series is based on a novel that goes by the same name and was written by Gu Man. The Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang starer had been broadcasted on JSTV from the 22nd of August in 2016 to the 6th of September in 2016. The drama’s lead Xiao Nai whose role was played by Yang Yang would remind you of those talented and super popular kids in school. He is known for his athletic abilities and handsomeness throughout the campus. Then one day a girl named Bei Wei Wei is a beautiful computer genius. But it was not her beauty that had caught Xiao Nai’s attention but the way she used to control the computer when playing games.

They had met in an online game when Xiao Nai had asked to be Wei Wei’s online husband so that they can enter the competition. Both of them do well together and hit it off pretty quickly. But Wei Wei is utterly shocked when she finds out that her online husband is actually her popular senior Xiao Nai. Both of them go through the struggles and fights every couple goes through and make their relationship stronger. Watch the first episode on Youtube or on Netflix.

Best Chinese dramas On Youtube

Love 020 cr: Netflix

4. Legend Of Fuyao

This drama is one of the best female empowerment dramas. From the dialogues to the costumes, Legend of Fuyao really hit it out. Furthermore, this series stars the talented and popular Yang Mi and Ethan Juan. The series is based on a novel that goes by the name of Empress Fuyao, written by Tianxia Guiyuan. The story is based on Fu Yao. She was adopted as an orphan and served the Xuan Yuan Sector in the Taiyuan Kingdom as a slave. On a journey, to find out the truth behind her birth she meets the handsome Crown Prince, Zhang Sun Wu Ji. Together, they tackle political problems and fall in love. Legend of Fuyao is one of the best Chinese dramas on Youtube.

Legend Of Fuyao cr: ZJTV

5. I Know Your Secret

One of the best Chinese dramas on Youtube is I Know Your Secret. Furthermore, this is one of the best Crime and Mystery Chinese dramas. This drama stars Bosco Wong and Julia Ye. The plot of this series revolves around two forensic scientists. As they uncover secrets, they set out on a journey, to tell the truth to the world and expose the guilty. The show also showcases the complicated relationship between the forensic scientists, i.e. Gu Chu and Lu Bei Chen. Lu Bei Chen is the older twin of Gu Chu’s late boyfriend. This show aired back in 2019 on Youku. You can watch this drama filled with a mystery on Youtube.

I know your secret

I Know Your Secret cr: Youku

6. Le Coup De Foudre

The show stars Zang Yujian and Janice Wu. Le Coup De Foudre is one of the best Chinese dramas on Youtube. This Chinese drama is usually the first drama anyone recommends to a new Chinese drama fan. It is a sweet story about two people who fall hopelessly in love with each other during their innocent high school days. Both of them plan to go abroad and study together. But high school dreams never go as planned and when Qiao Yi ( female lead) backs out of the plan due to a tragic family emergency, hearts are broken and they drift apart. Furthermore, years later when she decides to fix the distance between them she finds out that her high school love, Yan Mo, is already in a relationship. This show will make your teeth ache because of how sweet the couple is. You can watch this drama anytime on Youtube.

Le Coup De Foudre

Le Coup De Foudre cr: Viki

7. Princess Agents

This drama is an absolute gem and it is no shock that it is a fan favorite both globally and nationally. This drama stars well-known actors like Zanilia Zhao and Kenny Lin in the main roles. This story is centered during the period of Wei. These were very turbulent times for the citizens, as they would be harshly abducted and forced to serve as slaves. Chu Qiao, our strong female lead, is thrown into the dangerous forest along with many other slaves. Luckily for her, Yan Xun, the Prince of Yanbei saves her. When she enters the powerful world of the Yu Wen family and sees how thirsty for power everyone is, she decides to flee.

Chu Qiao decides to flee with her younger sister to a place that isn’t so unfair. Furthermore, she develops a strong bond with the Prince i.e. Yan Xun. The drama is loved by fans due to the strong and courageous female lead. The drama has no dim moment and catches your attention in every scene. Moreover, the amazing costume and production deserve a standing ovation. Princess Agents was aired in the year 2017 on Hunan TV. The talented directors of this series are Ng Gam Yuen, Li Cai, Chen Wen Yong.  You can watch Chen Qiao being a badass female lead in Princess Agents on Youtube.

Princess agents

Princess Agents cr: Hunan TV

8. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

The cute and lovely drama should be a must-watch on your C-drama list. The Wan Peng and Bie Thassapak Hsu had a total number of 28 episodes. The show had aired from the 19th of August in the year 2019 to the 24th of September of the same year. The drama had sen immense worldwide popularity. Fans had a lot of fun watching the drama as it made them laugh uncountably.  An interesting fact is that the drama was so popular in India that Tencent Video, an airing company, had made the drama available in Hindi too.

My Girlfriend Is An Alien is about the love story between an alien girl Chai Xiao Qi and president Fang Leng. Wan Peng comes from a planet named Cape Town Planet. She had landed on the earth by mistake and had to stay on earth. Her character is very bubbly and cute which makes you think that she is a little kid. She meets a director who suffers from very peculiar amnesia in which he forgets the females around him. Their chemistry was just splendid. The drama is planning to release a new season with another amazing story. Till now we know that in the second season Chai Xiao Qi will return to earth as an ambassador for her planet Cape Town Planet.  You can watch the drama on WeTv and on Youtube for free.

Best Chinese dramas On Youtube

My Girlfriend Is An Alien cr: WeTv

9. Lost In 1949

This one could be one of your favorites if you like to watch spy dramas. The Regina Wan and Aloys Chen starer had been broadcasted on BTV and Dragon TV from the 11th of June to the 5th of July in 2018 with a total of 46 episodes. The drams would be very satisfying to watch because they used to air every day of the week, which is awesome! Many found the episodes very thrilling and exciting which made you want o know what happens next. The setting is in the communist China of 1949 when our main leads meet coincidentally.

Hwang Li Wen is a female accountant who had just been going to Shangai to commemorate her husband’s death. She is a communist agent who helps the communist party to lead the country towards freedom She meets the street smart Qiao Zhi Cai. Also, a reminder for people who want to watch the drama this story is not only a spy thriller but dwells into the lives of people at that time. It reveals the economic and political change which affected everybody and even changed a lot of people’s private life involving their family and friends. Watch the Chinese drama’s first episode on Youtube.

Lost in 1949

Lost in 1949 cr: BTV

10. The King’s Woman

The drama would be great for you if you like historical romance drama. This Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Hang starer was broadcasted on ZJTV and Youku from the 14th of August and the 4th of October in 2017. The drama had a total of 48 episodes. The drama has an interesting love triangle and also a beautiful production and cinematography.

The center of the love triangle is the unreal beauty Gong Sun Li. She is the granddaughter of a military commander. Gong Sun Li had to run away because of the Qin troops with her childhood friend Jing Ke. They happen to be childhood friends to lovers. But things don’t go as planned when Jing Ke gets badly injured and Gong Sun Li who had caught the Qin’s emperor Ying Zheng had to marry the king so that she could save Jing Ke. Go ahead and look at the interesting love triangle on Youtube and on Rakuten Viki.

Best Chinese dramas On Youtube

The King’s Woman cr: Viki

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