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Dragon Ball Super

Beerus: How Strong is the God of Destruction?


The Dragon Ball series has always been famous for characters with crazy high power levels, and yet Beerus sama, Universe 7’s God of Destruction, still managed to stand out from the rest. He is undoubtedly the most talked-about character introduced in the Dragon Ball Super sequel, and the sense of unpredictability that he brings with him makes him even more intriguing. The legendary Saiyan duo of Earth had successfully eliminated every threat that stood before Earth, till the day when the God of Destruction himself showed up before them to seize Earth from existence. Even with Vegeta going berserk and Goku unleashing his Super Saiyan God transformation, they didn’t stand much of a chance before Beerus and his powers of destruction.

Thankfully, Beerus wasn’t serious about destroying Earth, and why he be? Earth is possible the only planet that provides delicious food that meets Beerus’ godly standards. Moreover, his intentions were just to test the Saiyans and verify if the rumors about their rapid growth. But what if he was serious about destroying Earth? Could anyone have saved Earth from him? We bring you everything that you must know about him.

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Is Beerus the Strongest God of Destruction?

We know that Beerus is strong even among the overpowered Hakaishins from his lax attitude in serious matters. Once, he slept off for 50 years in an inter-universe hide and seek contest, resulting in Zeno almost destroying all the Universes.

Beerus sama

Beerus sama

Beerus’ pride and arrogance aren’t well accepted among his fellow Hakaishins, and he is undoubtedly the most hated one. This grudge kept building over time till one day when all the other Hakaishins even ganged up against him in a battle royal. Despite all odds, Beerus managed to fill the 12 Hakaishins all by himself and did manage to be one of the last ones standing. Well, he didn’t survive unscathed, but yet, the fight was impressive enough to confirm him the title of ‘Strongest God of Destruction.’ 

If that’s not enough to convince you, Akira Toriyama, the creator of this series, himself stated in his novel that Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction of all the Universes.

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Can Beerus Use Ultra Instincts?

We have mostly used him flexing his destructive powers through the infamous Hakai technique that allows him to destroy anything and everything coming in his way. However, only the manga readers have seen him unleashing Ultra Instinct, and trust me, it was way cooler than any other technique that relies on brute force.



It was in the same battle royale of Hakaishins, Beerus had to resort to Ultra Instinct for amplifying his agility off the charts. The plan seemed to work perfectly as he managed to escape from Mosco’s clutches and evade Belmod’s attack. Not to mention that Beerus can use Ultra Instinct at his will, unlike Goku (in anime), who needs to be pushed to the very corner to unlock this form. Despite all the perks of Ultra Instinct, Beerus would rather not use it since the technique requires a calm and tranquil heart, which doesn’t go well with Beerus’ nature.

Ultra Instincts vs. Ultra Ego

For those who are unaware of Ultra Ego, let me give you a brief intro first. Ultra Ego is basically an improved version of the Hakai technique that Beerus taught Vegeta before his fight with Granolah. The technique feeds on the user’s pride and pushes them to unlock power beyond anyone’s imagination.

This form is definitely not as swift as Ultra Instinct but, its massive destructive powers overcome all its limitations. Since Beerus taught Vegeta this technique, it’s almost evident that he must have even greater mastery of it. The technique may look similar to what Toppo used in the Tournament of power but is far scarier than that. I don’t think anyone except the angels can push Beerus far enough to resort to this unrivaled trump card.

Beerus and Goku

Beerus and Goku

Is Beerus Stronger than the Angels?

We have never seen Beerus going all out at an enemy; rather, none could push him to go that far, thereby making it pretty hard to figure out the true extent of his powers. Ultra Instinct is supposed to be the ultimate technique of Gods, so it is safe to assume that Beerus’ power level lies somewhere between that of Goku and the Angels.

The Ultimate Ego technique may sound impressive, but I doubt if it can overpower the angels, who are always in Ultra Instinct state. The power that comes from pride falls behind Ultra Instinct after a certain point, and Grand Priest is living proof of this theory. But who knows, if Beerus had taken his training properly, he could have grown into a being on par with the angels.

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