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The Pig Farm Killer: Psychopath Robert Pickton

The Pig Farm Killer -Psychopath Robert Pickton
The Pig Farm Killer -Psychopath Robert Pickton

Robert William “Willy” Pickton, a Canadian psychopath and retired pig farmer, was born on October 24, 1949. Among the most successful and popular mass murders in Canadian history, he is allegedly one. Pickton quit his traineeship as a butcher after quitting school to start working at full at his family’s pig farm. Upon acquiring the farm, he is thought to have started killing individuals in the early 1980s.

He was imprisoned in 2002, tried in 2007, and found guilty of the 2nd-degree killings of 6 women. A long-drawn inquiry into his arrest also turned up proof of multiple other slayings. Pickton received the maximum sentence for brutal victim murder under Canadian rules at the time of his sentencing: life in prison without the right of appeal for 25 years.

The Crown claimed that Pickton openly admitted to 49 killings to an undercover officer from the Office of Inspector General who’d been presenting as a fellow inmate during the trial’s first day of jury confession. Pickton reportedly told the cop that he intended to kill one other woman in order to bring the total to 50 and that he had been caught for being “sloppy,” according to The Crown.

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Nature Of Robert Pickton & Wild Parties

However, most of Willy’s friends told him as a “silent and simple man” who didn’t have any openly menacing leanings that would attract much attention. He wasn’t a heavy drinker, didn’t take drugs much, and never had a reputation for being too violent. Willy and his brother and sister registered “The Piggy Palace Good Times Society” as a non-profit organization with the Canadian government in 1996 after abandoning the family’s initial pig farming business.

Service organizations, sports organizations, and other deserving organizations claimed to “organize, coordinate, manage, and manage special events, operations, dances, shows, and art shows.” These non-profit gatherings ultimately turned into a series of wild parties where party guests and musicians would congregate, abuse drugs, and interact with numerous women. The gatherings fascinated as many as 2,000 people and were quite huge.

Following several complaints about the nature of the functions conducted in the name of the charitable organization and some commotion caused at a New Year’s Eve celebration in 1998, police took action, disallowed any further parties at the pig farm, and later revoked the society’s non-profit prestige due to insufficient financial records.

Killings and Breakthrough

Willy was initially accused of trying to kill Wendy, a sex worker who had been repeatedly stabbed after an argument at the farm, in March 1997. He had handcuffed Wendy, but she had been able to grab the weapon off him, attack him back, and break away. Pickton was treated in a local hotel and later released on bail as well. January 1998 saw the removal of the allegations. Later in the same year, the farm and the charity were served with a court order restricting them from organizing any gatherings or activities.

Bill Hiscox, a farm worker, noticed that a lot of the women who came to the farm sooner or later vanished, and he informed the local cops of his doubts. When the police executed a court order and went to the farm in February 2002, they discovered numerous items that belonged to the missing women. Willy and David Pickton were detained on suspicion of possessing illegal weapons. Police kept watching the bros even after they were released.

Following additional investigation, police developed suspicions that Willy had killed several of the different missing women. Well, over the period of the following year, Willy was charged with a total of 15 first-degree mass killings. By the end of the following three years, in October 2005, there had been a startling 27 first-degree murder allegations. One of the most costly inquiries in Canadian history, the digging at the farm lasted for more than a year and ended up paying about $70 million. The discoveries turned up cut human heads, damaged mouthparts, and other human remains belonging to numerous women, as well as their DNA.

The Pig Farm Killer

The Pig Farm Killer

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The Pig Farm Killing Method

Although little is understood about the specific information of each murder, it is assumed that Willy would interact with the females in sex acts and then become enraged by accusing them of minor offenses, thefts, or other misdoings in the mid of the act. He would then intensify the argument, handcuff them, and then injure them to death. He would feed his animals the dead after processing them through a wood shredder. Some of the leftover pieces of flesh were combined with minced pork and decided to sell to friends and family as minced pork.

Appeals And Innocence Claims

Pickton and his defense lawyers submitted numerous appeals all the way to Canada’s Supreme Court; however, the beliefs and prison terms were upheld there, and the Supreme Court also rejected his appeals. When Willy began to promote the availability of a book titled Pickton: In His Own Words for purchase on, he sparked even more outrage and public anger.

The Pig Farm Killer

The Pig Farm Killer

Potentially the “cruelest psychopath in history” had the ability to assert his innocence for misdeeds that he had by now admitted to committing, which infuriated the family members of the other 43 victims who were already angry with the officials for being unable to charge him for these additional murders. In the novel, Willy comes forward to say he had not clearly committed those murders and was simply a target of a “cocked up investigation.” Unclaimed or On the Farm, a movie about Willy’s life, was set to release in various markets in 2016. In 2015, production on the drama based on Stevie Cameron’s life story On the Farm started.

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