Are Michele Morrone And Anna Maria Sieklucka Dating Each Other?

Are Michele Morrone And Anna Maria Dating Each Other?

Here, we will discuss if Michele Morrone and Anna Maria dating each other? Due to their outstanding on-screen romance in 365 Days, fans suspect that they are sharing romance also in real life. Let’s learn a bit more about them at first. Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, singer, and model. Besides the film mentioned above, he has starred in Who’s the Beast, The Trial, Medici, and Renata Fonte. On Valentine’s Day in 2020, he released his debut studio album, titled Dark Room. Last year, his single Beautiful gained a massive number of listeners. On the other hand, his 365 Days co-actor, Anna Maria Sieklucka, is a newbie to this industry and hasn’t worked in many. However, her role in this film has been pretty challenging, as described by the gorgeous actress herself.

Their beautiful on-screen chemistry mesmerized and made the fans awestruck. They can’t keep their eyes off them as a couple. Most people seem to be quite convinced with them to be romantically related to each other in real life too. Recently, this reel life pair has been spotted at various places together. Is it just friendship or something beyond that? To know if Michele Morrone and Anna Maria are dating each other, I would highly recommend you to read this article to the very end.

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Are Michele Morrone And Anna Maria Sieklucka Dating Each Other?

Many of you are surely going to be upset knowing that the 365 Days stars, Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka, aren’t dating each other in real life. It’s just their incredible acting skills which we have witnessed in the film. Sadly, it’s nothing more than that! In the film, they shared a very intense and complicated love story. However, outside the set, they are just good friends and colleagues for sure. They were spotted together hand-in-hand at various events, but that has mostly been either for the promotion of their film or work-related purposes.

Are Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Dating Each Other?
Michele Morrone and Anna Maria

Talking about their respective love lives, the beautiful actress Anna Maria is already in a relationship with the theatre director, Lukasz Witt-Michalowski. Both of them live together in Warsaw. On the other hand, Michelle appears to be single and not dating anyone as of now. He was previously married to Roubah Saadeh, a renowned stylist. But their marriage didn’t work long and caused their separation in 2018. However, Michelle is a father of a couple of children. Meanwhile, m in June 2021, rumors were stating he was dating his 365 Days co-star Simone Susinna. But later, he shut down those rumors confirming they are just friends and more like siblings.

Sorry to disappoint you!

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The Couple’s Romance In 365 Days

Michele and Anna’s love story has captivated millions of hearts across this world. Anna has played the role of Laura, while Michele has been seen playing Massimo Torricelli. In the first movie, we saw Laura being imprisoned for a year (365 Days) until she fell in love with him. His role has been the head of the Torricelli Sicilian crime family.

Before you read onto the next part, do watch the official trailer attached above to witness some of the beautiful yet suspicious moments of the film. The reel love birds reunited to make a sequel to showcase their anticipated wedding. However, that’s not the end. It’s not that happy ending, rather it turned out to be at risk. A mysterious man appears with the hope of winning Laura’s heart. What happens at the end? For that, you have to watch 365 Days: This Day on Netflix. I’m sure you won’t regret watching the film! But, make sure that you are done with the old one. Even though it received mixed reviews, but has made quite successful in some countries. You may give it a try!

Best Wishes to Anna Maria and Michelle Morrone for the upcoming days of their respective careers. Hoping to witness them as a couple in more films and series shortly.

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