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Are John B And Sarah Still Dating In Outer Banks Season 2?

Are John B And Sarah Still Dating
John B And Sarah from Outer Banks

Outer Banks fans are eagerly wondering are John B and Sarah are still dating in season 2 of the Netflix series. The off-screen couple has gone through numerous ups and downs. Whether it is about a near-death experience or their minor disagreements, the couple has come on stronger this time too. But in the second season, we see that the couple split even after enduring so much. The off-screen couple has also been together in real life since 2020. Even if fans do not get to see them together in the next season, they can always cheer for the couple off-screen as they are still dating off the camera.

The Outer Banks couple John B played by Chase Strokes, and Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline, is still dating behind the camera. The couple has met two different destinies on-screen and off-screen. Whereas we see the couple broke up in the second season, the same couple has been through thick and thin in real life. Some sparks of jealousy between John B and Sarah made fans questioning their chances of reuniting in the next season. Even though the next season has yet to be announced, their sparkling off-camera dating leaving fans in awes.

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Are John B and Sarah still dating in Outer Banks Season 2?

Unfortunately for the fans who were rooting for the couple, John B and Sarah break up in season 2 of Outer Banks. In the second season, we see that Sarah and John B are getting stronger as they go through numerous problems. Whether it is about making it through the storm to the Bahamas to track down the gold, their minor disagreements, or the near-death experience while on the run, they make every effort to grow more on the other side.

However, not all things go as we plan. Despite their efforts to keep a low profile, John B ends up getting arrested for the crime he did not even commit- killing Sherrif Peterkin. On the other side, Sarah’s father fakes his death to evade the crimes he committed. While Ward’s death leaves Sarah upset, John B feels relieved knowing the man who killed his father is no longer alive. The worst part John B does not even comfort Sarah leaving her alone. That event becomes the reason for John B and Sarah’s break up.

Are John B And Sarah Still Dating

John B And Sarah from Outer Banks series scene

What is the future hold for John B and Sarah?

After their breakup, the pair seems to explore new people. On the surface, they may look good without any worry, but underneath the mask, both feel tingles of jealousy as they see each other moving on with other people. Their sparks of jealously make fans doubting about their reunion. It does seem the things between them have not ended yet, and they may get back together. But all of that answered in the series.

Although Sarah rejoins the Pogues to help track down the Cross of Santi Domingo for Pope and insists on going back on board for Pope, it is crystal clear that her feelings for John B  have not faded yet.  After a short gap, eventually, the pair gets back together and commits themselves via bandana string. The various unanswered questions have left the high possibility of Outer Banks Season 3. It depends on the performance and rating of season 2 that we will know the renewal of the series. Till then, keep your eyes on the news for the latest updates.

Are John B and Sarah still dating

Outer Banks series cast

How is the Outer Banks couple off-screen?

The on-screen Outer Banks couple is also dating off-screen. Sarah Cameron, performed by Madelyn Cline, and John B by Chase Stroke, are in a relationship off the camera since 2020 and still counting. The couple spent the whole quarantine period together with co-casts Drew Starkey and Rudy Pankow. It has been more than a year, and still, the couple is becoming stronger day after day. We often see that they post about each other on Instagram.

Madelyn and Chase appeared together on the MTV Movies & TV Awards. The couple did not shy away from showing PDA as they re-created the passionate kiss scene on stage after accepting the award for Best Kiss. Whether or not there would be Outer Banks Season 3, fans do not have to worry as our lovable Porgues are as good as gold on screen and off the screen. You can watch the series Outer Banks, on Netflix.

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