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Who Is JJ Maybank Dating In Outer Banks? Answered

JJ Maybank Dating
JJ Maybank Dating

The world-famous streaming platform known to us as Netflix has a lot of worthy content which must be checked out by every quality entertainment seeker out there. Netflix is considered a prime hub of famous movies and shows all across the world.

Shows and movies of multiple genres are being delivered to the audience consistently. The Action Adventure genre is one of the fan-favorite genres on Netflix. The series known as Outer Banks proves to be the best one on the list.

Created by three fine creators named Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke, Outer Banks is a trending series that is focused on winning the hearts of young teenagers. Usually, teens expect exciting content which gives emphasis on the intensity of action involved.

They also like to witness some adventurous content here and there, and this is what Outer Banks delivers to its target audience exactly. With a lot of mystery content to stir up the audience’s minds, Outer Banks has gained a huge fanbase to date.

The TV Series went public in the year 2020 and has released a total of 30 episodes split into 3 seasons now. Every single episode of Outer Banks is filled with content that seeks the attention of the young audience.

JJ Maybank

JJ Maybank

The storyline itself is pretty unique and captivating as well. In support of these strengths of the series, the cast list, which includes talented actors such as Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, and so on, adds up a lot of value and excitement to the Outer Banks TV Series.

The series is considered a hit as it has gained a lot of fanbase since the release of season 2. The plot of Outer Banks revolves around lively young blooded teenagers who are on the lookout for the father of a main character.

The storyline turns a lot more interesting when the teens get involved in a treasure hunt along their search. Their journey to finding the legendary treasure is accompanied by multiple hardships from the antagonist group called the Kooks. 

The crew of curious teenagers includes characters named John B. Routledge, Sarah Cameron, Kie Carrera, Pope Heyward, and so on. The roster of these young teenagers makes every scene of the series really exciting.

Each character is vested with multiple interests that make the storyline branch out in different directions. A lot of fans love the main characters for a ton of reasons. JJ Maybank is one of the famous characters. Let us get to know about him now.

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Who is JJ Maybank in Outer Banks?

Portrayed by actor Rudy Pankow, JJ Maybank is one of the main characters of the TV Series Outer Banks. The character is well-known for his charming looks and attitude. JJ Maybank belongs to the good side, and he is a member of The Pogues.

He could be described as a good-looking teenager with a carefree attitude. The main character named John B Routledge, is a very close friend of JJ Maybank. The character is known for his splendid surfing ability. He is considered to be a very good surfer, according to the storyline.

JJ Maybank

JJ Maybank

Contradicting his carefree attitude at times, JJ Maybank is pretty hot-headed, getting angry quite quickly. The character proves to be a vital member of the group through his bravery and loyalty. He is always ready to get his hands dirty and get into any sort of adventurous trip when asked.

The character is sketched to have a troubled past. He was not brought up in good conditions, which has been the root cause of his short-tempered attitude. Let us now look at the love interest of JJ Maybank.

Who Is JJ Maybank Dating?

JJ Maybank has had a pretty hard time since the very beginning. An abusive relationship with his father has tampered with his way of thinking. He has been tortured mentally and physically by his father. He didn’t have a mother to support him during his hard times, well.

But his times changed when a new character entered his life. Her name is Kiara, and she is a fellow member of the Pogues. He soon developed a strong liking for her from the very start.

JJ Mayback Dating

JJ Maybank and Kiara hugging each other

The duo was just best friends in the beginning, goofing around with each other and making each other happy with simple jokes. But this relationship bloomed into something beautiful in the latest episodes of The Outer Banks.

She shares some similarities with JJ Maybank, making the duo one of the best pairs in the entire series. Kiara and JJ have been through a lot of events, which grew their relationship gradually. It was made public that the two characters were dating in season 2 of Outer Banks.

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