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Again My Life Episode 14 Release Date: Tae Sub Uses Min Soo To Manipulate Hee Woo

again my life ep 14
Again My Life episode 14 preview

With a plot twist at every turn, we are looking forward to seeing what Again My Life Episode 14 will bring to the table. Everything seems to be falling into place as the episodes progress. However, the final strike is yet to come. The webtoon-based Korean drama has captured the hearts of fans across the world! The cast, setting, and plot are all unique to the series rendering it extremely memorable.

Have you ever dreamed of fighting crime while sporting the uniform of a police officer? Lee Joon Gi gives you an insight into such a lifestyle in his most recent drama, Again My Life. We have already witnessed his brilliant performance for 13 episodes, and no doubt want more! The plot is just as intriguing, making the series unforgettable.

Again My Life Episode 14 Preview

The episodes thus far have established the fact well that Jo Tae Sub will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. There is only one man who possesses the iron wall immunity to Jo Tae Sub’s tricks. That would be none other than Hee Woo, the dashing prosecutor, who is not just hot in his looks but also in his temper. The greatest weapon Kim Hee Woo carries is fate itself which seems to stand by his side.

Hee Woo proceeds with well-crafted plans in order to bring down Tae Sub from his undeserved seat. In order to do this, he also infiltrates his enemy’s men and poses to be on Tae Sub’s side to learn more about his devious plans. On the sidelines, he begins the investigation of the Bando Bank. This seems to pose a threat to Jo Tae Sub, who soon uncovers Hee Woo’s true intentions.

Again My Life episode 14 release date

Again My Life cr: SBS

Desperate to dig himself out of this hole, we think Tae Sub will utilize Min-Soo to aid him. By making him an offer he cannot refuse, Tae Sub pits Min-Soo against his trusted friend Kim Hee Woo. Fans can surely expect some emotions being triggered in Again My Life Episode 14. Moreover, Hee Ah is still in the picture as she plans to join hands with Hee Woo to earn some big bucks from JQ Construction. Will Min-Soo proceed to give in and betray his friendship? or will he Stand up to fight side by side with his friend? Watch Again My Life episode 14 to find out!

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Again My Life Episode 14 Release Date

If you have always been looking forward to the weekend, here’s another reason for you to do so. Again My Life releases new episodes every Friday and Saturday. Again My Life Episode 14 will release on 21st May 2022. The series is almost reaching the end, and all that’s left for Hee Woo to do is add the finishing touches. However, Jo Tae Sub is a tough cookie who will not back down that easily. It has been an absolute rollercoaster ride as we tried to bury all the frustration we felt toward Tae Sub. Luckily, our prosecutor is not the type who will sit still!

The fictional thriller piece also got us thinking about various things, such as the desire for power. We have seen people sacrifice all they have for the sake of love. However, how far will you go for power and fame? Let us know what you think!

release date of again my life episode 14

cr: SBS

Watch Again My Life Episode 14 Online – Streaming Details

Korean fans can catch the episode live on the SBS television network at 10:00 pm KST. That would be 11:00 pm AEST, 6:30 pm IST, and 8:00 am Central time for the reference of International fans. The series is also an original drama powered by the VIU Tv network. Hence, fans can also stream the episodes online there. In addition to this, fans can also catch the episode on the platforms provided by Rakuten Viki. Episodes are available fully updated with subtitles of your choice. However, it is important to obtain a subscription in order to continue using the services of these platforms. Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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