B.G. Before And After Getting Released From Prison After 12 Long Years

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B.G. Before And After Getting Released From Prison
B.G. (Credits: Sportskeeda)

Are you looking for B.G. before and after getting released from jail after more than a decade? In other words, fans are wondering what the rapper is up to now. Is B.G. back to his music career? Well, this discussion calls for why he was arrested. Not many know it. 

B.G. is an incredible rapper, originally known as Christopher Noel Dorsey. Hailing from New Orleans, he is now 43 years old. To be more particular about his music genre, he excels in hip-hop.

Being his fan, did you listen to his 2004 studio album- Life After Cash Money? Some of B.G.’s other music credits are- Chopper City in the Ghetto, My Hood, Bubblegum, Back to the Money, Move Around, and Hottest of the Hot. 

To date, B.G. has worked with many renowned music artists. They include- Chopper City Boyz, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, and many more. 

B.G. was arrested and sentenced to jail for 14 long years. But, after serving for 12 years, the rapper was released. Usually, when celebrities get imprisoned, irrespective of the reasons, and even if the person isn’t guilty, their career usually gets ruined to some extent. Similarly, fans have been looking for B.G before and after prison. Here is everything we know. 

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B.G. Before And After Getting Released From Long-Time Imprisonment: What Is The Rapper Up To?

Why was B.G. arrested in the first place? The rapper was imprisoned along with two other people (Demounde Pollard and Jerod Fedison) because he owned three guns and a loaded magazine in the car. When the investigation was done, it was found that two of those guns were stolen. In addition to that, the car was also reportedly stolen from an Alamo rental car parking lot.

B.G. Before And After Getting Released From Prison
B.G.: Hot Boys star (Credits: MadameNoire)

B.G. rose to fame as a significant member of the boy band- Hot Boys. It’s the rap group based in New Orleans. 

Recently, more precisely, in September itself, B.G. got released from jail after serving for many years. The founder of Cash Money, Birdman, greeted him with a huge hug and welcomed him home. Now, he is a “free man.” 

Concerning B.G.’s release from prison, the rapper seems to have changed a lot. He has become more confident and is looking forward to ruling more in the rap industry. B.G. made a post on social media where he said, “The main focus is to stay focused.”

He further added that he wouldn’t let anyone rob him of his “productivity, prosperity, positivity and peace of mind.” In other words, his vision has gotten much clearer now. Well, 13 years was enough for him to change the reckless path he was on previously, as shared by the rapper himself. 

Now, as B.G. has been released from his imprisonment after so many years, he is a changed person. He is looking forward to releasing his new musical project.

Twelve years, staying isolated from everyone was not a matter of joke. Now, he got himself busy catching up with his pals in the hip-hop community. It was also reported that the Hot Boys reunion will take place real soon. 

Best Wishes to B.G. We are eagerly waiting for his new release after such a long time. Aren’t you? 

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