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What Does Blue Kryptonite Do to Superman? Explained

DC Comics

Superman fans are all over the internet trying to understand everything related to the hero. Amidst that, there are rising queries about what Blue Kryptonite does to Superman and well, we are here to answer that for you. Although, before we get into the details, let us understand what this substance actually is.

Kryptonite happens to be a fictional material that appears in DC comics and is very important to our Superhero. Like humans believe in crystals to heal and set their stars right, citizens of Krypton, the world where Superman originates from, believe in this material which can affect their various abilities and powers of doing things.

It is often seen used by Superman as he takes advantage of its powers which come from radiation. There are other forms of poisonous Kryptonites as well which can even kill the civilians on the planet. Thus, we see Superman wearing a special suit made of lead, as the radiations can pass through anything but lead, in order to protect himself from these radiations of the substance.

Well, this substance does not hone well to the Kryptonians as it strips them of their powers. But well, it can work wonders for humans who generally benefit from its radiation. This material was first coined by Jerry Siegel in his unpublished story in the 1940s.

What Does Blue Kryptonite Do to Superman? Is It Harmful or Helpful?

Superman with Green Kryptonite

Properties of The Green Kryptonite

The most popular type of Kryptonite that we see in the DC books with Superman is the Green one. This is a brutal material that might kill the other residents of Krypton if they are in its presence for a long. This material weakens Superman. The effects are severe as the Kryptonian will feel muscular weakness as well as intense pain. There will be symptoms of fever as well as death if not removed.

Although, if a hero has been affected with limited exposure to Green Krypton which was later removed, will heal properly in time and come back new. There are various characters in the DC Books who have even become immune to its effects after they were subjected to the radiation and healed from the same. At the same time, Green Kryptonite is not good for humans either.

If it is exposed for a long, human bodies may have cancer. There are other counterarguments as well where it is mentioned that Kryptonite is being investigated in the form of possible cancer treatment. Well, enough about the green one, let us talk about the rarely-seen Blue Kryptonite which is motivating the curiosities of fans right now.

What Does Blue Kryptonite Do to Superman? Is It Harmful or Helpful?

The Blue Kryptonite from DC Books

What Does Blue Kryptonite Do to Superman?

Blue Kryptonite helps Superman defeat Bizarro. This Kryptonite affects the Bizarros. The Bizarro League is in the same way that the Green Kryptonite hurts Superman. Although, Superman is unaffected by Blue Kryptonite.

Again, lead is the only metal found which can stop the radiations of Blue Kryptonite like the other Kryptonites. Back in the DC books, we have seen that Blue Kryptonite might even serve in the form of an antidote to the effects of red Kryptonite.

In another version of the Superman series, we saw that Kryptonite might even damage the power of the Kryptonians. As for Bizarros, their bodies get overly charged with the substance that ultimately kills them.

A Kryptonian might lose their powers while they are around a Blue Kryptonite. But as soon as they leave a certain vicinity, their powers come back. This substance is very helpful to humans as well as other life on Earth. It can give them perfect health and life. Although, if there are continuously exposed to this substance, blue kryptonite might cause some irregularities in the humans and their bodies.

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