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What Pink Kryptonite Does To Superman? The Exciting Revelation

Pink kryptonite
Pink kryptonite

In today’s article, we will be discussing what pink kryptonite does to Superman? Stay tuned to read an amazing discovery coming up in the next segment. You will also have questions like, what Pink Kryptonite does? What does Orange Kryptonite do? Does Superman have pink Kryptonite? Does he have orange kryptonite? So all the questions will be answered today here in this article itself. All your doubts and queries will be resolved.

What is kryptonite? Kryptonite is a fictional material created primarily for Superman stories. The best form of kryptonite is a green crystalline material. It originated from Superman’s hometown, krypton. It emits radiation that weakens Kryptonians. Weaken Kryptonians? Yes, you read that right. Instead of making them strong or giving them an advantage weakens them and is a disadvantage for them. This first appeared in The Adventures of Superman, which was released back in June 1943. Created by the makers of Superman in the stories released in the 1940s. Later in the article will be discussing what pink kryptonite does to Superman?

What Pink Kryptonite Does To Superman?

In this segment of the article, we will be revealing what Pink Kryptonite does to Superman? So let’s get started. Pink Kryptonite turns Kryptonians into homosexuals. So, Pink Kryptonite turns Superman into a Homosexual. In DC comics, it was shown it turned Superman gay. He was shown hitting on a character named Jimmy Olson. Pink Kryptonite was introduced in Supergirl, released in 1996. But in Justice League Action Cartoon, it turned Superman into a woman. So basically, a Pink Kryptonite turns a person’s attraction towards same-sex, but no effect of this has been shown to those who are priorly attracted to the same sex. It only changes a character’s physical sex but not their gender identity.

Pink Kryptonite

In 1940 a story titled “The K-Metal from Krypton” was published to test the prototype of kryptonite. It was created by Jerry Siegel, who is also the creator of Superman. The Pink Kryptonite first debuted in April 2003 in Supergirl Volume 4. Pink Kryptonite can switch Superman’s gender roles. There is much other kryptonite as well. We will talk later about all of them in detail in the next segment. Now that we have revealed what Pink Kryptonite does to Superman? It was interesting to know, wasn’t it? You can read the comics available on the same topic.

We have mentioned in which comic and volume does the Pink Kryptonite was launched. If you have skipped that part. Go check it out now.

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What Are The Other Colors of Kryptonite?

In the above section, we discovered what Pink Kryptonite does to Superman? Now in this section, let’s learn about what are the colors of Kryptonite and what it does?

Green Kryptonite: This was originally red in color, but later it was given a green color. This kryptonite weakens Superman and other Kryptonians.

Red Kryptonite: It also weakens Superman but with a greater intensity than the green one.

Blue Kryptonite: It nullifies the powers of Kryptonians temporarily. But once the blue kryptonite and the kryptonian got separated, the power returns.

White Kryptonite: This kryptonite kills all the plant life from any planet in the universe.

Gold Kryptonite: This Kryptonite is capable of permanently removing the ability to process sunlight. Resulting in nullifying all the superpowers.

Silver Kryptonite: It makes Kryptonians suffer from altered perceptions, loss of inhibitions, and extreme hunger cravings.

Mango Kryptonite: This type of Kryptonite is magnetically attracted to all the substances that originated from Krypton.

Orange Kryptonite: This Kryptonite provides super-abilities to any animal that comes in contact with it.

Periwinkle Kryptonite: It causes all Kryptonians to lose all their inhibitions.

Platinum Kryptonite: When humans comes in contact with this, it gives them Kryptonian superpowers for life.

This sum up the types of kryptonite and their purposes. So in this article, we discussed about what pink kryptonite does to Superman? Read about it in the above section and learn about something you don’t know and was curious about.

What pink kryptonite does to Superman


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