The Glory Season 1 Review: A Bone-Chilling Revenge Drama

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The Glory Season 1 Review
The Glory

The Glory is a South Korean television series based on retribution. The series writer is Kim Eun Sook, under the direction of Ahn Gil Ho. Glory was released on the Netflix platform on 30th December 2022. It became a massive hit not solely in South Korea but also worldwide as soon as it dropped.

Glory has two seasons, one released in December with the first half of the story, and the other half will release on 10th March 2022. Glory season 1 has eight episodes. Each episode is filled with thrillers and leaves us waiting for more. 

The Glory centers around a woman go with a name, Moon Dong-eun, a victim of horrific violence in high school. The bullies have nothing to fear as they are rich and belong to a powerful and influential family. Because of the cruel violence happening to her, Dong-eun had to drop out of school. After working hard on herself, she came back stronger than ever to seek revenge. 

Characters Of The GloryThe Glory

Nobody could ask for a perfect cast. Every character portrayed the emotions needed for the role flawlessly. The audience could feel the emotion victim was going through, and the bullies gave them the chills. 

The Glory Season 1 Cast
Credit to Netflix

Moon Dong Eun

One of the most popular actresses, Song Hye Kyo, played the role of Moon Dong-eun. She gives full justice to the part by depicting a rich, savvy, fearless, and anxious person at the same time. Dong Eun is a homeroom teacher who went through brutal bullying and abuse in high school.

Moon Dong Eun
Credit to Netflix

After quitting school, she started preparing herself for the fully planned revenge. We have seen Song Hye Kyo in many favored projects, including Full House (2004), Descendants of the Sun (2016), and Encounter (2018). 

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Joo Yeo Jeong

Lee Do Hyun played the role of Joo Yeo Jeong. Do Hyun has proven himself at any given opportunity as versatile an actor as he is? In The Glory, Yeo Jeong, a plastic surgeon, decides to help Dong Eun in her revenge. He also teaches the game Go to her. Lee Do Hyun has portrayed many incredible roles, including 18 again (2020), Sweet Home (2020), and Youth Of May (2021). 

Joo Yeon Jeong
Credit to Netflix

Park Yeon Jin 

Lim Ji Yeon played the role of a horrible intimidator, Park Yeon Jin. Yeon Jin is a weather reporter at the television station. She was the leader of a group that onetime bullied Dong Eun in high school. 

Park Yeon Jin
Credit to Netflix

Kang Hyeon Nam

Yeom Hye-ran played Kang Hyeom Nam in The Glory. Hye-ran is known for supporting roles in movies, dramas, and series. Hyeon Nam is a housekeeper who is a victim of domestic violence. She makes a deal with Dong Eun that she will help her in her revenge only if Dong Eun kills her husband. 

Kang Hyeon Nam
Credit to Netflix

Jeon Jae Joon

Park Sung Hoon portrayed the role of Jeon Jae Joon, heir of a golf club. Jae Joon is color blind and one of the bullies who made Dong Eun suffer. 

Jeon Jae Joon
Credit to Netflix

The Plot of The Glory

The story of Glory is not about weak-hearted people. It is full of disturbing scenes which give you an insight into bullying and physical abuse in schools. The Glory is inspired by real-life events, as mentioned by the writer of the series. As the story of a woman, Moon Dong Eun, unwinds, it makes you feel empathy for her. She has suffered a lot because of the gruesome violence.

She had to face every form of torture, whether physical, emotional, or mental. The bullies didn’t even allow her the chance to feel the pain or cure them. Dong Eun was about to give up every hope of living, but then she decided not to. All the agony she has experienced made her leave the school. She mustered up all her courage and made the bold decision to visit her bullies, informing them she would be seeing them again with an odd smile. 

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Dong Eun returned to Semyeong with a complex plan to take an act of revenge against all her bullies who made her life a living hell. She was not all alone in making her plan work; Dong eun had few people around to help her with her executed plan.

She waited for Park Yeon Jin, the leader of the persecutors, to get married and have children. Now, Dong Eun becomes a homeroom teacher of a child of Yeon Jin to carry out her plan well. Not a coincidence, but it’s all the beginning of the gratifying strategy. She was always one step ahead of everyone. 

The Glory Season 1 Review

You need to prepare yourself in advance if you’ve planned to watch The Glory. It gives you a glimpse of bullying and violence in schools. Every scene in the series gives you goosebumps and shakes you up. It gained immense worldwide popularity. Every episode keeps you hooked, and the story is so satisfying that you cannot wait for the final vengeance. 

School Bullying in South Korea is one of the principal problems. And the writer and all the actors in Glory depicted it well. After watching it, one can solely imagine how vicious bullying would be. There are many dramas reflecting bullying, but what makes The Glory different is the visual execution. 

The Glory was one of the highly anticipated dramas of Song Hye Kyo, and she overpowered everyone with her commendable performance in the series. Seriousness and toughness were needed, and she gave everything to her role. Lee Do Hyun also showed his duality in the series; he was all adorable in one scene and changed to hot and rough in another.

The series has created a tremendous impact on the audience, and it’s all because the actors performed with utmost sincerity to the story. And we all know the leading couple of the series, which are Lee Do Hyun and Song Hye Kyo, became the talk of the town. Their sizzling chemistry makes the fans shower them with compliments.

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Not only the protagonists of the series but also other cast didn’t flunk to impress the audience. The leader of the bullies’ performance left us with anger and hate for her. She was anything but sane. We all are looking forward to the final verdict of Dong Eun against who committed this sinful act. She will make them pay for what they did to her. 

One of the reasons why everybody liked watching The Glory was that, unlike other revenge thrillers, it doesn’t rely on extensive flashbacks as a means of creating suspense around all the activities of the protagonist. And as a matter of fact, we already know the reason behind the protagonist’s motivations. It also depicts flawed characters having wholesome relationships with supporting characters, which is a delight to watch. 

Our Verdict

The storyline, directing, cinematography, and acting is as perfectly woven as ever. And it’s safe to say that the Glory was one of the best K-Dramas of 2022. If you are passionate about thrillers and are into revenge types of drama, The Glory is for you.

Those who haven’t watched it, please run and watch it. Since season 1 exceeded all expectations, fans are excited and anticipating the second season. I will give 4 out of 5 to The Glory Season 1, one of the most satisfying retribution dramas out there.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5) | Streaming Guide: How To Watch The Glory?

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